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Standards and Expectations Best Practice 1 – Provide Examples

What is clear to one person may not be so readily understood by another. Unlike quantifiably defined procedures, standards and expectations documents frequently rely on qualitatively defined concepts. Reliance on qualitatively conveyed performance guidelines, in turn, invites interpretation latitude and a higher probability of misinterpretation. Therefore, leaders should employ addition mechanisms to bolster standards interpretation consistency among individuals with varying backgrounds, knowledge, skills, and experiences.

The Advisor’s Corner – How do I deal with those who support me in public and sabotage me in private?

Question: What can I do about people who tell me they support my vision but I’ve heard through the grapevine that they are sabotaging me? StrategyDriven Response: (by Roxi Hewertson, StrategyDriven Principal Contributor) These people are most likely, what I call ‘Termites.’ The term fits them well because they manage to smile and slide their […]