Unleashing Genius: Is Wisdom Your First Priority?

Imagine a world, company or life committed to nourishing every glimmer of wisdom from the cradle to the grave. How would a world whose first priority was seeking and manifesting wisdom feel? Can you see how wisdom would flourish into genius with waves of innovations that naturally lead to abundance and wealth beyond our imagination today?

Wisdom Has Created Wealth and Well-Being Worldwide

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About the Author

Paul David Walker, CEO of Genius Stone Partners, was part of the first to create a leadership firm designed to align strategy, structure and culture to fortify some of the largest companies in the United States including Star-Kist Foods, Rockwell International, Conexant Systems, Chase, Anne Kline and New York Life. His own genius lies in integrating business strategy and philosophical insights, guiding the leadership of major companies with a holistic approach that allows them to grow grounded, stable and balanced – and ultimately, become much more successful leaders. Some of the most influential leaders in American business have relied on him for expert guidance since 1984. To read Paul David Walker’s complete biography, click here

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