Ensuring Your Customers Feel Valued

StrategyDriven Customer Relationship Management Article |Valued Customers|Ensuring Your Customers Feel ValuedIn business, you have to make sure that your customers get everything they want from you. To do that, you’ve got to create a sense of value; your customers want to feel like you care about them, and have more to offer them specifically, as it’s the best way to promote a sense of brand loyalty amongst your customer base.

However, how can you go about ensuring your customers come back when you’ve got so many competitors to deal with as well? Everyone is trying to build a loyal customer base, and drive up sales with both new and repeat custom – what can you offer that’s different? Pure value, especially when you follow the ideas below.

Don’t End Your Customer Service at the Checkout

The customer service you provide for the people who shop with you needs to extend beyond the point of sale. It’s not a one-and-done kind of deal here; you need to check in with your customers after they’ve left, to see what they think of their experience and their product, and whether or not they have suggestions for what can be done better.

So ask for their email addresses at the checkout – it’s the best way to both boost your mailing list and ensure you can easily contact them again once they’re out of the door or have closed down your website. It’s best to make this an optional agreement, as people who are already willing to shop with you are more likely to sign up when they’re simply given the choice to.

Give Them a Reason to Come Back

Giving your customers a reason to return and shop with you is key to building the type of value you’re looking for here. You need them to want to come back, because you’ve got something great for them to spend their hard earned cash on, and moreover, you’ve got some benefits for them to reap at the same time.

Which is why a Rewards Network always works out best in this scenario. You’re offering your customers a program in which, if they subscribe to the idea, they get to enjoy free items or money off coupons in the future. It’s a great incentive, and it shows you value the people who shop with you.

Use Their Feedback

Finally, and following on from our first point, make sure you take the feedback a customer gives you and actually put it to good use. If you get the same kind of feedback from more than one person, you can be sure it’s a problem you actually need to address – maybe there are not enough staff on the floor, or maybe it takes too long to checkout, etc.

Take this feedback and make a change based on it, and then tell your customers you’ve made that change. Announce new and exciting changes to the way your business works, and invite them back to come and see them.

Your customers need value; are you offering it?

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