A Guide To Starting A Home Mechanic Business

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article | A Guide To Starting A Home Mechanic BusinessAnyone that knows their way around under the hood of a car and is looking for a rewarding way to earn money from home should consider starting their own mechanic business. You can be a self-employed mechanic and earn a good living working from the comfort of your own home and get to work on cars every day. People always need the services of a reliable mechanic so the work can be stable and being able to work from home gives you good work-life balance, and the ability to put yourself in control of your earnings. Read on for advice on becoming a self-employed mechanic.

Treat It Like A Business

Although you can operate out of your own garage, it is still important to treat this like a proper business and to go through all the proper channels. This will involve:

  • Carrying out market research
  • Writing a business plan
  • Securing funding
  • Registering as self-employed

Set Up Your Garage

Of course, in order to be a success, you will need to have a suitable work environment for working on cars. A few tips include:

  • Clearing out clutter
  • Investing in high-quality tools and equipment
  • Having a desk area for paperwork
  • Having a computer with internet access
  • Adequate lighting and ventilation
  • Having a first-aid kit


You need to have the right protection in place before you commence business as otherwise, you could be putting your finances and home in jeopardy. Motor trade insurance is one of the most important types to arrange as this will provide cover for any car that you are looking after for professional purposes – you can get motor trade insurance from Tradex which will provide the cover that you need.

Running The Business

You will also need to consider the business side of the operation, such as accounting, invoicing, web presence, and marketing. These are all key areas which will need as much attention as the car repair work. You can either teach yourself how to handle these areas (which can be interesting and rewarding), or you could hire somebody to help you.

Building A Reputation

Developing a positive reputation is vital to success in this industry. This can be challenging when you first start out, but you can get early business by offering reduced rates to friends and family. You can then build a positive reputation by:

  • Encouraging word-of-mouth marketing
  • Using customer reviews on your website and social media
  • Partnering with relevant local businesses (like a car dealership)
  • Advertising online and offline

The information in this guide should give you the confidence and knowledge required to set up your own garage at home. There is the potential for great success as a self-employed mechanic once you start to develop a positive reputation, plus you have the benefit of being able to work from home which gives you a great work-life balance and allows you to handle any other large responsibilities that you have. Much like any business, it will require hard work and commitment, but it can also be highly rewarding.


The Perfect Implementation of Ideas to Boost Your Startup Ventures

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article | The Perfect Implementation of Ideas to Boost Your Startup Ventures
When we talk about initiating a start-up, there are two thoughts that one must always keep in mind. On one hand the year on year improvement in your business venture tends to make your company look great and a tad bit different than the rest; on the other hand, these changes aren’t necessarily something that will generate you the revenue you’re looking for.

In this apparent case what can one do to boost their revenue and also maintain the integrity of their startup? Well the answer to that is quite simple really. If you think about boosting the revenue in your business venture, almost everything you need to know is available online. By simply going through the U.S Federal Reserves of the year 2018, you can estimate and drag out some facts about what the consumer desires from a starting business. But if you’re a little bit busy to search through thousands of pages just to find the right services to implement in your start-up we have got your back.

Here are a few ideas that satisfy both the consumers and the business venture in terms of revenue and good quality for you to adapt.

Provide Consumers with More Data Control

Due to the recent events revolving around data manipulation done by a wide range of apps. Consumers have become more aware of the situation and are constantly seeking a place where they have to provide less information to acquire the best services.

But one can’t just operate a business without figuring out a thing or two about their consumers? This is where you would have to think about creating some exciting content that gets the consumers engaged. By creating certain engaging quiz games, give away, themed-polls or even holiday guides for everyone. You engage the consumer’s attention, and if they wish to utilize these services, then they’ll easily provide you with the consent you need to use their data. Making them feel in control of their personal info and you getting the necessary information you require to boost your business.

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article | The Perfect Implementation of Ideas to Boost Your Startup VenturesPersonalize Things the Way a Consumer Desires

In the recent survey conducted by epsilon in the year 2018, it was confirmed that consumers prefers brands that offer them with an opportunity to personalize the commodities they want to purchase. Now, personalization can take any form to intrigue the consumers and for a newly founded start-up that’s looking to make waves in the current market. This is the perfect idea for them to incorporate in their business proposal.

Let’s analyze the personalization of coupons done by Dunkin Donuts as an example. In the previous year, Dunkin Donuts was falling behind on sales as compared to the Krispy Cream. In an effort to make their business boost up; they presented the consumers with an opportunity to personalize their own coupon to purchase any product from their mobile app, resulting in an increase of almost 3.2 percent of overall sales increasing the revenue.

Confirming the fact that coupon and discount codes are the right way to boost your revenue from time to time. Since then many website like Group on, retail me not and top vouchers code has had a massive increase in traffic. Because they provide the best deals and discounts on a plethora of products circulating in the market.

Providing the Right Subscription Service

Another attempt to increase the revenue in a newly found business venture is to provide the right subscription service to a consumer, why you may ask? Well, subscription service is a way to get the consumer hooked on your product. By easily taking their personal information after them giving your proper consent. You can match your services according to their needs, providing them with a place to purchase their desirable items and catering the needs which they require in a single platform.

Don’t be Socially Irresponsible with Your Clients

Corporate Social Responsibility has been capturing a ton of attention for quite some years now. But 2018 was the stepping stone for this agenda to come in to being. When the CEO of Black Rock, introduced that they’ll be updating their services that will cater the need of the consumers more likely than the sponsors. It was soon after that Mark Zuckerberg the Founder of Facebook announced that they would also be tweaking their algorithms. To provide more posts from family and friends to appear on top of the feed than any other advertisement placements.

Hence gaining the trust of their viable users and providing them a platform that truly cares about them rather than money. Due to this effort both the companies profited a ton with new users coming towards their website and using it more often. Making this statement true that being socially irresponsible with your clients is definitely a no, when aiming to increase revenue.

Starting a new business venture isn’t always a fun ordeal for everyone, but at some point you’ll start to understand the reason. That all of the difficulty one is facing right now will reward them a bountiful amount at the end.

So, go ahead entrepreneurs; plan your start-ups. But keep one thing in mind that not all investments are able to fulfill your expectations. Sometimes you’ll lose some and sometimes you’ll win some, but even when you’re losing just keep your hopes up high and always try to incorporate new ideas into your venture from time to time.

About the Author

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How To Run A Business From Home

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article | How To Run A Business From Home | Home Business | Home OfficeRunning a business from home can be incredibly beneficial for those that want to set up a business alongside other priorities such as children and family, or if they would like to start up a business with limited funding. To find out whether your home is appropriate to run your business from, this article will guide you as to what you need to do to make your home suitable for a business.

Create a Better Business Space

The first thing that you need to do to run a business from home is to turn your home into a better space for business. Although homes make better places for working than offices due to the limitation of distractions and noise levels, you should ensure that your home is suitable to run a business from. For instance, you need to create an office or workshop space in your home that is separate from the main body of your house to limit the disruption to both you and your family and give you space to work and store equipment.

One of the ways that you can do this is to renovate an existing room, build an extension to your house, or look around for a bigger house that can match your needs. In order to make this financially viable, The Money Hub can help you to get the bad credit mortgage that you need through loans, whether you need to extend your mortgage for expansion or get a mortgage for a bigger house.

You should also make sure that your office is a welcoming and relaxing space. When renovating your home office, you should try to access as much natural light as possible to boost your mood, personalize the décor as much as possible to help you to stay engaged with your work and remain inspired, have enough storage to ensure that your workspace is not cluttered. You also need to make sure that you have an office chair and layout that can limit back pain and eye strain and allow you to keep working for longer periods without discomfort.

Invest in the Right Equipment

You also need to make sure that you equip your office with all the items that you need to succeed, such as the latest gadgets like laptops and printers that can help you to perform your work to the best of your ability. You should also invest in the software that you need. For instance, it is also important that you are able to establish reliable communication channels to allow your clients and any employees to contact you at all times. If you fail to get a secure WiFi connection or mobile signal, this can lead to your business losing trust with its customers. One of the best communication methods for small businesses at home includes Skype, which can allow you to video chat with contacts for business conferences and networking purposes, needing only an email address to do so.

Create a Timetable or Work Plan

It is difficult when running a business from home not to let your family and other commitments impact on your workload. Therefore, you should make sure that you are able to create a plan to help you to schedule your workday. Then you can prioritize your most important work and ensure that you are able to stay on track amid the chaos of a family home. There are many paper organizers, and even online software applications that you can download to keep you on track too.

How to Boost Your Business’ Appeal

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article | How to Boost Your Business’ Appeal | Curb AppealRegardless of how hard you work or how good the service you provide might be, if your business doesn’t appeal to potential customers, you will find it increasingly difficult to garner customers. Boosting your company’s appeal should, then, be one of your top priorities.

To see how you can make your company far more appealing, to both your target audience and the passing one, make sure to read on.

Showcase your success without showing off

In order to appeal to potential customers in the future, you need to attempt to show them just how successful you’ve been in the past.

Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it may seem. There’s a fine line between showcasing your past successes and plain-old showing off. Doing the former will prove to potential customers that you’ve worked hard to get where you are today, which will in turn make them trust in your abilities going forward. Doing the latter will show you to be egotistical and self-indulged, and nobody likes doing business with people like that.

You want to showcase your successes without showing off about them. To do this, you should resolve to make subtle hints about your affluence without being too overt about it. An example of this would be refraining from investing in the flashiest sports car available, and instead buying something a lot less conspicuous — fear not because buying, say, a 4×4 wouldn’t necessarily have to mean that your next car choice need be a boring one. Thanks to E.C.D. Automotive Design, you can design your own unique custom Defender.

Improve your curb appeal

Even if your business operates solely via the web, it won’t hurt to improve your office’s curb ap-peal. Amongst a host of other benefits, taking this action will help you to stand out to the foot traffic that passes your workspace — you never know, once they get home, the people that saw your display might just jump online and research the services that you offer.

To improve your curb appeal, you should:

Put some greenery out front

You need not go all out in this instance. A couple of hanging baskets or raised planters will do the trick — they will both inject life into your entrance and prove that your workspace is cared for.

Lay out a welcome mat

Laying down welcome mats is a simple, affordable, and effective change that will make customers feel welcome whenever they visit your site

Do a bit of redecorating

Has your paint peeled? Have our colours faded? If so, you could be doing serious damage to your brand. Refresh your signage, add a splash of paint, and bring your storefront back to life before passers by think your business is dead and buried.

Tend to your curb appeal regularly

You have to tend to your curb appeal regularly if you truly want to boost your business’s appeal in this sense. This means sweeping the sidewalk, watering your plants, and changing your window display every week or month.

Boosting your business’s appeal is one of the most important tasks you face as a company owner. Be sure, then, to put the above advice into practice, even if you have to make time to do so.

Are You Prepared to Be the Boss and Run Your Business?

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article | Are You Prepared to Be the Boss and Run Your Business? | Entrepreneurship
Whether you currently have a stable job or you are still in the process of finding a job, the idea of running a business and being the boss looks very appealing. With the unemployment rate that the economy is experiencing, it means that many companies are still struggling to survive. The idea of starting a small business can be quite a scary idea because the success rate is low. If you feel that you are up for the challenge and you are ready to take risks, then you must make the necessary preparations. To increase your chances of being successful here are some tips on how to prepare you for business.

Define your goals

It is easy to say that you want to have a business, but you need to be very specific with your goals and wishes. Ask yourself what kind of business would you like to have? Are you planning to sell services or goods? How long are you giving your self before you start hitting your business goals? Your intentions of running a business should be genuine, or else there is a big possibility that it will fail in the long run because you lack passion and commitment.

What are the costs?

It does not matter whether you want to start small or big, but the bottom line is that you need money to make your investment sustainable. Do you need to figure out how much capital you need to start the business? Do you have enough savings to cover all the costs? If not, are you willing to apply for several loans to increase your revolving funds? You need to have a clear vision of whether you can continue supporting your business in a few months or you will end up closing down because things are not going according to your plan.

You need experience

Before deciding to open up a business, you need to have some first-hand experience of handling people with different personalities. It would help if you also learn the ropes in the industry that you are about to be part of. It is a good idea to get several months or years of experience in companies in the same industry, so you will have the confidence to manage your business.

Find ways to save money

Most start-ups struggle with finances. That is why you need to be thrifty and wise when it comes to your expenditure so that you can survive the competition. Think about your monthly overheads like rental, utilities and staffing. These will be your top three expenses. Try to look for a place with lower rent or do it from your home. You can work on your workforce by hiring a sufficient number of people only.

Lastly, you need to look for a trusted Utility Bidder before moving to a new office space or setting up a physical store. It would help if you found an electricity and gas provider that is affordable and offers excellent service.