Developing A Better Standard Of Marketing

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Marketing|Developing A Better Standard Of MarketingDeveloping a better standard of anything is essential when improving your business. Just like a house, it can grow cobwebs, slowly experience a state of disrepair and generally fall to dust should you fail to maintain it. What might work this year might not work the next year. The team you might have now could be stifling your progress, and fresh faces with brand new ideas might be needed to inject life into the firm.

Marketing is perhaps one of the most important elements to update within your business strategy from year to year. Trends, expectations and the means in which customers interface with firms have changed since 2010, and it’s astonishing to realize that was almost ten years ago now.

But how can you develop a better standard of marketing? Doesn’t it take time to read your audience, put together a coherent package, and only then realize that the trend might have been missed? How can you continually stay up to date and elicit awe, not groans, from your audience?

We think the following efforts might help you:

Hire The Professionals

There’s no worth in simply trying to market your brand without knowing your target audience, how they respond to certain stimuli, what you have to say, your goal for the marketing campaign, or how to best reach all avenues of accessibility when exposing a message. It’s essential that you know how to do all this, and for small businesses, that’s a big ask. With services such as Your Marketing People, all of this work can be expertly crafted and specialized, keeping you in the loop at all times. If you manage that, then you can expect to overcome the issues that plague so many first-time business marketing themselves and instead step onto the scene with a cohesive and worthwhile stratagem.


It’s essential to measure your marketing via every metric through which that can be found. Consider your engagement rates, your sales, where those sales come from, how social media comments reply to your marketing, your YouTube ad dislikes to likes, or perhaps how many ‘follows’ you gain as a result. Without all this information you can repeatedly market to a brick wall even after ten years of business development.

Take A Risk

Every single world can be poured over, copywritten again, approved, discussed, rejected and then the most baseline phrasing chosen if you overanalyze everything. The essence of marketing is being seen, so don’t be afraid to make bold statements, to take a risk, to be bigger and better than the competition. Just imagine if you saw a fragrance advertisement that didn’t feature a half-naked male or female model dressed in silk, filmed in black and white. You’d likely look just because of the originality of the piece in question. Take this ethos and apply it elsewhere, and you might just be exponentially compounding the effect of your marketing prowess.

With this advice, developing a better standard of marketing will be a worthwhile aim.

Five Steps of Hiring An Ad Agency

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Full-service Ad Agency|Five Steps of Hiring An Ad Agency No matter what the size of your business – whether it’s a large organization or a small business, hiring a full-service ad agency is essential if you want to get the word out about your business. Creating invaluable marketing campaigns for your business, that can advertise your services/products over a multitude of platforms (including radio and TV), they have the expertise you need, can offer an unbiased opinion and will save you time that you would have spent on marketing in-house. So what are the five steps of hiring an ad agency?

1. Research, research, research

The first step in finding the right ad agency for your business is doing your research online. If you have noticed any advertisements that other companies have produced, find out who did the advertising for them and get in contact with them. Alternatively, ask other business owners directly who they would recommend. You can also do a simple search online before arranging to meet with an ad agency. Many specialized magazines for business owners will also advertise ad agencies that you can enquire about and discover what campaigns they have worked on previously.

2) Arrange an initial meeting

When you have decided on an ad agency, you should book in an initial consultation with them. By meeting with them you can get a better idea of what they have worked on in the past and how they can help you with your marketing in the present. You can showcase your vision for the marketing campaigns and see what they can do for you.

3) A formal pitch

Once you have had your initial consultation, you can arrange a formal meeting with them. They will demonstrate a detailed plan that they have designed especially for your campaign/s, recommendations on what they can do for your business and what you are currently doing that is working effectively.

4) They will create an assessment

After the formal meeting, the ad agency will create an assessment that will thoroughly analyze the web traffic that comes to your website, how the business is doing within its industry, previous ad campaigns (if there are any), your competitors and other factors.

5) They will create a marketing campaign and analyze how it has performed

The ad agency will then create marketing materials based on your vision. This can either be advertisements for radio or TV, web design, email campaigns, etc. They will then closely monitor the performance of the campaigns, building upon the campaigns which are successful and seeing how they can create an even more successful campaigns in the future.

Hiring a full-service ad agency can have many benefits for your business. Adding value to your company and giving it the exposure it requires in order to succeed, it is an expense that is worth spending for any size business – but especially so if you have a small business that’s just starting out and needs to get the word out about what you’re offering.