What is a certificate of translation?

StrategyDriven Tactical Execution Article | What is a certificate of translation?Have you ever imagined a currency bill without the signature of the Treasury Secretary? No, right? There is a reason which kept you from thinking that and it is not only because the bills have always had the signature but also it is the thing that makes the dollar an official currency. It is like a stamp from the state telling you that the bills you have were printed officially and are not fake. The same rule applies on almost everything that has to do with the state in one way or another. When you have to submit an application to a government body requesting something, you will need to get it signed or attested by an official.

The rule is not only limited to government offices. Even when you have to apply for admission, you will need to get your documents attested before submitting them. If you want to apply for a job, you will need references. They will contain information about your work ethics by your previous employers and include their stamp or signature. These stamps give validity to a document and act as proof of their originality. Without the attestation or the signature of an official, the documents, even if they are original, will lose their credibility.

When government offices release documents like birth certificate or marriage certificate, they stamp them with their seal or get them signed from an official before handing them over to people. But when people have to submit any document to a government office, they have to get the piece of paper verified themselves. Depending on the type of document, it can be signed by different people. There are papers that you make yourself but have to get attested from someone else. And then there are documents that need to be signed by the person making them.

The requirement of getting a record certified before submitting not only validates the authenticity of the document but also helps you differentiate between a professional and an amateur. For instance, if someone is not experienced but they draft you a document, they won’t be able to sign it lest they be questioned about its validity. All of this can be best understood with an example from the world of translation. It is a very useful creative tool that helps people bridge the gap between different nations. It has different types depending on its usage. Each field of translation has further subtypes like business translation has financial and commercial interpretations.

There are plenty of language agencies out there but finding the right one is not always a piece of cake. There can be an inexperienced interpreter in front of you and you won’t be able to figure it out unless it is too late. There is however, one type of translation that can only be carried out by the most experienced and qualified translators and that is certified translation. When you need it, you will have to find someone with the right experience. You can ask the agency or interpreter relevant questions to make sure they know what they are doing.

One important thing about this type of interpretation is the certificate of translation that has to be signed by the translator attesting to the accuracy of their translation. This signature and the statement by the translator work as proofs of how accurate the translated document is as compared to the original and that’s something that can only be done by a translator with the right qualification because an inexperienced interpreter cannot carry out a translation with complete accuracy. So, whenever you require a certified interpretation, make sure it comes with the certificate of translation.


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