Executives: 8 Ways to Wow Your New Employer from Day One

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |Corporate Ladder|Executives: 8 Ways to Wow Your New Employer from Day OneThe climb up the corporate ladder is rarely a steady one, with fits and starts that can leave you frustrated. If your career feels stuck, it may be time to move on with a new employer.

Changing jobs can be a great way to jump start your career and boost your earning power. The first thing you need to remember is to make sure that you having a good resume in line with your job is the top priority. You can seek executive resume samples to help you update yours.

Landing that new position is only the beginning. Once you walk through the doors of your new employer, you will want to make a great first impression. And once that is done, you want to keep wowing your new boss. Here are eight ways to make that happen.

  1. Show up early for your first day on the job. Impressing a new employer can be hard, but arriving early is a good place to start. Get to the job early, be enthusiastic and be ready to get right down to work.
  2. Study up on the company. Hopefully, you learned a lot about the company as part of the interview preparation, but you can always learn more. Use the days leading up to your new job to research the company, and ask questions about what is going on with the firm.
  3. Project positive energy. The energy you bring to your new job can make all the difference, so focus on the positive. Look for opportunities instead of problems, seeking creative solutions to difficult problems.
  4. Ask intelligent questions. Starting a new job is always a learning process, so pay attention as your training commences. Ask intelligent questions, ones that will give you a better understanding of the company and your role in its success.
  5. Dress the part. A post on Professional Resume Writers, says that even on your job interview, dressing the part matters as you are already incorporates the company’s dress code. To succeed on your new job, you must dress even earlier at this point. That does not necessarily mean a fancy dress or three-piece suit, but it does mean knowing the company dress code and donning the right duds.
  6. Be the last to leave. Expect to work long days as you learn the ropes and strive to fulfill your new job duties. Being the first to arrive and the last to leave is sure to get you noticed, so set your schedule accordingly.
  7. Engage with your coworkers. When you start a new job, you also adopt a new workplace family. So engage with your coworkers, learn about their lives and join in on the fun.
  8. Keep a work journal. It can be hard to remember everything you need to learn, so start a workplace journal and keep it handy. You can use your workplace journal to jot notes, record impressions and keep your training on track.

Starting a new job can be a wonderful adventure and a boon to your career. But if you want to succeed in your new position, you need to prepare carefully.

Some of these preparations can begin weeks ahead of time, when your first day of work is still in the future. Others must be done on the job, so you can fine tune your presentation, build your skills and wow your employer even more.

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