7 Ways to Build Muscle and Teamwork in the Office

We often spend more than a third of each day at the office. That’s a lot of time to often be sitting at a desk or in front of a computer. It’s to our advantage to make those hours more active not only for our health, but for our professional life, too. Even simple activities like walking help to get blood and creative juices flowing. If your office has a gym, definitely use it. Get some colleagues together for a workout or walking group and make it your own recurring ‘meeting.’

Here are 7 more ways you can get active and build office camaraderie while you’re at it:

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About the Author

Shana Schneider is a fitness expert and founder of FITWEEK™, a fitness company that helps women turn every week into a FITWEEK™. As a “FitStylist” with a busy schedule herself,Shana helps women incorporate individual fitness into their everyday lifestyle by providing unique insights, tips, advice and how-to videos through her FITWEEK™ website.

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