The Strategy Behind your Marketing Moves

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article | The Strategy Behind your Marketing MovesYour business marketing strategy must be built on a very clear plan, and it is this strategy that this article will discuss and elucidate upon. The aim is to provide you with some tips and tricks that will improve your chances of business success. Good business strategy is about having a vision for the future and then planning and implementing workable systems to attain this vision. Marketing is no different, and before the flashy marketing material and interactive website is developed to drive sales, you will need to cogently plan and develop a strategy upon which such materials and messages will be based.

Data, data, data

In an age where data is freely available and available in huge quantities, this data should be the cornerstone of your marketing campaign. It is about realizing the value of data and beginning to harvest it wherever you can and where this will not cause inconvenience to your customers and clients. Social media is a great avenue for data collection, collation and verification, but so will the interactions on your website, in store and via telephone and SMS.

Cleaning and collating

Once you have the data, it needs to be sorted, cleaned, and collated. What data has been collected? Is it demographic? Does it belong to current, possible, probable, or previous customers? And where and when did you obtain such data? Without this process, all the data in the world will not be used to its full potential. As noted by, data must be the starting point of your wonderful marketing journey. And it is indeed a process rather than a project.


Analyze the data that you have collected and determine at this point what it can be used for. More than three-quarters of marketers accept that it is at this point that their skills are lacking. In fact, 77% of business-to-business marketers feel that one of their team’s top 5 weaknesses is data and analytics. There are now various techniques to overcome this, either ensuring that the software you use has a built-in ability to analyze and produce the required metrics related to the data inputted.


Is the data genuine? No business wants to pay for and implement a costly marketing and advertising campaign based on data that has not been verified.

Begin to plan your marketing campaign

Only once you have gathered the necessary data, analyzed it, and begun to understand what it is and what it says about your market, customers, competition, and the future prospects of your business sector can you fully design a convincing marketing campaign.

This planning and data development will allow for a successful strategy to be determined and implemented. The idea that marketing was always for the creatives in the business or as contracted from outside the business, but the truth of the matter is that this creativity without the base data and customer and client information will be misguided, colors, bells, and whistles without substance and a poor chance of providing a solid return on investment.

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