Who owns a VoIP number – 5 Ways to Find Out!

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |VoIP Number| Who owns a VoIP number- 5 Ways to Find Out!VoIP phones have become the new normal for businesses everywhere. The convenience in which they allow calls across the world is hard to ignore. With immense VoIP blessings, there’s a common concern when companies utilize VoIP for calling.

One of the most common questions that occur in their mind- Is it possible to trace the unidentified numbers to the owners?

Are you wondering why it is even necessary? Well, it is because when unidentified callers call you through the system, you can only see the caller ID. And, this lack of information can make it daunting, especially when you wish to know who’s calling through your office phones. Thereby, the main issue rests with tracing the owner number.

So, coming to the fundamental question- is it even possible to trace the owner of a number? It indeed is, and you’d want to thank later after knowing the ways. All you’ve to do is stick on and discover:

Setting up your Device to Display the VoIP CallerID Name:

It is effortless to track the VoIP number provided you have an original number in place. However, many systems may not display the entire number, and this process of determining the number consists of two parts.

The first is the caller ID, which you can see all the time along with your regular calls. The caller ID name (CNAM) is the second part, which the phone systems don’t display. Thus, VoIP distributors suggest changing the phone configuration for displaying both CNAM and the ID name.

VoIP Service Provider:

One of the best ways of finding out the owners of unidentified VoIP numbers is through the service provider itself. Just note down the caller ID and the call time. Now reach out to your voip Phones distributors and provide the necessary details. The experts will help you track the owner of the number for you.

It is one of the most convenient methods. But, the only problem with this method is that the caller must have a reliable IP address and a registered caller ID to use the same for your calls. If the callers employ a fake IP, tracking them will be a lot harder.

Reverse Phone Detective:

For this method, you need different apps for tracing the owner registered to the phone line. You can make use of several reverse phone detectives on the internet. And, most of them are free of cost- the best thing.

Businesses- you need to enter the caller ID in the search engine for producing the owner. Also, the online reverse searches aren’t just restricted to VoIP. You can also trace landline calls for displaying the number.

Using Softphone or Hardphone Packet Analyzers:

Are you connected to a server or proxy and using a Session Initiation Protocol? If yes, then there’s a way of tracing the VoIP number through a packet analyzer. All you need to know is how you’re connected- is it through a server or proxy.

Employing the VoIP Address Domain:

A VoIP address comes in one of the formats: [email protected], [email protected], and others. You will have all incoming calls logged into the phone number either as a VoIP address or mapped digits. Using the domain name, you have the ease of tracing the IP address, provided you have the number that called you.

The Verdict

Businesses- tracing any VoIP call is very much possible. But, before that, it becomes vital to know the process, which generally varies.

All you need is access to details for a better understanding of the things available for your use. Then, employ one or all the methods above, and you’ll never have to worry about anonymous business calls!

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