The Truth Behind Disappearing Office Supplies

New Survey Reveals “Supply-Jackers” in Offices Nationwide, Why Working Americans Pilfer Supplies, and the Struggle Professionals Go Through to Protect Their Favorites

It happens all the time. You open a brand new package of your favorite pens. The quality, design, and color are just right. The day comes and goes and then suddenly, the pen is gone, never to be seen or written with again. According to the new survey OfficeMax Workplace Undercover Survey, employed Americans are no strangers to this scenario, as supplies in their workspaces go missing quite often. Working Americans admit they take supplies from the office for their personal use at home or hold on to borrowed products they should have returned to their colleagues. But when their favorite supplies aren’t at their disposal, their workday suffers. When such productivity is put into question, the office supply enthusiast knows no bounds. They go the distance to keep their loot safe, from placing them in a special drawer to covering the item in labels sharing their contact information.

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