5 Staffing Conferences To Elevate Your Business In 2022 and 2023

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article | 5 Staffing Conferences To Elevate Your Business In 2022 and 2023To keep the best talent, you need to know the level of engagement in your organization. Unhappy employees have options and employee retention is difficult in today’s market. To keep employees connected from executive to intern, it will take a strong commitment to understand the pressures they face in everyday life and support them as they struggle to find work that provides more than just a paycheck.

Focus On Employee Growth

As your executives work to build the best team in a tight labor market, information from staffing conferences in 2022 can help them see the best choices for the future of your company. There are employee pressures coming that many executives, especially older leaders, may struggle to understand.

Many younger generations know that they constantly need to be building better skills to stay competitive in the job market. Your executive team needs to know how to structure this training. They also need to know what is on offer from other employers in your industry and region. Because everyone needs to find quality talent, the pressure on your executive team to keep the employees you’ve invested in will be intense.

Focus On Retention

Of course, your pay and benefits offering will need to stay current and competitive to bring in the best employees. Make sure that, once hired, your employees stay engaged. In addition to giving them manageable work requirements and achievable goals, look for ways to build engagement.

Employee engagement is often closely tied to the community in the workplace. Group gatherings, fun events, and team-building opportunities abound. However, you will also want to strive for methods of private engagement. For example, you can check with local charities for individual volunteer opportunities. You may find that an elementary school needs reading tutors or a high school needs mentors for students at risk. The ability of an employee to take paid leave for such volunteer time could do a great deal to boost their connection and loyalty to your organization.

Look For Training Across Generations

The bumper sticker thinking associated with conflict across generations may not be obvious in your office, but it does get a lot of cultural focus. Look for training opportunities that will boost connections between boomers, Gen-Xers, millennials, and Gen-Z.

Understanding the viewpoint of another employee can be easier with an understanding of the crucible in which they were formed as an employee. An older baby boomer who got to kindergarten and had to struggle to stand out in an overcrowded room has a very different view of workplace competition than someone from a later generation. The more employees know, the better they will connect.

Build In Flexibility

Workplace flexibility, including the option to work remotely, will be critical as we move forward into 2023. That being said, your managers and leaders will also need to be aware of how to support the employees left in the office.

Make sure that the training and opportunities for personal growth created by your staffing conference choices also include employees who remain in the office. The risk of friction and resentment between remote and in-office employees, as well as between in-office employees and the leaders who require them to be there, can be destructive. Do your best to offer similar opportunities and flexibility to all employees.

Invest In Well-Being

The phrase “work-life” balance will continue to fall by the wayside through 2023. Employees are looking for flexibility, but they’re also looking for a way to integrate their job into their life. To that end, look for staffing conferences that offer training on

  • time management
  • stress management
  • personal finance and budgeting skills

Of course, not every employee is able or interested in traveling to such a seminar. Consider contracting with a provider that can allow personal training on their desktop. It should not be out of the realm of possibility to provide an employee with at least an hour’s paid training per week on a topic that will improve their work life and their life at home.

With a very tight labor market, employees will have to offer more than their salary. A happy, well-rounded employee who has access to training that will allow them to improve their skills and balance their life effectively has a better chance of staying. The more people you retain, the more skills you have at your disposal.

You CAN Get The Staff These Days: Improving Your Hiring Process

Tired of hiring the wrong people for your company? Improving your hiring process could allow you to find better candidates, allowing you to build a stronger team of employees. Here are five ways that you can improve your hiring process.

Fine-tune your job description

Your job description should be carefully worded to attract as many applicants as possible. Advertise the perks of the job and use a professional sounding job title. Whilst you should detail certain qualities that you’re looking for, try not to make the job sound too demanding as you may scare off applicants – the bad ones and the good ones.

Use social media

There are all kinds of places to advertise job vacancies including job listing sites, newspapers and public bulletins. Social media is fast becoming one of the best places to advertise jobs. It’s also a great means of screening applicants to check that they’re the right fit. LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for screening applicants as it tells you which previous job people have worked. You may also want to check someone’s Facebook profile – even if it’s set to private, an inappropriate profile picture could be enough to tell you that a certain candidate isn’t right for you.

Create an online tests and quizzes

Online tests and quizzes are great ways of deciding if people are the right fit for your job. This could be a personality test, a decision-based quiz or test of knowledge. Afterwards, you can look at the results and determine which candidates should progress forwards. Online quizzes could save you having a trial shift and could help to weed out applicants that are good blaggers.

Hire a recruiter

To save yourself time and increase the range of your search, you could hire a recruiter. This will cost you extra, but it could help you to find better candidates. Recruiters can be useful when it comes to hard-to-fill vacancies – these may require very niche skills or could simply require gruelling responsibilities.

Leave yourself enough time

The biggest mistake that employers make when hiring new staff is rushing the process. By giving yourself more time to advertise the vacancy, read CVs and interview candidates, you’re more likely to make the right decision. Manage your time effectively so that you’re keeping interviews on schedule and replying to queries from applicants promptly. If you’re struggling to find the time to do this, you may be able to get help from a senior employee of yours or use a recruiter to handle aspects such as interviews. On top of leaving yourself enough time for the hiring process, remember that you’ll also need to pour some time into training this new staff member and taking them through introductory paperwork. Many employees that leave soon after being hired do so because they haven’t been trained properly or haven’t been made to feel welcome – even if you’re hiring someone with ample experience, you company may have a different way of doing things, so help them to adjust.

The Secret to Successful Recruiting

Recruitment has always been a tricky business. So many times a candidate can sound like the perfect match on paper, only to prove a disappointment at interview. Then there are the even worse scenarios, where a candidate comes across both in real life and on paper as perfect, only to then not meet the criteria when actually in the job. There must be a way for recruiters to ensure that they hire only the best and most promising candidates, those who are almost guaranteed to perform and stay in a role for the long term.

While workplaces are swiftly becoming more and more advanced in cloud computing, using social media for marketing purposes, and generally becoming au fait with modern technology, there is one area which is sadly lacking when it comes to technological advancement. Despite the realization that computer software greatly enhances the efficiency with which businesses operates, the use of recruitment software is not widespread. The simple fact is that not many business leaders are aware that recruitment software can transform your HR practices for the better and make hiring a simpler process.

Why should you invest in software for your HR department? There are several reasons for doing so, each of which is detailed below.

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