New Model Release – Opportunity & Problem Statement Development Model

StrategyDriven contributors are pleased to announce the release of our seventh model: Opportunity & Problem Statement Development model. This model compliments StrategyDriven‘s decision-making best practices Identify the Target and Multidiscipline Teams by illustrating the often complex, multifaceted nature of organizational opportunities and challenges and how cross-functional teams are needed to ensure full understanding and appropriate response is […]

StrategyDriven Resource Projection Article

Resource Projection Best Practice 3 – Controlling Assumption Changes

Standardized activity resource assumptions enable decision-makers to anticipate the quantity and type of resources needed to perform approved work; facilitating selection between competing alternatives, long-term resource planning, day-to-day scheduling, and performance measurement. Over time however, personnel, process, and business environment changes will necessitate reevaluation and alteration of the organization’s standardized activity assumptions. To accommodate these changes and maintain the benefits of using standardized assumptions requires establishment and use of a change control process.

StrategyDriven Decision Making Best Practice Article

Decision-Making Best Practice 4 – Identify the Target

Decision-makers and implementers must clearly understand the desired opportunity or problem outcomes in order to effectively select and execute appropriate actions. Without a well defined focal point, decision-makers and implementers risk selecting and performing either inefficient or inappropriate actions; expending resources on low value adding activities thereby diminishing an opportunity’s benefits or increasing a problem’s adverse impacts. Clear, concise opportunity and problem statements enable decision-makers to more readily identify the appropriate solution alternative and give implementers a target against which they can judge the effectiveness of their actions.

StrategyDriven Information Development Model

New Model Release – Information Development Model

StrategyDriven contributors are pleased to announce the release of our sixth model: Information Development Model. This model illustrates the evolution of raw statistical data collected from business operations and the marketplace into highly refined information that provides executives and managers with the insights necessary to set strategic direction and establish day-to-day priorities.

StrategyDriven Organizational Accountability Article

Organizational Accountability – Evaluating Organizational Culture, part 1

While it might sound cliche, there exists a significant truth to the phrase, actions speak louder than words. As individuals, we all hold certain values, beliefs, and biases which guide our decisions and subsequently our actions. So strong and yet so unperceivable are these convictions that on a day-to-day basis our reactions and responses to hundreds of seemingly benign situations are defined by them. Therefore, an individual’s values, the beliefs, and biases can be interpreted and understood by observing the individual’s actions.

New Model Release – Stakeholder Commitment Evaluation Model

StrategyDriven contributors are proud to announce the release of our fifth model: Stakeholder Commitment Evaluation. This model provides decision-makers with a tool to assess and re-assess the relative importance and contribution of each decision stakeholder as circumstances evolve.

StrategyDriven Decision Making Article | Broad Commitment

Decision-Making Best Practice 3 – Broad Commitment

As stated before, effective decision-making provides the organization with a unified direction aimed at achieving a primary objective and possibly one or more secondary goals. Regardless of the decision’s complexity or its immediacy, the probability of realizing a desired outcome is directly related to the organization’s ability to execute the decision in a deliberate and focused manner. Broad organizational commitment to the decision and its execution is essential to achieving the unified action needed for a successful outcome.

StrategyDriven Organizational Accountability Forum

StrategyDriven Organizational Accountability Forum

Accountable organizations are unique creatures; standing out from others because of their superior performance, greater employee loyalty, and higher customer satisfaction. Although the rewards are great, many companies will not embark on the journey to accountability because attaining and maintaining high levels of organizational accountability is extremely difficult. Organizational accountability exists when all members of the […]

StrategyDriven Recommended Resource

Recommended Resource – The Accountable Organization

The Accountable Organization: Reclaiming Integrity, Restoring Trust by John Marchica About the Reference The Accountable Organization: Reclaiming Integrity, Restoring Trust by John Marchica illustrates how executives and managers can build a corporate culture based on integrity, accountability, and trust. Mr. Marchica provides practical methods for building a principled organizational culture through planning, communication, leadership, conflict […]

StrategyDriven Evaluation and Control Program Best Practice Article

Evaluation and Control Program Best Practice 1 – Data Synthesis

Evaluation control programs must be credible in order to add meaningful value to the organization. Credibility is built not only by the quality of the data collected but also by the method by which it is collected, how it is combined, and how it is interpreted to create useful information in support of decision-making.