How To Reach One’s Full Potential

Learning to use my struggles through drug addiction, PTSD, and alcoholism as sources of empowerment rather than letting them keep me from moving forward in life, I was able to reach success and fulfillment by founding my life coaching program Existing2Living. I came to the realization that it is impossible for one to overcome challenges without finding their full potential. With this in mind, I was able to achieve my goals, coming to see that this would not have been possible without taking conscious action to change my way of thinking.

Life is full of hurdles that may prevent you from getting where you want to go, but it is up to you to overcome these challenges. In order to begin the journey of reaching your full potential it is most important to recognize that no matter your past, a hopeful mentality can change the future. With the endless abilities and skills that each individual holds, reaching this potential can bring long awaited success. Looking back at the obstacles that I have faced in my life and realizing that I was capable of finding my way through significant struggle has allowed me to understand that everyone who is willing to do the work can reach their full potential, even if they have to fight to get there.

When working to build an understanding of yourself and what your potential is, it is important to follow the tips below, which have changed my life and the lives of every person I have worked with.[wcm_restrict]

  • Be reasonably overconfident. Own your greatness, and don’t be shy about showing it. This doesn’t mean being arrogant, just have pride in yourself. We live in a society that teaches us not to show this pride, but peak performers show they are great before they even get there. Just take Muhammad Ali who said, “I am going to show you how great I am.” He knew he was great, and in turn he proved this.
  • Burn your boats. Fight until you get where you want to go. Winners don’t set plan B’s, no matter what’s in the way, they will succeed. This doesn’t mean you won’t have failures on the way to accomplishing your plan A, you will! But you have burnt your boats, so there is no retreat.
  • Adopt the warrior mindset. Take 100% responsibility for everything in your life without blaming or complaining about anything. Even if you can’t control certain events in your life, you can control your response to them. No matter how bad things get, you can choose how you respond to the world around you and take charge of your own actions.
  • Embrace fear and suffering. No one grows in comfort, that’s why you must take risks. With risks comes fear, but fear makes you stronger and success doesn’t happen without suffering. Yes, you will be uncomfortable and struggle but that’s what makes the journey worthwhile.
  • Play. Take time off, travel, enjoy your life and most importantly enjoy the suffering. When you are struggling to succeed, learn to love it and have fun with it- and remember always choose to smile.
  • Practice the war in peace strategy. Think of your journey as a war. We give more of ourselves when there is a fight to be fought. Use the fight to develop the power and courage to drive you. Think of it like an athlete might, they constantly enter ‘battlefields’ where they have to give their all in order to win.
  • Know your path. Choose a clear path and destination so you know exactly what you are fighting for when the struggles of life inevitably hit. Clarity is power and without it we don’t have a direction.
  • Learn how to use the right part of your brain when you need it. Practice self-awareness by being more conscious about your actions and then know when not to think and shut of your brain so your actions are automatic. Self-awareness is the key to success.

By practicing these 8 tips, you will be able to reach your full potential and come to recognize and enact the abilities that will allow you to take the world by storm.[/wcm_restrict][wcm_nonmember]

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Akshay NanavatiAfter struggling through drug and alcohol addiction, as well as PTSD, Akshay Nanavati learned to embrace his struggles in order to achieve success. A trained coach by ICF accredited institution, Accomplishment Coaching, Akshay founded his life coaching program, Existing2Living. For more information on Akshay Nanavati, please contact Eliza Osborn at 877 841 7244, or email [email protected].

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