3 Ways To Earn More Interest On Your Savings

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |Interest on Savings|3 Ways To Earn More Interest On Your SavingsWhen you have money in a savings account, you’re likely to get a small amount of interest on it. Unfortunately, the interest you accrue may not be enough to cover your expenses. Low interest rates mean that’s definitely the case.

The money you’ve saved may actually lose purchasing power over time if your income falls below the inflation rate. However, no matter what the state of the economy is, there are always opportunities to make extra money. For those who have some money saved up and wish to increase their yields without taking on too much risk, here are some options to explore.

Switch To A High-Interest Savings Account

Some banks provide special, high-interest savings accounts with rates that are much higher than ordinary accounts.

Online banks are a great place to search for high-interest savings accounts. Online banks, which benefit from cheaper expenses due to the disappearance of brick-and-mortar branches, seldom impose monthly fees and often provide rates that are much higher or higher than those offered by conventional banks. Another advantage of using online banking is that it puts your money out of sight and out of mind, making it simpler to resist the urge to spend it.

Invest In The Stock Market

The only people who should consider this particular idea are those who have a lot of experience with investing or are willing to work with a professional advisor such as Fair Forex to help them grow their money. With cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin rising and then crashing in a matter of hours, this year’s stock market has been a roller coaster. This is why it’s important to know what you’re doing before you invest anything at all. However, if you get it right and you’re patient (investing won’t make you rich overnight), then it could be an ideal way to earn more on your savings. Plus, many people who try it find it fun to get involved in.

Consider Buying Bonds

Instead of a standard savings account, you could put your money into bonds, which carry a degree of risk and limit the amount of money you can withdraw, but which can be a good option in the long term.

An investment in bonds is similar to borrowing money from the business or government that issues them. If you hold the bond to maturity, you will get a return on your initial investment plus any interest. If you want to invest in bonds issued by major corporations, you can do so by purchasing US Savings or Treasury bonds. Each has a varied interest rate and payback schedule, with more risky bonds offering higher rates. Yields are often higher on long-term bonds and corporate bonds with a greater chance of default.

Bonds can lose value as interest rates rise, so it’s important to keep this in mind. A bond’s price fluctuates in the opposite direction of its interest rate. This means you may end up selling your bond for less money than you purchased if you do so before the bond matures. If you’re looking to raise the interest on your investments while accepting a bit extra risk, bonds are an excellent option.

How Blockchain Can Propel Your Business Into The Future

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Blockchain|How Blockchain Can Propel Your Business Into The FutureBlockchain is an innovative digital transactions process where records are stored in a decentralized location. It is the basis of cryptocurrencies, but also provides a way of safely storing transactions like deliveries and private records. Private enterprise blockchain is a private blockchain where access is limited to authorized users. Here’s how blockchain technology can propel your business into the future.

Develop Your Presence In The Metaverse

The metaverse is a series of virtual spaces and digital transactions that take place in an entirely online environment. Blockchain enables the sale of items like non-fungible tokens (NFTs), unique digital items that are tradable and usable within the metaverse. With a private enterprise blockchain, you can start to stake your hold in the metaverse, creating digital transactions and records for your products.

Offer Radical Transparency To Your Customers

Customer experience is one of the biggest factors in business success. Many consumers don’t trust businesses, with statistics suggesting that almost 70% of people don’t trust business heads or even the leaders of their own countries. Radical transparency is the notion that your employees and customers can see every success or failure in the business. Customers will know the granular detail of what went wrong with their delivery in the same way you will.

As a private blockchain owner, you can decide what you share, but radical transparency is a key indicator to customers that you are confident in your business and prepared to own up to and fix your mistakes.

Be At The Forefront Of Sector Developments

Blockchain is hailed as the future of healthcare and real estate. Unique digital records for patients, or clients are predicted to speed up the process of buying a house or getting a medical decision, with all the information you need available in one location. As a company with your own private blockchain, you can be at the forefront of these developments, with a system readily set up to offer this as a solution for your own business.

Be Ready For Sudden Growth With Easy Scalability

When businesses suddenly scale up quickly, there’s often an issue with growth and cohesion. Sudden growth can sometimes be a huge blocker to a business, as internal teams and infrastructure struggles to keep up with an increase in popularity. With a private blockchain, you already have the foundations to scale your business. All of your company transactions, records and data are stored in one centralized place. Private blockchains are easy to scale with your business without the need for major growth or development.


Blockchain can propel your business into the future, providing the infrastructure you need to adjust to company growth, new trends, and the development of the digital metaverse. With the future becoming increasingly more digital, a private blockchain puts you in the best possible position to evolve with changing times and be ahead of sector developments. It also allows you to show radical transparency to your staff, and customers. Be at the forefront of technology by investing in a private blockchain network.