IT’S NOT ABOUT WORK-LIFE BALANCE. IT’S ABOUT SETTING PRIORITIES: 5 Reasons Why Focusing On Priorities Not Balance Makes Life Better

As a kid, I spent summers on my grandparents’ farm in Georgia. At harvest time, all hands were required in the field—everybody from my seven-year-old self to my seventy-year-old grandmother. If rain was coming, we pushed hard, missing meals and getting little sleep. Maintenance on the farm would slide. Personal needs would be set aside. Everybody was focused on the most important thing: getting the job done before the crop was ruined.

The concept of balance never entered our heads. Why would it? My grandparents had an opportunity with a time limit, and it was our highest priority.

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Larry WeidelLarry Weidel is the author of Serial Winner: 5 Actions to Create Your Cycle of Success (Greenleaf; October 2015). He has spent the past 40 years building a national financial services organization and helping the people on his team achieve the success they want. He helped grow A.L. Williams into the financial services giant Primerica. Today, Larry holds weekly coaching calls for leaders across the United States and Canada. His videos, articles, and other resources on career success, leadership, and sales are widely popular. You can learn more at

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