Prof K’s Brand Narrative Manifesto – Differentiate Emotionally and Activate Passion

If you ask people why they chose a certain product or service or candidate or team, they might try to give you a sensible, logical rationale.

“It was cheaper.”
“It looked better.”
“She has the right qualifications to lead this city.”
“They’ve got a top-notch coach.”

But the real reasons people make those kinds of choices go beyond these answers. For many of the products and services consumers buy, as well as for many of the things they buy into, other more subtle rationales are at work.

The days of differentiating a product or brand by function and/or price are over. You can’t merely say, “We’re different because we’re a little cheaper,” or “We’re better because look at our special organic molecules.” That kind of copy just doesn’t cut it with the consumer who has seen it all and heard it all.

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About the Author

Richard Krevolin is the author of The Hook: How to Share Your Brand’s Unique Story to Engage Customers, Boost Sales, and Achieve Heartfelt Success (Career Press, November 2015). Richard has been an adjunct professor at ASC Cinema/TV School, UCLA Film School, Emerson College and several others. He is a brand consultant for numerous Fortune 100 companies and a master os storytelling, sales and communication.

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