The 6 Secrets to Effective Manager Communications

In times like these, when businesses are either bracing for the second wave of economic crisis or scared the employees will walk away on the road to recovery, communications professionals have the opportunity to help businesses prepare for either inevitable circumstance. And since study after study tells us that the most important driver to employee satisfaction is the manager-employee relationship, it only stands to reason that companies should be placing their bets on middle managers to hold the ship together.

There are a number of ways to help managers succeed: professional development, training courses, carrot and stick rewards. In my experience, most of these don’t work. Managers report not having time to attend training and professional development is stuck in the 1980’s; and, since when do we actually offer managers positive rewards for doing great work. More often than not, we just use the stick.

So, while our execs are focused on steering the ship, we can be focused on helping manager hold it together by putting the 6 Secrets to Effective Manager Communications into practice

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About the Author

Jeremy Henderson is founder and chief client partner at Jungle Red Communication, an employee engagement consulting firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Working for some of the most innovative and highly regarded companies of our era, including Razorfish, eBay,, and City Colleges of Chicago–Europe, shaped his focus on helping his clients create happy, healthy, and productive workplaces.

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