A Review of ForexSignals Service is an information site that specialises in selling trading signals for earnings from forex trading. Clients can apply for a paid subscription. After that, they receive an alert and make profits by following the provided instructions. The complete exchange analysis, as well as entry and exit points for the transaction, are prepared by experienced professional traders. So, traders do not need to make any effort. They only have to renew the subscription and use the signals on time. The link to the official website is forexsignals . com. The website is simple and effective. Is it worth investing in? Let us have a look. Here is a review for you.

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First impression

You can search for reviews about on search engines like Google. An interesting thing is, if the query “ForexSignal” is entered mistakenly, then a lot of negative comments come up. However, if you enter the correct query “ForexSignals”, then a majority of the reviews which appear are positive. With the first query, you will find complaints about broken signals, terrible technical support, and the lack of refund mechanism. With the second query, you will see praises about the best service and best signals. This is a little surprising because generally, two almost the same queries cannot have this huge difference.

General information

As gathered from the “About Us” section of the site, was founded on May 1, 2012, by Nick MacDonald. It is a place for traders to work together and share their experiences with others. From the different pages, traders can find different trading signals developed by experienced traders to choose from by following these steps:

  1. The trader can create an account by filling out a simple application form.
  2. After visiting the account, traders can view the list of traders providing trading signals. Users can select any participant they like.
  3. After that, the user has to go to the profile of the trader he/selected. By clicking on the follow button, the trading ideas can be studied. After the subscription is activated, the trader will get email notifications whenever the selected trader does something. So, users will easily know which entry points, protective orders, and levels they need to use. A marked schedule and the description of the investment idea are also visible.

The rest of the site is filled with educational content regarding forex trading. The content is free, and it is published in English. Another section offers an affiliate program that enables users to receive passive income so they can attract customers to the project. Also if you’re considering valuable and trustworthy Forex Signal service – reach out

Registration and use

You can activate the trial version by providing a name, mail, and generating a password. Then, click on the start button. By doing this, registration continues, and users are asked to indicate additional details as followed:

  1. The availably of the brokerage account.
  2. Next, the users are provided with the choice of four services given by The services are a copy of trading signals, invest in other trades, development and improvement of trading strategy, and individual trading with professional traders.
  3. Finally, you have to write a message about why you are interested in the foreign exchange market. Without completing these steps, you cannot proceed to the next stage.

After you enter the data, you have to choose a tariff plan that is appropriate for you. The plans are available in a monthly and annual subscription. You can choose the monthly subscription that costs $97 per month, or the yearly subscription for $249 per year. By visiting the payment page, you will get to know the additional rule, which is that you will have to pay first to activate the trial period. The next seven days will be free and if you like the service, then money will be debited from you from the 8th day only. You cannot verify without making a payment and you should not do it on a paid basis. Why? You need to see the user agreement to know the reason. Let us highlight a few points from there:

  1. The courts of Hong Kong is the only jurisdiction to which is subject. So, you need to contact them to resolve any dispute.
  2. The administration of is not responsible for any losses.
  3. The company holds the right to block any user anytime and the administration is not obligated to show any reason for their actions.
  4. A refund after the trial period is only possible if the user provides information about the reason behind the return.

So, to put it simply, after you have paid, you can start working with trading signals. However, when you send a letter asking for a refund, they can refuse it easily. The only way to challenge them is visiting Hong Kong. So, sign up with only if you want to continue using the signals.

The way of checking trading signals without money

To do this, you need to visit the “Blog” section od the site. You can view the reviews of the strategies there that are shared by the service traders. These people are positioned as professions. So, it is unlikely that they will display unprofitable algorithms deliberately. So, you can choose any strategy, open a demo account with a broker, and trade for a couple of months for the result. By doing this, you can know for sure if the trading signals are useful or useless.

Final thoughts advertises itself well while monitoring its reputation and cleaning up negative comments. Although there is plenty of free educational material on the site, you cannot check the signals. The paid subscription does not guarantee a return on investment and it can also lead to a loss. No information about the trading signals is provided either. You will not find any data on the used trading strategies. Moreover, the official blog is full of unprofitable algorithms. Considering all these points, does not seem like a reliable platform. So, we will recommend everyone that is willing to try it to proceed with caution.

Forex Strategies That Still Work in 2018

Trading isn’t an easy game to break into. Like any form of investing, it is not without risk. Most people know this going in, yet they still end up falling into the usual traps. With so much, often contradictory, advice being thrown around new investors, it’s no surprise that there is so much confusion over what the best trading strategies are.

One way that you can improve your chances of success in trading is to find a winning strategy and stick with it. As long as the strategy you settle on is one that is well-reasoned, and has produced proven results, you can be reasonably confident that it is a winning strategy that you can rely on. Having a pre-defined strategy on cfdadvanced is helpful as it encourages you to act with discipline.

Which is the Best Strategy?

The nature of Forex trading means that there is no single best strategy to use. The best Forex strategy to use will depend on you as an individual, your current circumstances, and your short and long-term financial goals. It is important to remember that just because a strategy works for someone else, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a good strategy for you.

It is important that throughout the process of establishing your preferred strategy you remain mindful of the above. You may well come across success stories from other traders who have managed to make millions using a particular trading strategy. These stories might not be true, but even if they are, the fact that a strategy has made someone else rich doesn’t mean it will make you rich.

What Are the Options

With the above advice in mind, the following are the most common trading styles. At least one of these strategies will work for most people. Just remember that there are no guarantees!

Scalping – Scalping involves making very short-lived trades, trades that resolve after just a few minutes. The idea behind scalping is for the trader to beat the spread of a bet or trade, skimming (or scalping) just a few points of profit before closing. MetaTrader is a popular piece of software for making this kind of trade.

Day trading – As the name suggests, day trades are resolved before the end of the day, when the markets close. Day traders tend to like the fact that their trades aren’t going to be affected by any large shifts during the night. That means no nasty surprises in the morning!

Swing trading – Swing traders seek to resolve their trades within a week, hoping to make a profit on short-term moves in the market by implementing swing trading strategies to get returns.

Positional trading – This is a long-term form of trading. As the name implies, positional traders are positioning themselves according to where they think it will be advantageous to be in the future.

Choosing Your Style

When it comes to settling on a style, you should do as much research as you can beforehand on what the various options are and how they work. My Forex Chart is an excellent resource for Forex traders, with a variety of articles, news, and other information.  You might also consider taking a Forex course.

Having a trading strategy is a good idea. It will help you to trade in a more controlled and disciplined manner and will lead to more consistent results.