How to Build Your Brand Successfully

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Build your Brand|How to Build Your Brand Successfully Starting a business comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges, but it can be one of the most satisfying experiences you’ll ever have, especially if it becomes a success! Of course, anyone starting a new business venture has such intentions, but there are some key elements that entrepreneurs must get right to succeed.

One of these things is the branding of a company and building brand awareness. If this is your first experience with a start-up, here are some top tips to help you build your brand successfully


Every step of starting a business will require you to do thorough research and to help create a top brand. To do that, assessing the market is where you will need to start. First of all, see what brands appear to be most popular with consumers and ask yourself why that is. Looking at other successful brands and how they operate is a good way to plan your business model. You must also make sure your brand stands out from other companies, especially ones that are offering similar products/services to yours. Always keep yourself updated on consumer’s demands and trends in the marketplace to keep your brand relevant.


As most consumers search for businesses online, it’s essential that your company has a fully functioning website with a professional finish. If you’re selling products via your website, make sure you have top-quality, secure e-commerce tools incorporated into your website functions. It should be clear what your company does, and including a blog is another great way to interact with customers and keep them updated about your business and industry news. For the best results, ask experts such as Preface Studios who can develop your website and assist with digital marketing strategies.

Social Media

Social media marketing is another essential tool for businesses in the modern era. These platforms have evolved far beyond keeping in touch with friends and relatives and now play a pivotal role in building brand awareness and connecting with consumers. While you should utilize as many of these platforms as possible, make sure that the ones you choose are relevant to the kind of business you’re setting up. This way you will be reaching the right audience and will see better results.

SEO & Other Digital Marketing

SEO tactics, email marketing and pay-per-click advertising are all great examples of additional digital marketing tools. Like social media, these tactics have become essential for businesses to market their products and boost their brand visibility. You must get your website to appear in the first 1-2 pages of web search results for consumers to discover your brand, as the majority do not bother to look beyond those pages. Either learn how to master these tactics yourself or hire a professional agency to do this for you.

Get Involved

Another great way to increase your brand awareness is by getting involved in local community projects or events on a larger scale. This is a great way to give back and will help to promote a positive image for your business, making it more attractive to consumers.
As an entrepreneur about to embark on their first business venture, use these timeless tips to help build your brand and see results.

Use Your Story to Sell Yourself

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Brand Marketing|Use Your Story to Sell YourselfBrand marketing is something every business should focus on if it wants to excel in its industry. If you are a business owner, you must apply this strategy to every campaign you launch to ensure that people don’t just use your service, but they keep coming back for more.

But how does a business decide on its brand? Everyone has a story. A tale of who you are and how you got to where you are, but some business owners prefer to forget the past and only focus on the future, where in fact it’s the past that can prove most fruitful for them.

Through this story, you can start building something that customers and clients come to recognize. They associate the story with your business, and if done right, this can make you more appealing.

Be Authentic, But Avoid Sob Stories

Authenticity in business is difficult to unlock. Regardless of your best intentions, a company that appears to be pandering to its customers can drive them away. A little sentimentality is okay here and there, but if it doesn’t match your brand, then it can have adverse effects on your business.

It’s also vital to avoid sob stories. It might work on reality TV, but business is not reality TV. A sob story can come across as fake, and it can distract from the service your company offers. No business wants customers that pity them, so while it’s okay to be honest, it’s perhaps best to ease off on going full superhero-origin-story.

Customers are smarter than a lot of people like to admit, and they are sure to catch on if something about your business seems a little off. In a time where information is accessible to anyone who knows how to Google, any half-truth or an outright lie can be easily fact-checked.

Freebies to Reflect You

Everyone loves a freebie, so you should take advantage of spreading awareness for your brand by investing in promotional products complete with your name, logo, and even contact details that you can give away at events.

Anyone who has ever been to a business convention knows these places are ripe for grabbing as much as you can, and freebies are up there with networking and competitor research as one of the big reasons people attend.

So it’s about time you use this to your advantage. The promotional items you hand out there can give future customers an idea of why they need your service, even if they don’t they do just yet. If the products reflect you, it makes it easier for people to identify with you, which will drive them to choose you over competitors.

A Brand Personality

Once upon a time, brands were brands, and people were people, and they lived in (mostly) harmony. However, the rise of social media and the ability to interact with customers, this has blended into something a little too Frankenstein’s Monster for some people’s liking.

But this is a minority, and more and more brands are jumping on the social media marketing train to spread brand awareness. You likely saw the Wendy’s phenomenon from 2017, and many companies followed suit. They understand that the general audience is sick of the corporate nonsense that plagues LinkedIn. They don’t want to talk to a representative anymore with a clean-shaven face and slicked-back hair. They want to speak to someone real.

Creating and maintaining a brand personality helps customers differentiate from similar brands in your industry. If you do it right without causing offence or being several weeks behind internet trends, then you can reap the benefits, and even if people aren’t buying what you are selling, they are at least talking about you.

Fighting For A Cause

Every company should have a cause to fight for. However, there are so many charities and fundraising opportunities that it is difficult to decide which is right for you. However, here is where your story comes in.

We’ve already established that sob stories are not always ideal, but you can still use the inspiration from your past to help choose the right cause to fight for. If you have had family members with illnesses, then help improve donations for charities fighting such diseases. If you’ve always had a passion for nature, then environmental causes are the way to go. Only you know what motivated you to start your company, so choose something based on that drive.

Fighting for a cause help you appeal to a broader market and even people who may not be your target market. They will see you have principles and be drawn to discover what you do. As long as you stick to these principles and don’t sell out for a profit, your fight could inspire others.

A Human Touch

Despite all these options, there are few better ways to use your story to sell yourself than actually getting your face out there so that customers can put a face to the logo. It’s often too easy to forget that behind the branding and the products are people hoping to do their best, so you can help people remember this by being ever-present.

You can do this by taking the opportunity to engage with your community, especially when launching a store somewhere new. This helps ease any fears they may have, and also gives you the chance to field questions regarding your business.

It’s too easy for people to be cruel when hiding behind a keyboard, but seeing you in person may change their approach, and instead of spitting bile, you might be able to have a conversation that’s productive rather than destructive.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

A business that has a story, especially one that others can relate to, is the perfect way to guarantee that your brand marketing is on point every single time. However, you cannot solely rely on this story, as once you get big enough, it may not be as relevant as it once was. Combine your story with ideas that set you apart from your competitors so you can add chapter after chapter to a story that is only just beginning.