How To Be A Flamingo Among The Pigeons: Standing Out From The Crowd

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article |Beat the competition|How To Be A Flamingo Among The Pigeons: Standing Out From The CrowdThere is competition within every industry. Whether you’re trying to hang on to existing clients, or you’re on a mission to entice new customers, you’ll face competitors. The key to outperforming other businesses or individuals lies in offering something different and standing out from the crowd for all the right reasons. If you’re keen to be a metaphorical flamingo in a flock of pigeons, here are some top tips to take on board.

Research your target market

The most important step to take when it comes to trying to beat the competition to attract new customers and keep hold of loyal clients is to research your target market. Gather as much information as possible and gain an insight into who your ideal buyer is, what they’re looking for and what kinds of services, features, promotions, and perks impress them. Use feedback from previous customers and get to know new clients.

Work on your USP

If somebody asked you the question, ‘What’s different about your company?’ what would your answer be? Often, customers are faced with a decision when it comes to choosing where to shop or which business to go for. You need to make sure that you have a response to this question, and that your answer is going to appeal to your target buyer. Work on a USP that is going to impress new customers and encourage existing clients to stick with you. If you’re confident about your USP, take every opportunity to promote it and show it off.

Make meetings memorable

If you’re looking to try and impress buyers or you’re keen to create new contacts within the world of business, try and make meetings memorable. If you’re pitching to a panel, for example, bear in mind that the individuals you’re talking to may have seen several other products that day and listened to multiple pitches. Look for unique meeting rooms for rent to set the right tone and create a buzz around your presentation, rehearse in advance to make sure your pitch is slick and seamless, and inject personality and enthusiasm. Do something different to show your products or services off, and try and get the panel involved. Interactive displays work really well, and it’s beneficial to maintain eye contact and keep the conversation flowing throughout the meeting.

Put your customer first

Customers like to feel like VIPs, and there are multiple ways in which you can use customer service to separate you from the masses. Personalize the customer experience, go the extra mile to impress your clients, and encourage them to stay with you after an initial order or purchase. Keep in touch with your customers via emails and social media, incentivize repeat business, and add personal touches at every opportunity. Personalized email subjects, for example, have a higher click-through rate. Invite people to leave feedback and listen to ideas and comments.

In business, it’s vital to be able to stand out in the crowd. If you’ve got a host of companies trying to lure in a customer you want to make your own, you need to be able to promote your brand and catch that client’s eye. Offer something different, create memorable, enjoyable experiences, and show that customer that you’ll always put them first.

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