Creating A Corporate Culture Of Sustainability

StrategyDriven Corporate Cultures Article |Sustainability|Creating A Corporate Culture Of SustainabilitySustainability isn’t just a crusade for eco-warriors or environmentalists; neither is it the latest trend on social media. The world has agreed to bring global warming to a halt, and businesses must act now to ensure they build a culture of sustainability throughout their business. Changing their core values and committing to reducing emissions.

Industry leaders now realise that there is an added economic opportunity within the fight to offer a more ecological and socially aware brand. Sustainability can enhance your relationship with the consumer and build more ground for trust. It shows your business has accountability which leads to honesty and to trust. The ability to act will help you attract your next generation of consumers, customers that prioritise ethical business practices. Your employees are also expecting you to shape up, with many of us making changes to our lives at home to help reduce global warming, it matters that our employers are doing their bit too.

It’s not possible to change overnight. You need to ensure there is a corporate culture amongst all of your internal and external stakeholders. From your shareholders through to your suppliers, every part of the business needs to believe in your focus to become a more responsible manufacturer, supplier or team.

Start by speaking to your suppliers and get to know how they are reducing their impact on the environment. Find out more on how your printer has worked to be more sustainable and what products they can offer to help reduce your carbon footprint. You may need to consider logistics, are any of the components you need for your product or services made overseas? If so, are you sure that the labor conditions are fair? Connect with your whole supply chain and find out where there are changes you can make, which will lead to a more responsible business.

You also need to talk to your shareholders. You may find that they are willing to help you invest in your sustainable future and put more money or time in to make that happen. Bringing your team together and discussing the changes you want to make to create a more responsible culture within the company could help you to highlight other ways you can improve your impact on the environment.

An area that can benefit you financially and your reputation is investing in new energy sources. Whether that is wind, solar or hydro, multiple renewable energy solutions are carbon neutral and will also lower the cost of your energy usage while protecting fossil fuels.

It’s essential that the consumer sees you act and that you communicate this through your branding and your marketing. It’s no longer enough to just talk about making changes you need to implement those changes and show your target market what you have done. This will attract respect, and you will find you have more trust from your customers. Even if your prices change slightly, it won’t deter your customers from using your services.

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