StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |Business Trips|How to Organize Seamless Business Trips in 2020

How to Organize Seamless Business Trips in 2020

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |Business Trips|How to Organize Seamless Business Trips in 2020One of the perks of working in a large company, with several senior responsibilities, is that it’s often left to you to travel to different destinations in order to hammer out contracts, seal deals, check up on suppliers, or help with your distribution network. These business trips are essential for the functioning of your company, and crucial to help you build your professional profile and wide set of skills and contacts. In this article, you’ll learn how to make business trips seamless, with the following easy-to-follow steps.


Get your schedules right before you look to book anything. You should know the key factors that feed into your trip, such as:

  • When do you have permission to leave the office on your trip?
  • Which methods of transport, in which classes, are you able to use?
  • When are your important meetings?
  • What else will you do in your destination, other than these meetings?

Only with the answers to these four questions can you make a solid plan, based on a diary of what you’ll be up to on your trip. From this point, you’ll be able to think carefully about the time of day that your travel, and the check-in times that you will cite to hotel staff.


While some business trips are across country, and it’s possible to take a train or a bus on that kind of route, it’s usually preferable to fly. Indeed, the vast majority of business trips – especially those that take travelers from coast to coast – are undertaken in the skies.

As such, it’s your responsibility to not only book your flights, but to book your transport to the airport. Use ParkON to book your parking space at the airport of your choosing, and use flight comparison websites to find the best rates on business class seating, ensuring that you’re getting a good deal for you and your company. You can also click Show More for further details on business and first-class flights.


Where you stay should also be a central part of your considerations when it comes to your business trip. If you stay close to the locations of the meetings you’re likely to attend, you may be more likely to prolong these meetings, and more flexible to have a drink or a walk with colleagues and partners after the conclusion of the meeting.

Meanwhile, though, you want to ensure you get the right amount of sleep when you’re staying in a hotel, which means you should find those which are specifically business-friendly, and those which you can see are set up for single traveling adults, and not loud, noisy families.


Finally, all smart businesspeople know how to pack to impress. You need to look at your best when you arrive at the scheduled meetings – and certainly not like someone who has just spilled off a plane and hasn’t had a wink of sleep. Ensuring that you pack your suitcase in a smart way, to avoid creasing, is a deeply important element to the success of your trip – and should be treated with great care before you fly.

These tips are important for modern day business travelers who are looking to streamline and make seamless their business trip experience.

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