Four Ways to Overhaul Your Company Website

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article | Four Ways to Overhaul Your Company WebsiteIf your company’s been around for a while, it’s likely that your website has been, too. If that’s the case, you may well find that design trends, features and styles have moved on from the point at which you dusted off your finished site. The web design world moves fast – and consumer attention moves faster. If customers arrive on your website to the impression that you’ve not updated it for a number of years, they’ll instantly judge you for it. You’ll lose business as a result. As such, here are four ways to overhaul your website in favor of something a little more snazzy, modern and sleek.


While this is not necessarily a web-based overhaul, it is something you should consider if you’re in any case about to entirely change your website’s appearance. A rebrand will echo through-out your website, and as such it’s best to cover both a rebrand and a web redesign at the same time, in the same cohesive process. Get your design team on it immediately, or outsource to de-sign professionals who’ll help you achieve your vision.

Hosting Platforms

The very base – the foundation – of your website is its hosting platform. If you’re about to go through an overhaul, it’s certainly worth considering whether you ought to change hosting providers at the same time. In recent years, cloud hosting has become particularly favored in the web design world – something that you’ll not be using in your current legacy website.


Many companies are so used to their existing website that they fail to recognize some glaring failures in terms of its structural layout. Even if there are no failures per se, the gold standard for webpage and site map layout is always changing, which means your website is almost certainly behind the curve, confusing web users and alienating potential custom. When you overhaul your website, be sure to restructure it in such a way as to smooth all click-throughs and open up pathways for your traffic to pass easily through.


Now it comes to the more visual side of your site’s revamp. Here, you’ll want to go with some of the most exciting design trends to be taking place in 2019. Mini-animations, activated by the scroll function, have become something of a dominant trend for websites in the past year, and continue to dominate the ecosystem for businesses aiming to look ultra-modern and super-slick. Engage with these trends visually in order to bask in the admiration of your site’s visitors.

A Word of Warning

While website overhauls are incredibly important in order to keep your business modern and functional online, you shouldn’t erase your old web pages until you’re sure that your new and revamped website is entirely bug-free. A second word of warning: be sure to bear in mind that repeat customers may be shocked by a very different website appearing when they go to visit yours. Take steps to reassure these customers, and to keep some consistency with the old de-sign.

These four tips – and brief words of warning – should help you conduct a thorough overhaul of your company’s website, updating your appearance and functionality for the trends that are dominating 2019.

7 Tips For Improving Brand Reputation

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article | Nike | 7 Tips For Improving Brand ReputationIn the business world, there are few things more important than brand reputation. A company will never succeed and compete with the biggest names in the industry if it is not respected by its target audience. Building brand reputation can take time and experience which is difficult particularly if you are new to the industry, but there are a few strategies that you can quickly use which could help to give your company a boost in the reputation department. It is important to note that reputation is a constant and fluid factor so it will require constant work to maintain.

1. Get Involved With The Local Community

First, you should show that you are not a faceless corporation and get involved with the local community. This will earn the respect of your local community and further afield (by making your efforts visible on social media). You can do this by:

  • Attending local events
  • Hosting your own events (workshops, lectures, open days, etc.)
  • Sponsoring local charities or sports teams

2. Networking

Networking never stops in the business world and it is vital for building brand awareness and reputation. This should involve attending industry events, hosting your own events and net-working online. In addition to increasing brand reputation, this can also open new doors for you as a business.

3. Internet Marketing

The businesses that have a strong online presence and are highly visible on search engine results lists are the ones that command great respect. Internet marketing is the best way to achieve this, so approach experienced and reputable marketing firms to see how they could help you.

4. Influencer Marketing

One of the most effective methods of marketing to emerge in recent times is influencer marketing where an influential figure on social media recommends your brand. This social proof can work wonders for brand reputation as it is a highly influential figure that approves of your company and what you can provide.

5. Customer Testimonials

Another effective form of social proof is customer reviews/testimonials. You should be seeking feedback from your customers constantly and using any positive reviews on your website, advertising and social media.

6. Content Moderation

Content moderation has become incredibly important in today’s digital world, so it is vital that all of your content is carefully checked to make sure that it is suitable for the public to see. This can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but you can outsource content moderation to specialists like Taskeater which can help to keep your brand safe and well respected.

7. Offer An Excellent Customer Experience

Finally, you need to make sure that you offer an excellent service or product along with a seam-less shopping experience and professional customer service for your target audience. This is one of the most effective ways to build your brand reputation but it can take some time to develop.

Brand reputation is vital to success, but it can also be tricky to improve this area of your business. Try one or all of the above and before long you will start to notice an improvement in the way in which you are perceived by your target audience and the wider world.

How To Prepare Your New Business For Success

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article | Entrepreneur | How To Prepare Your New Business For SuccessNo matter who the entrepreneur is or what industry a particular company is in, the overarching goal for a business venture is for it to be successful. If you are currently in the process of starting your company from scratch, there are a few factors that you must keep in mind as you are setting up the groundwork for it.

For starters, the employees are the individuals that make up the business. Thus, if you want high-quality work to be completed at the end of each day, you need to hire individuals that are good at what they do. Next, it is important to craft the perfect brand message, in order to be acknowledged and recognizable by the general public. You will need to maintain your finances, understand your audience, and all in all stick to your business goals no matter what.

Hiring the best employees

Great employees make the business great, and you must make a point of hiring the best as a result of this. Look for people who are experts in their particular field, but also have other attributes that make them a great fit within the larger team.

Craft the brand message

To develop your brand message, you will need to determine what it is you want to achieve with it. What tone best fits your brand? Remember to keep your target audience in mind as you are developing it, as well.

Maintaining finances

Without financial stability, there is no company to begin with. You must always think of new ways to fund your business. Some options for getting the money are through:

  • Investors
  • Crowdfunding
  • Banks
  • Friends or family

Understanding the key audience

Every single company has products or services that are aimed at a particular group in society. This is your target audience, and you need to properly understand and target them if you want to make profit.

Having a strong online presence, both with your website and social media usage, is one way that you can communicate with them. Of course, you will also need to do the proper market research on what it is they will use, based on their everyday habits, and that is where the help of a software development company will come in handy. They can help you conduct the necessary research and collect the data on your audience, in addition to helping you build up the perfect online presence with your website design. Getting expert advice in order to properly grow your business and using the technological tools at your disposal will always benefit you.

Stick to your business goals

No matter what business goals you set up for yourself, never lose sight of them. Consistently work towards making more profit, for instance, and every single new strategy or campaign that you devise should keep this in mind.

Consider the steps that you are taking in order to prepare your business for success, and never forget the big-picture goals. You will not achieve the results you want in the span of a few weeks, or even a few months, but the more you continue to understand the market in which you operate and spread the word about what it is you are doing, the closer you are to becoming widely recognized and used by people.

Brand Identity: 5 Basic Steps You Need to Cover

McDonalds, Nike, Dominos Pizza, Chanel… What do these four have in common? Powerful brand identity. Because, chances are, you’ve heard of most of them, and there’s reason why. Just how powerful the brand?

Let’s just say, according to this article, children recognize the fast food chain’s iconic logo before their own name. And, in 1998, 97% of Americans recognized the Nike’s swoosh logo (chances are, this figure has increased both nationally and internationally).

How do startups and small and medium businesses (SMBs) create a strong brand identity that makes customers keep coming back? Here are 5 tips to get you started.

1. Know What is a Strong Brand

According to Forbes, strong brands have these four things in common: recognition, trust, financial value, and a boost in employee morale.

When business owners have a million things going on, it’s easy to get their brand identity muddled. To ensure you stay on track, always keep those four elements in mind, and regularly ask yourself and your marketing and design team these questions:

  • Recognition: What will customer think or remember when they see insert-logo or insert-image?
  • Trust: Does insert-item support our mission statement and build trust with our target audience?
  • Financial Value: How will insert-item impact my return on investment?
  • Boost in Employee Morale: How will insert-item impact my team?

2. Don’t Ignore Personal Branding

Personal branding can also help (or hinder) a company’ brand. Point taken, brand messages shared on social media between employees don’t just get 100 but 561% greater reach than the same brand message from the company’ main social media account.

Long story short, if your employees feel excited to work for your company, chances are, they’ll be posting about it.

At the same time, have a social media policy in place that specifically outlines what employees can and cannot say about your company to avoid negatively impacting brand messaging.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Re-Brand but Do So Cautiously

Consider Nike which transitioned from Blue Ribbon Sports to the Nike we now know. However, not all rebranding experiences turn out just like Nike. In fact, if companies become too reckless, they can end up making a bad business deal as Entrepreneur points out Netflix did in 2011.

The movie streaming provider teamed up with Qwickster, and announced that it would split into two companies.

Long-time Netflix customers didn’t like it: two companies, less convenience, and 60% more cost. With 800,000 subscribers down, Netflix quickly realized their branding mistake and ditched the rebranding move.

4. Keep Your Mission Statement and Vision

When rebranding, feel free to change the story but try to keep the mission statement and vision intact. The reason? Your mission statement and vision is the foundation of your business.

Think of it as a house: you can change the structure but, remove the foundation, you leave you’re a shaky structure.

5. It’s the Little Things That Counts

You see, the more you can get your logo in front of the eyes of your target audience, the more likely they’ll remember it. Which is why you shouldn’t forget publishing it on social channels but also make an impact with your table cover.

Final Thoughts: Branding Impacts

According to Forbes, branding pulls in sales versus marketing that pushes. Which sounds easier? Have any more tips to help businesses strengthen their brands? Leave a comment.

Importance of Branding for Your Business

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales ArticleBranding are the logos and design choices that you make for your business. In many ways, they act as the “face” of your company, and this is the “face” that your customers and associates alike will interact with. Poor branding insinuates that your company is poor, while good branding, and, even better, a great brand marketing scheme, can make a company famous. Branding is key, and it starts with a good logo design, and continues from there. Investing in branding isn’t just a waste of money, it can create long-term, positive associations that bring in more business and increased reputation.

1. Creates Brand Association

When you have reached the point where a simple icon can make someone think of your product and the great associations they have with it, then you’ve done your job. When you create a brand, you create an image that people learn to associate with your product or your service. This, in turn, leads to credibility and even increased sales, since consumers trust in your product and your service.

This is incredibly important if you’re about to launch a new product and want the launch to excel. If you have inconsistent or poor branding, you will have to start marketing your new product from ground zero. If, on the other hand, your brand show authority and is considered reliable, then you can easily sell this new product as an extension. If people trust you and trust your brand, they’ll be more likely to buy a new product you put out.

2. It Can Increase Value

Some branding is designer, which means that not only can you benefit from good associations, but you also benefit from having your name and your logo increase the price of your product. Think of it as a signature on a piece of artwork; it’s there to assure your loyal customers that they are buying your brand, and not some cheap knockoff.

3. It Shows Professionalism

When you have logos and branding, it shows professionalism. This means having custom business forms created so that your branding and your image is repeated for every transaction. It means having customized creations that look professional and thought out. It also instills a sense of pride within your company, showing that you care about the small details, and that your company is a unified business regardless of sector.

4. It Shows Your Values

Great branding is, effectively, a 24/7 marketing tool. Regardless of time of day, it should show your values and highlight your ideals. Is your company fun and exciting? Is it working hard on being environmentally sustainable? Use your branding to showcase these principles through the use of color and through the logo design you choose. Typography alone can tell a story, and proper branding requires you to take that story and share its narrative in everything that you do.

Branding is critical when it comes to creating and fostering relationships. It is how people learn to recognize your company, and it is how they become more likely to buy from you again. Work on coupling your great branding with excellent customer service and a good product, and you’ll create a great association that keeps them coming back.

Photo by Julian O’hayon on Unsplash