5 Ways to incorporate an explainer video to your marketing strategy

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article | 5 Ways to incorporate an explainer video to your marketing strategyAmong the marketing strategies that you can find out there in the digital world, video marketing has received a lot of attention. As you already know, a picture can speak a thousand words. Likewise, a video can speak millions of words. Hence, it is always better for you to use videos for the marketing campaigns.

Many different types of videos are being used for digital marketing campaigns in today’s world. Among those different types of videos, you can find explainer videos as well. Most of the businesses prefer to use explainer videos due to the simplicity and effectiveness linked with them. On the other hand, it costs fewer resources and a lower number of time in order to create an explainer video as well.

Once you get an explainer video created for the business, you need to learn how to incorporate it to your marketing strategy. Here are 5 different approaches that you can follow to get the job done.

1. Use explainer videos to communicate efficiently

Efficient communications play a major role behind the success of marketing campaigns. If you want to get your message across, you need to make sure that communications take place via an efficient path. The explainer videos will be able to help you with that.

In general, the explainer videos are created to explain a process. Hence, it can create engagement, raise awareness and increase sales volume. On the other hand, using explainer videos can be considered as an excellent method to communicate efficiently with the customers. That’s because the customers will be able to understand what you are trying to say. They will be attracted towards you’re the products or services that you offer after the understanding they get. You will also be able to highlight the specific message you want to say with this kind of an explainer video. Animation Explainers are the best animation studio in Toronto Canada.

2. Use explainer videos to create brand awareness

Without enhancing the visibility and presence of your brand, it is quite difficult for you to attract new customers or retain the existing customers. Therefore, you must look at all possible options that are available for you to create brand awareness. Explainer videos can assist you with that as well. According to a recent study conducted by eMarketer, it has been identified that more than 56% of people say that they are interested spending their money on the brands that they are familiar with.
The explainer videos can help you to promote your brand via interesting visual content. You just need to think about incorporating your brand colors, brand logo or product and service specific visual content to the explainer video. You will also be provided with the chance to combine all the different branding efforts that you have into one single message. It will be a powerful message, which can provide outstanding results to you. Hence, you will be able to reach your brand awareness goals in an effective manner as well.

3. Use explainer videos to educate the visitors of your website

After getting the explainer videos created, you can think about adding them to your business website. When you add an explainer video, you will be able to allow the visitors to spend more time on it. In other words, you will be getting a better level of attention from the visitors of the website. Hence, you are provided with an ideal opportunity to educate the audience in an effective manner as well.

The explainer videos are packed with a lot of useful information. People are attracted towards the valuable content that they can receive out of an explainer video as well. This can help you to deliver the exact same message you want to give out as well.

You must also understand that most of the people in today’s world prefer to watch something, instead of reading. Hence, you should think about providing them with what they want. Explainer videos can help you with that. You shouldn’t load your website with unnecessary content. All you have to do is to replace them with the explainer videos. This strategy will help you with transforming the official business website into a lead generator as well.

4. Use explainer videos to attract new prospects

If you don’t put an extra effort to attract new prospects, you will find it as a difficult task to ensure the overall sustainability of your business in the long run. You can easily attract new people towards the business with the explainer videos. That’s because most of the people in today’s world tend to do a research before they select a company to work with.

Even if you take a look at the search engine algorithms, you will notice that videos are provided with a high priority when indexing on the results pages. Therefore. You must think about getting some effective explainer videos created for the business and published them online. Then you can see how they are generating new prospects, which can heavily contribute towards the future success of your business.

5. Use explainer videos to engage on social media

No business can survive without social media these days. After creating your social media profiles, you should also take appropriate steps in order to engage with the followers. Explainer videos can assist you with that. That’s because the explainer videos can easily provide you with the opportunity to grab the attention of the followers and keep them interested about your business.

You can add questions and other engaging elements to the explainer video in order to make it more appealing for your social media followers. Then they will interact with the videos and help you to further increase your brand visibility. Therefore, you will be able to cover up your investment within a short period of time.

Four Ways to Overhaul Your Company Website

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article | Four Ways to Overhaul Your Company WebsiteIf your company’s been around for a while, it’s likely that your website has been, too. If that’s the case, you may well find that design trends, features and styles have moved on from the point at which you dusted off your finished site. The web design world moves fast – and consumer attention moves faster. If customers arrive on your website to the impression that you’ve not updated it for a number of years, they’ll instantly judge you for it. You’ll lose business as a result. As such, here are four ways to overhaul your website in favor of something a little more snazzy, modern and sleek.


While this is not necessarily a web-based overhaul, it is something you should consider if you’re in any case about to entirely change your website’s appearance. A rebrand will echo through-out your website, and as such it’s best to cover both a rebrand and a web redesign at the same time, in the same cohesive process. Get your design team on it immediately, or outsource to de-sign professionals who’ll help you achieve your vision.

Hosting Platforms

The very base – the foundation – of your website is its hosting platform. If you’re about to go through an overhaul, it’s certainly worth considering whether you ought to change hosting providers at the same time. In recent years, cloud hosting has become particularly favored in the web design world – something that you’ll not be using in your current legacy website.


Many companies are so used to their existing website that they fail to recognize some glaring failures in terms of its structural layout. Even if there are no failures per se, the gold standard for webpage and site map layout is always changing, which means your website is almost certainly behind the curve, confusing web users and alienating potential custom. When you overhaul your website, be sure to restructure it in such a way as to smooth all click-throughs and open up pathways for your traffic to pass easily through.


Now it comes to the more visual side of your site’s revamp. Here, you’ll want to go with some of the most exciting design trends to be taking place in 2019. Mini-animations, activated by the scroll function, have become something of a dominant trend for websites in the past year, and continue to dominate the ecosystem for businesses aiming to look ultra-modern and super-slick. Engage with these trends visually in order to bask in the admiration of your site’s visitors.

A Word of Warning

While website overhauls are incredibly important in order to keep your business modern and functional online, you shouldn’t erase your old web pages until you’re sure that your new and revamped website is entirely bug-free. A second word of warning: be sure to bear in mind that repeat customers may be shocked by a very different website appearing when they go to visit yours. Take steps to reassure these customers, and to keep some consistency with the old de-sign.

These four tips – and brief words of warning – should help you conduct a thorough overhaul of your company’s website, updating your appearance and functionality for the trends that are dominating 2019.

7 Tips For Improving Brand Reputation

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article | Nike | 7 Tips For Improving Brand ReputationIn the business world, there are few things more important than brand reputation. A company will never succeed and compete with the biggest names in the industry if it is not respected by its target audience. Building brand reputation can take time and experience which is difficult particularly if you are new to the industry, but there are a few strategies that you can quickly use which could help to give your company a boost in the reputation department. It is important to note that reputation is a constant and fluid factor so it will require constant work to maintain.

1. Get Involved With The Local Community

First, you should show that you are not a faceless corporation and get involved with the local community. This will earn the respect of your local community and further afield (by making your efforts visible on social media). You can do this by:

  • Attending local events
  • Hosting your own events (workshops, lectures, open days, etc.)
  • Sponsoring local charities or sports teams

2. Networking

Networking never stops in the business world and it is vital for building brand awareness and reputation. This should involve attending industry events, hosting your own events and net-working online. In addition to increasing brand reputation, this can also open new doors for you as a business.

3. Internet Marketing

The businesses that have a strong online presence and are highly visible on search engine results lists are the ones that command great respect. Internet marketing is the best way to achieve this, so approach experienced and reputable marketing firms to see how they could help you.

4. Influencer Marketing

One of the most effective methods of marketing to emerge in recent times is influencer marketing where an influential figure on social media recommends your brand. This social proof can work wonders for brand reputation as it is a highly influential figure that approves of your company and what you can provide.

5. Customer Testimonials

Another effective form of social proof is customer reviews/testimonials. You should be seeking feedback from your customers constantly and using any positive reviews on your website, advertising and social media.

6. Content Moderation

Content moderation has become incredibly important in today’s digital world, so it is vital that all of your content is carefully checked to make sure that it is suitable for the public to see. This can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but you can outsource content moderation to specialists like Taskeater which can help to keep your brand safe and well respected.

7. Offer An Excellent Customer Experience

Finally, you need to make sure that you offer an excellent service or product along with a seam-less shopping experience and professional customer service for your target audience. This is one of the most effective ways to build your brand reputation but it can take some time to develop.

Brand reputation is vital to success, but it can also be tricky to improve this area of your business. Try one or all of the above and before long you will start to notice an improvement in the way in which you are perceived by your target audience and the wider world.

The Best Ways to Make Impressive Images for Social Media

With the modern craze of social media, several brands are competing to attract more and more customers to their products. In order to improve business, brands want to project themselves as appealing and impressive to society. As a vast range of social media platforms emerges online, businesses are presented with an amazing means to connect to their customers in a casual and relaxed environment. There are several brands that strive to present themselves online, but they may be hardly noticed by their target audience. To improve your brand visibility, here are a few tips that will help you.

Make It Relatable and Fun

Some of the best known brands on the web earn their title by building strong, loyal relationships and earning trust. They are very aware of the fact that by keeping their brand personal, fun, and relatable, they can easily connect with consumers and make a powerful impact on them. Maintaining the human aspect of advertisement also keeps the workplace stress-free. There is no better place to start than with social media.
One of the ways in which you can portray your business as fun to your customers is to be interesting. This can be done by indulging in exciting competitions and quizzes. Do some quirky stuff to express your brand. Stay away from being serious as it will not interest them in your product.

Ensure that Your Spelling and Grammar is Impeccable

78 percent of the US population admit to investigating businesses for an effective language and communication skills before buying a product or service. If you own a brand, you must not make any grammatical or spelling mistakes as these will harm your brand reputation. Use words that will make you look professional to your audience. You will find an abundance of language tools online that can help improve your content quality.

Make Use of Dialog Feed

Dialog feed is one of the amazing applications that enable people to view content that is collected from blogs and social media. All of this content will feed your website with compelling user-generated data. New level of HR management recommends this strategy to be highly effective because of its potential to entice a lot of online users to your business. The best part of this strategy is that you need not worry if the content is inappropriate as it will quickly get filtered out and blacklisted at the time of data collection. Once you receive appropriate content, you can then use it to add, modify, or delete it as per your requirements.

Put Emphasis on Visual Posts

People are often most compelled, attracted, and driven by visual posts. Illustrations and images are much more powerful and effective than lengthy posts of text. Experts also believe that it is wise to use imagery to allure more people and create an effective engagement with them.


Social media provides a lucrative opportunity for businesses to make a powerful impression among online users. But this remarkable opportunity comes with a good amount of challenge to make your brands ads outperform others in the online market. With the use of these expert tips, however, you can easily stand out online among the most notable brands.

The Strategy Driven Guide to Boosting Your Website’s Performance

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article | The Strategy Driven Guide to Boosting Your Website’s PerformanceBoosting your website’s performance needs to be your number one priority. Without a great site, all of your digital marketing efforts will be for naught. Imagine, as a user, you see an ad on Instagram. You are interested, click it, and are directed to a website that fails to meet your trust factors. Perhaps it doesn’t work on mobile, or perhaps its design is old and outdated, making it difficult to navigate. There are many different trust factors that online users rely on nowadays before they buy from a new company online.

Boosting your website’s performance isn’t rocket science, but it does need to implemented well and to the best of your ability. You need to ensure your website is secure, that its information is correct, and that downtime is limited. Users do not want to be made a fool of, so ensure your website is up to code. To show them your site can be trusted you need to improve your site and its digital presence.

Understand How Users Are Interacting with It

Google analytics or other tracking tools can be incredibly useful in determining where the problem areas of your website are. A high bounce rate indicates that your homepage or perhaps your PPC marketing strategy are in some way failing. A less than impressive home page can have people click off before they even see your product lists, whereas a misguided PPC strategy can have people who don’t want your site click on your ads.

Conduct an SEO Audit

Understanding how users are engaging with your site will help you address the key problem areas first, but that doesn’t mean you should ever stop there. Go through and conduct a full website or SEO audit to clean up your website, ensure there are no broken links, unnecessary redirects, or now black-listed SEO tactics on your site.

Commit to a Strong Content Strategy

Content is king because it is how customers can engage your website in more ways than just scrolling through your product or services pages. It is how you can become a true resource to your customers, and how you can attract new, organic traffic streams.

Create content that is effective and useful to your audience. Post it on your company blog but also across social media. Keep to a consistent plan, such as uploading a weekly blog post every Tuesday, for instance, and make your content interactive.

Hire an SEO Agency

Auditing your website is step one. It is essential if you want any future digital marketing tactics to work well, because if your site isn’t looking great then getting people to your site will result in nothing more than a high bounce rate. If your site needs a huge overhaul, however, it is wise to hire an Austin SEO agency like Creatif Digital that can help improve your site’s design, SEO, and then work with you to bring more organic traffic to your site through search rankings and PPC marketing.

Your website needs to be perfect, because if there is any hitch in its performance, you can turn away a potential customer in a second. Go through and remove any problem areas, improve it with SEO and content in mind, and know your limits. If you don’t have the resources or skill needed to do this, hire a company who can make these improvements for you.