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  • Navigating the Legalities: Can You Use a PO Box for an LLC?
    Starting a business is thrilling, but it comes with a whirlwind of decisions, especially when it involves legal matters. One common question for entrepreneurs is whether they can use a PO Box for their Limited Liability Company (LLC) address....
  • Ethical Business Practices That Benefit You
    Ethical business practices can be defined as a set of principles and behaviors that influence how a company conducts itself in relation to daily operations, interactions with others, and decision-making policies. The importance of ethical practices in business cannot be overstated. While contributing to a company's long-term success, ethical practices...

Starting Your Business

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Managing Your Business

  • SBA Loan Interest Rates: 3 Things to Know
    Imagine that you are a small business owner who has been struggling to keep your business afloat during the recent economic downturn. You have heard about the Small Business Administration (SBA) loan program, but you are unsure about the interest rates and how they may impact your business's financial future....

Managing Your People

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Managing Your Finances

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Online Marketing and Website Development

  • Our Top Website Plugins for Shopify Sites
    Being a Shopify agency London, we can bet that nobody else can tell you better about how versatile and powerful an eCommerce platform Shopify is. It is known for its flexibility and user-friendly interface. However, to truly maximise its potential and tailor it to your specific business needs, integrating the...

StrategyDriven Expert of the Week

Sharon Armstrong, author of The Essential Performance Review Handbook and The Essential HR Handbook, is the Founder of Sharon Armstrong and Associates. Sharon has served as director of human resources at a law firm and several other organizations in Washington, DC. Since launching her own consulting business in 1998, she has provided training and completed HR projects dealing with performance management design and implementation for a wide variety of clients.

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