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StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, Building Your Debt Settlement BusinessAmerican households average more than $150,000 in debt – adding up to over $15 trillion. With numbers like these, starting a debt settlement business like Dove Law Houston is a wise idea. People need help managing and eliminating this burden – and you’ve decided to help them do it. You’ve researched, worked hard, and started a debt settlement practice. After all of that, you want to get to work battling debt and see the payoff of all your efforts.

Unfortunately, even with so many people in debt, there is a large number that does not automatically seek out a debt settlement lawyer. You have to get in front of them so that they know the option is available for them. How exactly do you go about doing this? The following steps are good ways to start.


When people are being proactive with their debt and searching for solutions, they turn to the internet. They don’t typically search for things like “Houston debt settlement lawyer,” though. They search for things like, “how to get out of debt.”

Blogging is a great way to attract Internet searchers to your website. By creating a blog and adding content about getting out of debt, your website shows up in the search results. They’ll click your link and read your information.

You can then end your blogs with things like, “Contact me today to start your debt-free journey.” This makes them aware that you are available to help.

Local SEO

You want people in and around your area to know you’re in business. One effective way to do this is to put the power of local SEO to work for you. This means claiming your Google My Business profile and entering accurate information. It also means providing a local phone number and address – not a toll-free number or P.O box.

You also need to add that phone number and address to your website – preferably in the header or footer so that it shows up on every page. You should also add your location in your blog content. For instance, you might say, “learn about debt settlement options in Houston.” This ensures that Google – and your visitors – know where you are based, so you rank as a local business.

Social Media

Billions of the same people drowning in debt are constantly on social media. Utilizing social media marketing means getting a relevant ad in front of their faces. This will help draw in customers.

You should also have a business page on social media platforms, especially Facebook. Use this page to share your blog posts, add tips, engage with your audience, and get your clients to leave reviews.

Local Events

It’s also important to physically get out in your community and show people what you offer. You can do this in various venues with an enticing trade show booth. It gives you the opportunity to meet potential customers face to face, answer questions, and explain in detail how you can help them.

Running a successful debt settlement practice – or any business – requires two things. One is letting your customers know you exist and what you can do for them. The other is making it easy for them to find you. The tips above can help you do both.

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