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Starting Your Business

  • Creating My Own Business
    Starting your own business means the beginning of an incredible journey. Creating your company can bring joy and satisfaction from many points of view....

Managing Your Business

Managing Your People

Managing Your Finances

Online Marketing and Website Development

StrategyDriven Expert of the Week

Sharon Drew Morgen, author of Dirty Little Secrets, is the Founder of Morgen Facilitations, a sales training, consulting, and decision facilitation firm. Sharon Drew is the visionary and thought leader behind Buying Facilitation®, the new sales paradigm that focuses on helping buyers manage their behind-the-scenes, offline, buying decisions. She has served many well known companies including: KPMG, Unisys, IBM, Wachovia, and Bose. Sharon Drew is the author of The New York Times Business Bestseller, Selling with Integrity, and the new bestseller, Dirty Little Secrets, as well as five other books and hundreds of articles that explain different aspects of the decision facilitation model that teaches buyers how to buy.

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