Top Five Sneezers: Using Revenue to Increase Online Revenue

As I previously mentioned in my recent post “How to Rank a Website,” leverage is one of the fastest techniques you can use to grow a website. There are a lot of ways you can use leverage to increase your website revenue.

Recently, one of the 200 websites I helped launched for my company received 100,000 hits and reviews in a 90-minute period, thanks to one pretty and popular actress. We had asked her if she would review our website, and whether the product was something she would buy. We said, “If you like this product, would you do us a favor and tweet about it?” She did, and she also ended up buying the product. And because she had such a strong Twitter following, her endorsements caused thousands of her fans to jump on our website that day. We saw explosive growth and maintained a 2 percent lift after that one mention.

Of course, not every website owner knows an actress they can call up for an endorsement on social media. So how can the non-celebrity-knowing businessperson use this same premise to leverage their site?

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Ken CourtrightKen Courtright, speaker and author of multiple best-selling Internet marketing titles, is the founder of Today’s Growth Consultant (TGC) – a two-time Inc. 5000 designee – that launched TGC/Income Store partners with individuals, companies and private equity firms/fund managers procure, develop and manage revenue-generating websites at two times earnings. The company’s portfolio currently boasts over 400 websites that are seen approximately 100 million times each year. Ken may be reached online at

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