Unleashing Genius: Is Wisdom Your First Priority?

Imagine a world, company or life committed to nourishing every glimmer of wisdom from the cradle to the grave. How would a world whose first priority was seeking and manifesting wisdom feel? Can you see how wisdom would flourish into genius with waves of innovations that naturally lead to abundance and wealth beyond our imagination today?

Wisdom Has Created Wealth and Well-Being Worldwide

[wcm_restrict]I have been working with CEOs and their teams for over 25 years. Their biggest challenge is to build teams that create new innovative realities before others have even thought of them. Two minutes of true insight and wisdom can discover realities that can change the world, your life or your company, small or large. A flash of insight into the ‘true nature of something’ important to our future can create a whole new world, as did Columbus and others who realized the world is round.

Ancient Wisdom

The stone circles created 5000 years ago are examples of ancient technology, which enabled prediction of the seasons and increased agricultural productivity. Someone noticed the position of the sun each season, had an insight, and began laying out stones. Then the technology spread by word of mouth, and the world changed forever.

There are remains of over a thousand stone circles in the UK today.

Wisdom Is The Seed

I have seen leaders whose teams, once sparked by wisdom, are like a basketball team ‘In The Zone’ on a fast break committed to a new innovation. I have found a number of important elements on these teams. The first is wisdom that reveals insight, creates actions unleash wealth and well-being. Wisdom is the seed for our field of dreams. The definition tells us why:

Wisdom n. The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight. Common sense; good judgment: It is a characteristic of wisdom

Without this discernment most of the innovations that make our world so comfortable and safe would not exist today. For example, the use of fire, the wheel, refrigeration, our communication satellites, the Internet, and machines that can fly from one Continent to another with the best safety record of any form of travel ever. When the great sailing ships, which were technological innovations, were the only way to cross the oceans entire crews where lost. The dangers to travelers, and businessmen were enormous. There was no telling when a ship would be crushed by a storm, or blown into the uncharted wilderness, beyond the reach of civilization. Our collective wisdom has discovered new technologies that have dramatically improved wealth and well-being worldwide.

Is Seeking Wisdom A Priority For You?

Yet, how many leaders make the deepening of wisdom an organizational or national priority? Few I would say. Is seeking wisdom one of the most important commitments in your life? Are you refining your ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting?

When wisdom is manifest in action, wealth and well-being are often created – but we seem to long for wealth and well-being without seeking wisdom. Wisdom comes first; it is the seed for wealth and well-being – the desire and need for the two are not enough. When wisdom is the priority for an individual or a team passionate about a purpose they create what seems like miracles.

Organizing Deep Wisdom on Your Team

To lead a team of champions in their fields that partner with leaders to create wisdom, wealth and well-being throughout your company can be the greatest adventure of your life. To me it is our only choice. How many times has a dream glimmered in your consciousness and then was lost. Have you ever seen a new innovation in your mind’s eye, let it go then seen it implemented by someone else? How many of these insights are lost within your company or team? Companies, societies and people who do not make wisdom, and the manifestation of wisdom a priority lose great amounts of wealth and well-being every day. On the other hand, imagine each person on your team, company, in your life, and country committed to seeking the wisdom that unleashes their own genius and the genius of others. Imagine technologies that could be manifest, and then picture how our world would improve.

A New Renaissance Could Happen In Your Company

The Renaissance came out of the Dark Ages, to create the wealth and well-being we have today. Around any business challenge assemble teams of seasoned business advisors who have found their natural genius and have wisdom working in their favor. Teams who partner with leaders and investors and stakeholders, who make seeking and manifesting wisdom their first priority, will change our world and your business. They may even seed a New Renaissance. I recommend you stop wasting time doing anything that does not lead to developing your own wisdom and then unleashing the wisdom of your team. Make seeking and manifesting wisdom your first priority, and find others who are committed to seeking and manifesting wisdom. It will be the most fun and exciting thing you have ever done, and all will benefit from the wisdom you discover. Genius starts with wisdom, and becomes manifest when organizations support the genius that has been unleashed, it is the seed of all great businesses and discoveries. Do you create the time and space within your team and company to seek wisdom? If not get started now.[/wcm_restrict][wcm_nonmember]

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Paul David Walker, CEO of Genius Stone Partners, was part of the first to create a leadership firm designed to align strategy, structure and culture to fortify some of the largest companies in the United States including Star-Kist Foods, Rockwell International, Conexant Systems, Chase, Anne Kline and New York Life. His own genius lies in integrating business strategy and philosophical insights, guiding the leadership of major companies with a holistic approach that allows them to grow grounded, stable and balanced – and ultimately, become much more successful leaders. Some of the most influential leaders in American business have relied on him for expert guidance since 1984. To read Paul David Walker’s complete biography, click here

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