Winning Time-Starved Customers

Adrian Ott, author of The 24-Hour Customer, was a recent guest on Fox Business Live; sharing her insights on:

  • how to win the business of time-starved customers
  • aligning products and services to meet customer’s needs and time availability constraints
  • synchronizing with the customer so to be positioned to serve them when they are ready to buy

Adrian Ott on the StrategyDriven Podcast

Last month, we were privileged to talk with Adrian about her new book, The 24-Hour Customer, on the StrategyDriven Podcast. Listen as we explore the impact of time on customers’ buying decisions; how to identify the time-value impacts associated with a product or service, the market opportunities created by the impact, and then how to formulate and position one’s offerings to create increased time-value and earn more sales.

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