Do you understand your buyer’s buying journey well-enough to influence it?

Are your buyers buying differently now – and you have not changed the way you sell?

On September 20-22, the developer of the decision facilitation model Buying Facilitation® will be running a rare public training program in Boston to teach you how to help buyers buy.

Sharon Drew Morgen, author of the NYTimes Business Bestseller Selling with Integrity and Dirty Little Secrets: Why buyers can’t buy and sellers can’t sell and what you can do about it, will be running her learning facilitation program for 18 participants.

Buyers are buying differently these days, and sales people need additional skills to offer real value add over the solution focus of the internet. Buying Facilitation® is the missing piece in the sales process: it helps buyers manage their behind-the-scenes issues that have become more complex than ever before, and gives sellers the ability to get inside with them.

Dirty Little Secrets is Sharon Drew’s latest ground-breaking book on systems, change, and decision making. It introduces Buying Facilitation®, teaching readers how change happens and the action decisions take place. Whether you are a sales exec, or a change consultant, this material is state-of-the art decision making material that will help sales close quickly (regardless of the industry or solution), and give sellers and change agents the tools to become servant leaders.

Register Today: take the program that is only rarely available in a public program setting. Join an exclusive group and get privately trained by the developer of Buying Facilitation®.

Sales only manages the needs assessment and solution placement end of the buying decision. But buyers have work to do before they can make a purchase: they must handle the political, rules/relationship issues that go on behind-the-scenes to get buy-in. And selling – even with the best technology and data – doesn’t go behind-the-scenes.

Buying Facilitation® is based on systems thinking and how change happens. It details, and helps influence, the buying/buy-in decision journey.

This is a rare opportunity to study directly with Sharon Drew. This program is for sales folks, change agents, and consultants.

Join Sharon Drew for 3 days on Monday – Wednesday, September 20-22, to discover:

  • how change happens – within the buyer’s environment;
  • how decisions get made – to buy, to implement a change;
  • how to formulate Facilitative Questions, use decision sequences for decision making, and help internal systems buy-in to a purchase quickly;
  • how to prospect, close, avoid objections and become part of the Buying Decision Team on the first call.

To register,

To contact Sharon Drew Morgen with questions about the program or the outcomes, contact: [email protected].

About Sharon Drew Morgen

Sharon Drew Morgen is the visionary behind Buying Facilitation®, the change management model that navigates through the decision making process. She’s written 7 books and over 1000 articles on this material. Her clients consistently achieve a 400-600% increase in revenue. Learn more about Sharon Drew Morgen and Buying Facilitation® at:

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