Organizations Should Recycle Their E-Waste?

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |E-Waste Recycling|Organizations Should Recycle Their E-Waste?Recycling of discarded electronic and electrical equipment has become crucial to the future of this world. A look at some of the shocking facts and figures from around the world illustrates the urgent need for each one of us to make a sincere effort to recycle their E-waste. Organizations should make E-waste recycling a priority to improve their ecological footprint and help make the world a safer and better place for future generations.

Why Should Organizations Recycle Their E-Waste?

The primary reason for recycling their E-waste – it is the law. Many local and state communities have enacted several rules to encourage organizations to dispose of their E-waste in better ways. Non-compliance could result in penalties for organizations including recyclers.

The secondary reason is that recycling can be lucrative. You can sell your E-waste at an electronics recycling center that purchases e-scrap of various electronic devices. Some E-waste recycling companies host drives and accept everything in one place to get residents and businesses motivated to dispose of their old electronic devices and electrical equipment. However, it is important to know that most E-waste recycling companies will not accept any material that is radioactive, flammable, hazardous material, and devices containing mercury.

Data Protection

Erasing data from your device sadly does not erase all the information on it. Organizations put themselves at high-risk when they trash their E-waste. While organizations spend thousands of dollars to set up firewalls, infiltration and exfiltration monitoring, and anti-phishing software to protect their data; the same data is left unsecured when trashing the device. Electronic data security is a major issue and an essential part of the recycling process. Professional recycling companies have invested in data wipers, high-tech shredders, and equipment that track the device every moment that it is in their hands. They also provide you with documentation and certification that states how your device has been wiped clean and recycled.

Start Recycling Today

Organizations taking an active role in recycling are recognized by the EPA, some local and state municipalities as role models for doing the right thing. In addition, the EPA invites organizations to the SMM Electronics Challenge, an event that recognizes transparency, responsible recycling, and corporate leadership. The challenge involves taking a pledge to recycle all E-waste generated or collected to recyclers. The recyclers in turn pledge to ensure the safe and secure management of the devices. Organizations, especially those that come up with innovative ideas, and those that are successful in getting through the challenge, earn recognition as Champions on the EPA site.

The Bottom Line

Organizations should put in the extra effort to take a closer look at what they are trashing and make it a point to send all their E-waste for recycling. This is not just good for the environment alone; it also ensures that organizations do not end up with their data in the wrong hands. Creating internal promotions to encourage recycling is a good way to inculcate the habit of recycling amongst the employees. This will also ensure that their identities and data is safe when they decide to get rid of their old devices.