Recommended Resource – Born to Win

Born To Win: The Ultimate Seminar
by Zig Ziggler

About the Reference

Born To Win: The Ultimate Seminar by Zig Ziggler is an inspiring program focused on helping individuals recognize their value and potential. The program then provides insights as to how to unlock that potential by:

  • Achieving balance in seven key areas
  • Developing and maintaining a winning attitude
  • Building stronger professional and personal relationships
  • Becoming a better leader, employee, and parent through more effective communications

Benefits of Using this Reference

StrategyDriven Contributors like Born To Win because Zig recognizes what prevents many individuals from achieving their full potential and his methods provide real solutions to overcoming these barriers. His style and humor draws in seminar participants/listeners; making the principles presented easy to understand and relate to and the seminar itself engaging. If we had one criticism of the audio seminar it would be that the methods presented are not more actionably detailed.

The principles presented in Born To Win are well aligned with StrategyDriven‘s recommended personal performance improvement and leadership practices; making Born To Win a StrategyDriven recommended resource.

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