Management vs. Leadership Mindset: What Millennial Employees Need to Know As They Enter Leadership Roles

The confusion between the role of a manager and a leader has tripped up more than one business professional and cost many companies their very existence. Is ‘the person in charge’ automatically a leader? If you’re managing other people, are you also leading them, by default? Just what is the difference between the two?

According to the current wisdom, managers are principally administrators; they write business plans, set budgets, monitor progress, and, yes, they manage people (but sometimes without the concept of an effective leadership mindset).

Leaders, on the other hand, get organizations and people to change. Most business executives and owners have a mix of management and leadership skills. And, quite often, both skill sets are necessary to run a successful business and team.

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About the Author

Lisa Orrell, The Generation Relations Expert, is an in-demand corporate speaker, consultant, and professional Leadership & Career Coach for Millennials. She is the author of the award-winning book Millennials Incorporated, and her new book, Millennials into Leadership, was just released on Amazon and praised with 5 star reviews. This new book is the ultimate handbook for Millennials aspiring to be respected, effective young leaders at work. And based on her workforce dynamics expertise, she has also been featured by countless media, such as: MSNBC, ABC, NPR, The NY Times, Wall Street Journal,, and Human Resource Executive. For more info about Lisa’s seminars, keynotes, workshops, coaching, and books, visit: People also follow Lisa’s insights on Twitter @GenerationsGuru.

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