Determining Your Objectives In Digital Marketing

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article | Determining Your Objectives In Digital MarketingThe world of digital marketing is full of terms, some that may sound completely alien to those who are not used to the jargon of this world (such as, for example, KPI). Others may come from everyday language. If you personally saw a phrase like “SEO Austin,” you would know right away that it has something to do with digital marketing. However, you may think everyone knows what they mean, but many people don’t really understand it completely. This can lead not only to misunderstandings in conversation, but also totally wrong communication policies. That is why today, we want to talk about the differences between the concepts of objectives, strategy and tactics.

Quantitative Objectives

The first thing to be clear about is the objectives. There are two main types of objectives; the first is ‘quantitative objectives.’ Quantitative objectives are always measurable since, as their name indicates, they are set in quantities.

  • Increase our blog traffic by 20%
  • Increase web traffic by 100,000 visits per month
  • Get 1000 followers per month on Twitter
  • Make 200 monthly conversions
  • Increase 25% in annual sales

Qualitative Objectives

Qualitative objectives are more subjective and therefore more complicated to measure. Whenever possible, set quantitative objectives (since they are easier to measure) and use qualitative ones in a complementary way.

For example:

  • Improve public perception of our brand
  • Increase brand awareness on social media
  • Improve the image of our product or service

Establishing Objectives

It is essential, to establish our objectives, to have a great knowledge of your business and its environment (the market, the potential client, and the competition). For this, it is essential to carry out an internal and external analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis).

Smart Goals

These objectives should be divided into small intermediate goals, which are known as SMART goals.

Specific: clear and concrete, all members of the team must understand and be on the same page.

Measurable: it has to be measurable, even qualitative ones. If it can’t be measured, it can’t be reached.

Achievable: if we set ourselves an unreachable goal, the team may fall into frustration.

Realistic: in addition to being achievable, it must be realistic with the means at your disposal and considering the current situation of your company.

Timely (limited in time): you have to set a deadline to reach them.

For example, if you want to reach 30,000 visits to your store per year, they could be divided into 10,000 each quarter. This makes it easier to evaluate the results and maintain or correct the course if necessary.


When you work with SEO and marketing professionals like MOTOZA Digital Marketing, objectives are essential to control and measure both strategy and tactical actions and allow you to achieve larger goals. For this reason, it is vital to define short, medium, and long-term objectives.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Use Video

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Use Video

Do you know that over 500 million videos are watched every day on YouTube?

Currently, one of the most effective tools to push your brand, generate a skyrocketing ROI, and increase sales is video.

Clearly, you could be missing out on a huge number of customers if you are not using video in your business.  Without high-quality videos, your sales, brand, and leads will keep frustrating you. This is why every business, regardless of size, needs to have video content.

Keep reading to find out why you should use video in your business.

Videos rank well in search engines

Videos appear in 70% of the top search results. Hence, using video comes with huge SEO benefits.

There would be no point in publishing anything online if no one sees it, right? Search engines prioritize high-quality and relevant videos and rank them higher than plain articles. With an optimized video, you can be sure that a lot of online users will see you.

Video is more memorable than written content

The online world is full of marketing messages that get stuffed in there every day. Chances are, you can’t remember most of them.

How about a commercial video?

You likely remember quite a few of them. This is what video does. While you can ignore or forget the written text, you are less likely to forget a good video.

Videos are more personal

Your brand is not a static strategy on paper; it must be brought to life. It must ooze personality too.

While you can inject some personality into your written brand copies, a video does more than that.

It builds an instant authentic connection with your audience.  Videos allow your audience to know you more, connect and relate with you on a more emotional level. As you can guess, you are likely to gain more customers when they like your personality and trust your brand.

Boosts brand credibility

Users trust customer testimonials more than statements from the brand. This is why customer testimonials are a great marketing strategy. They boost your credibility and lead to higher conversions.

Well-thought-of, strategic customer testimonials win visitors over and turn them into customers.

While written testimonials are better than no testimonials at all, video testimonials do the job sufficiently.

Video is popular

Regardless of the social site you use, videos will be the dominating content. Considering the insanely high number of social media users, imagine how many people would see your video.

By posting a video online, you are exposing your brand to millions of users. Better yet, videos are sharable. According to HubSpot, 92% of mobile video audience shares videos. This means that it would be shared to millions of internet users if your video was to go viral.

Clearly, your business would greatly benefit if your videos were to be shared. You can get video experts such as video production company in Toronto to do the magic for you.

Videos are mobile-friendly

Almost everyone owns a phone now. As you can guess, people watch a lot of videos on their devices.  Research shows that more customers are using their mobile phones to search and make purchases. Hence, videos are the best strategy to reach this audience.

How to Expand Your Business with Smart TV App Opportunities

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article | How to Expand Your Business with Smart TV App OpportunitiesThe advent of the internet and better devices has impacted the way people interact and how businesses operate. Smartphones, smart TVs and watches have become the in-thing and trend among the young and the old. Smart TV technology is more than the usual television you will find at any house.

Many households worldwide own a smart TV, and the number of smart TV sales is projected to hit as high as more than 266 million units globally by 2025. The capabilities of smart TVs have become a standard feature that is also impacting the business world tremendously. It’s easy to browse the internet, play games, interact on social media, or video call using this smart technology. A smart TV can perform the same functions as your favorite smartphone but on a bigger screen. There are a lot of companies investing in smart app TV development these days. This is an impeccable digital marketing strategy that has worked miracles for many businesses.

As an established business owner, don’t have any uncertainties about investing in a smart TV application. And if you don’t know where to start, a smart TV app development company is your choice.

Using Smart TV for Your Business Purposes

Television sets have been turned into multimedia gadgets, and you can comfortably use them for many applications. Many television manufacturers have opted for smart TV, which has expanded the functionality of the available models. Today, if you own a smart TV, you have more than a device that just broadcasts videos, but a complete entertainment unit.

You can easily use your smart TV to undertake different purposes, from surfing the internet to interactive services. Users can search for digital content on the internet, local cable TV channels, or data stored in your storage device. This technology has opened business opportunities by giving businesses a better user experience on their television screens.

Smart TV apps should be in your plans if you want to grow your business and increase revenue. Here is how this application can help.

E-commerce to Attract More Clients

If your business offers its products and services online, you can use your smart TV as one of the best sales channels. You will allow more customers to visit your website and sell all the products and services you offer. You will let more clients come to you, and you don’t have to find them.

Your e-commerce customers will appreciate an engaging and useful smart TV app from your business. This app will help them save time, and your existing clients will not hesitate to refer new customers. Such an opportunity will translate to more income and a surge in your clientele base.

Video Calling- Effective Communication

Communication is essential in every business. Using your smart TV app, you can undertake digital marketing opportunities such as video calling and reach out to your suppliers and customers.

Smart TVs provide a better user interface and effective presence, which will enhance effective communication. You can easily share vital information with your target audience and more about your business’s progress and what new to expect.

Screen Mirroring for Easy Information Exchange

You can easily transfer an image from your smartphone or laptop to a large smart TV screen through screen mirroring. This wireless transmission makes it easy for business owners to exchange information.

When a screen mirroring app is integrated into your TV, you will easily share presentations and other visuals. This is from the comfort of your home or office via a single tap on the screen.

Better User Experience

Customers can see what they are looking for on a bigger screen than when using their smartphones or laptops. And this is from the comfort of their homes or work premises.

Great Marketing Tool

Your smart TV app is more than just an application you can rely on to grow your business. It will double up as the best marketing tool you can wish for in your business endeavors.

Using your smart TV, you can access streaming services such as YouTube, Amazon Instant Video. Your apps can also provide you access to social media networks where you can market your business.

Incorporate Smart TV App Technology into Your Business Today

Smart TV app development will help you promote your business brand and increase its presence online. You will also reach out to your potential customers via connected entertainment such as videos or live streaming.

About the Author

StrategyDriven Expert Contributor | Liza BradberyLiza Bradbery is an experienced writer who has handled a variety of topics, including tech and business articles for Oxagile, a company that provides custom software development services across different industries and verticals.

SMS Marketing Trends 2021

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article | SMS Marketing Trends 2021

Since the world has been gripped in the hands of COVID -19, it brings significant changes in the life of businessmen. SMS is now regarded as the marketing tool and perfect way to bridge the gap between the business and its consumers. According to a study, the texting was increased by 53% and recorded to be higher than average in both January and February. Let’s look at some of the trends in SMS marketing and the probable changes they must bring to the lives of many.

1. More than SMS, Omni channel is better preferred: In case you want to establish a better relationship between with the customers, prefer Omni channel more than only SMS. Earlier SMS was regarded as the only channel of communication with the customers; the contact number and email ids of customers were collected by the senders. But now, SMS has an incredible open rate (say 98%) acceptance and it can be integrated with other channels as well. 2021 will notice certain trends in SMS marketing and they would be like the following.

  • Blog posts and other company news can be shared through messages.
  • E- Mail and SMS promotion can be combined.
  • SMS can be well combined with social media marketing.

With the help of marketing automation software it is possible to integrate other channels with SMS.

2. SMS as a customer care channel: Some ways are prominent where SMS can facilitate the customer service functions.

  • They can be used for sending confirmations.
  • They could be used for providing delivery tracking information.
  • They can be used for confirmation and also rescheduling appointments.
  • They are generally used for responding to questions that are frequently asked.
  • While you text with customer support that allows a shorter time of resolution.

In the present year 2021, you may expect to see a betterment in customer service. Since the SMS platforms come handy, there is much improvement in the transactional SMS, and the two way SMS that helps in customer and business services.

3. B2B SMS marketing is on the rise: B2B marketing uses SMS for interacting with the customers and it’s in rise in 2021. Well, the amount of SMS used by B2B is always lesser than B2C. SMS is used to send text to customers as well as valuable information. Well, there are many ways that can help in this regard:

  • By sending personalized messages that customers can know the expected time of delivery as well as the order number of the materials.
  • The customers might know about the product updates and also improved services thereby keeping them in the loop.
  • While you exchange messages with potential customers, it can keep themselves motivated.
  • There can be timely updates about the company’s products and offerings.
  • You may schedule product demos and webinars, as well as answer FAQ’s that provides limited time offers.

4. User reviews is the trend:The use of SMS is on the rise. According to a study about 82% of the consumers read the online reviews especially for the local business. Reviews play a critical role in sales and marketing. In fact, there are several polls and surveys conducted that would give an idea of people the product. In fact threads are provided via SMS and users are expected to complete the poll. Give customers a chance voicing their opinion on the various products and services; you may see the use in social media. The surveys conveyed can help to build the necessary insight.

5. Transactional SMS updates for cross selling: The transactional SMS would keep the customers updated about their purchase and any interactions with the Finance business. By sending SMS to the customer would create a positive image, and there are chances they would convert to potential customers. The companies will be provided with a chance to promote cross selling and providing discounts, all to attract a buyer.

6. Elevate your business with SMS marketing message: In the future, maybe SMS marketing will be combined with marketing strategies as a mix. The success of a marketing strategy depends how effectively it’s used to send text and manage the potential clients. With advent of age, SMS marketing will be the most effective tool to communicate and give a boost to sales.

The marketers hope that business will see a havoc change in 2021 and that will be reflected in the marketing trends. Business trend will be more empathetic this year and that will lead to a stronger customer relationship. E-mails and SMS are regarded as a perfect tool that can help push notification and can elevate sales along with revenue. After all, there is a saying that ‘Content is the king’, and it would appear like that text only emails and SMS are the main tool that can lead to a successful marketing strategy and future development.

About the Author

Susan Raj is Marketing Head of TXTImpact.  TXTImpact provides Business Text Message products for marketing to and support of customers to increase their client base. Our Enterprise Text Message Marketing Platform designed for your business, allows marketers to communicate and engage customers on the go instantly.

How To Integrate Your Offline And Online Marketing Efforts

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, How To Integrate Your Offline And Online Marketing Efforts

When it comes to marketing today, there are many different options available to you. However, most techniques tend to fall into one of two categories; either online or offline marketing. A healthy balance of both approaches is often the remedy to success, depending on the nature of your business. However, you can supercharge your efforts if you manage to integrate both campaigns, ensuring they work together to help one and other. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the different ways you can integrate your online and offline marketing efforts.

Create QR codes to print onto your leaflets – There is only one place to begin, and this is with making a QR code and printing this onto your leaflets, brooches, and so on. You can make QR code designs with ease. By doing this, people will be able to scan the code on their phone and it will direct them to your app or website. They do not have to go through the hassle of typing in a URL or browsing through the app store. It makes it as easy and convenient as possible for people.

Advertise online competitions via print methods – Another option to consider is sending out flyers about competitions that you have running. Users should have to enter these competitions online, meaning that there is a clear connection between your online and offline marketing efforts.

Add an online call to action to your offline promotions – If you are establishing an offline promotion, why not get customers to take the action online? For example, you may send out postcards about a promotion that you have running, and you may want the person to sign-up to your online newsletter in order to gain entry. This is a great way of integrating your online and offline marketing methods.

Get your online customers to contribute to your offline efforts – Ask your online customers if they would be willing to contribute to your offline marketing efforts. For example, if someone has left a great review about your company, ask if they would mind this information being printed in your next brochure. This can act as social proof, proving that your products and/or services are more than worth the money.

Use your online data to support your offline marketing efforts – The final step when it comes to integrating your marketing efforts is to fuel your offline campaign by using data that you have collected online. One of the great things about digital marketing is that it enables you to capture a wealth of different data sets with ease. You can use this information to power your offline campaigns so that you’re getting great success.

As you can see, there are a number of different steps you can take to integrate your online and offline marketing efforts. If you follow the tips and advice that has been provided above, you can give yourself the best chance of making sure that your marketing campaign is effective and delivers the results that you hope for.