3 Common Problems Businesses Face (And How To Deal With Them)

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Problems Business Face|3 Common Problems Businesses Face (And How To Deal With Them)When you run your own company, you may encounter problems from time to time. While it would be great to avoid these stumbling blocks entirely, this is simply not possible. Instead, you should focus on developing a proactive approach to problem-solving. For example, each time an issue arises, you should take the time to figure out the following:

  • The immediate cause(s) of the problem.
  • The far-reaching effects of the problem.
  • How you can avoid this problem in the future.
  • What you can learn from your mistakes.

Although each business is different, many companies will deal with the same issues from time to time. This gives you an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others and put certain steps in place that stop you from tripping into the same pitfalls.

With that in mind, here are some of the most common problems businesses are facing today and how you can deal with them should they arise.

Problem: Little or no public interest.
Resolution: If you want to succeed in business, you need to find a way to generate hype around your company, brand, or products. Essentially, you have to find a variety of ways to garner public interest, as this is how you will generate income and grow your business. However, when you are first getting started, it can be hard to make waves, especially if you are joining a market that is already overcrowded. However, there are various different ways that you can increase public interest. For example:

  • Hosting competitions or giveaways
  • Developing a social media presence
  • Promoting your services in print/online
  • Connecting with your customers and building a relationship with them
  • Collaborating with other businesses
  • Attending local/industry-specific events
  • Using a variety of different marketing techniques

Problem: Poor efficiency.
Solution: Inefficient practices are a drain on your time, money, and resources. For example, a lack of efficiency means that tasks that should take around twenty minutes to complete could take you several hours. While this may not seem like a huge issue, think about how much more work you could do in this time. One way in which you can boost the efficiency of your business is by using appropriate software. For example, if you work within the construction and engineering industry, you can use the software provided by RIB CCS. Their estimating, project control, and management software can improve your efficiency, control, compliance, and profits.

Problem: Quick Employee turnover.
Solution: While it is important to bring new employees into your company when you are looking for fresh ideas, you should also ensure you do what it takes to keep employees on board. Fast turnover rates could indicate that your staff are uninspired or that you aren’t providing them with a reason to stay. You can combat this issue by providing your employees with the resources they need to remain in their position – whether this is access to training or health benefits. Show them you appreciate them, and they will reward you with loyalty that allows you to thrive.

Understanding Why Businesses Need Storage Units

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Storage Units|Understanding Why Businesses Need Storage UnitsStaying organized is an essential requirement for any business to succeed. However, the office items are tough to manage sometimes, especially in the warehouses and manufacturing department. Messed up offices mean you are stepping into the world of hassles and time constraints. It is not convenient to run a business if you have a mismanaged environment in the workplace. Your employees will consider managing their belongings rather than the entire office. You are the boss, and you have to consider all such problems.

How would it feel if you have an urgent task to meet and the workplace is messy? You are likely to waste time arranging everything, and then you can begin working on the assignments. Furthermore, you can quickly lose clients if you spend time on instant management instead of dealing with the customers. Storage units are an efficient choice for businesses to avoid time wastage on such issues.

Storage units are sufficient spaces in the form of a hut that allows you to store all the unnecessary or least used items. You do not have to get rid of them entirely, and the units store them safely. Businesses do not find it a beneficial idea because storage units are often related to housing, but we can help you change this perspective. Here are some of the most compelling advantages of using storage units for businesses.

Seamless Business Growth

If you are wondering about growing or expanding your business, you might need more room for the purpose. You require more employees for more work, and ultimately, your office demands will increase. What would you do with such belongings? Getting a professional assistance, for instance, Lakeside Storage, can do away with all the hassle and leave an organized unit behind. You do not have to face sales hassles, and the equipment stays safe too.

Save Money

Business owners often believe that renting or buying a storage unit is expensive. With this thought, many companies have to bear the burden of warehouses and various other options. However, you get size alternatives that are cost-effective and just right for your needs. These units are efficient for all purposes – equipment, machinery, and extra furniture. All you got to do is find the right size of the storage unit, and you are good to go—no money wastage.

Secure Choice

Have you made up your mind for storage units? Fantastic! You have decided on a secure option for the lesser-used yet essential business items. Such space nowadays gets protected with a password, and as technology is advancing, you can enjoy fingerprint protection as well. All the belongings are at a secure place so that your office stays spacious and productive.

Productivity of the Employees Increases

Utilizing storage units means you are keeping the workplace clean and well-organized. Organizing the office in the best possible way always influences the employees positively. Workers feel motivated and stress-free, which results in higher efficiency. Efficient employees are still in favor of the business. Messy organizations usually fail in several departments and not knowing the reason is more depressing than losses.

Pleasant Work Environment

Apart from an organized corporation, employee productivity also depends on the workplace environment. The pleasant climate keeps them free from stress, which also boosts employee morale and efficiency, especially the manufacturing department. If the department doesn’t have any extra equipment and furniture, they can work at a better rate. So, instead of storing everything in corners of the office, find a storage unit that fits your demands.

Keep Backup Equipment

Storage units are not for getting rid of the extra items. You can also use them to keep a backup for operations. You can invest in new machines and equipment and store them in the unit as a backup. All the unused machinery or least used machinery should not get rusty in the corner of the plant. Instead, they can enjoy a happier and longer life in a storage unit.

Stress Relief

The mismanaged office is stressful for the bosses, but fortunately, a storage unit can save the day. Do not stay stressed because you have an impact on the entire team. Stop searching for different options and avoid salvage issues. Benefit from storage units, stay stress-free, and maintain a healthy atmosphere in the organization.

Get Rid of Cluttered Offices

According to a survey, 17 percent of the people look for storage units to get rid of clutter problems. Undoubtedly, unnecessary items give the firm a cluttered look, and it is overwhelming for everybody. If you haven’t rented or bought a unit, get it now and free yourself from cluttering issues.

Essentials Remain Safe

You may lose vital documents and important files since several unimportant things make a way in the company. When needed, you may not find the critical items, and this is where numerous problems are born. But storage units keep the unimportant ones safe and essential ones readily available for you.


Other than managing the employees and operations of your company, you must also manage the surroundings because a disorganized workplace results in lesser productivity. Furthermore, it also lowers employee morale. Hence, it is essential for you and your organization to stay organized with tangible goods. Your functions do not demand all the items, and several things at the office are out of use. Instead of overloading the workplace, be wise, and get a storage unit. It is a more convenient alternative for all the least used items. You can conveniently store them and use them as per the need – no need to sell and buy essential elements. Your firm will stay organized, and the employees will be more productive.

How To Improve Your Business Productivity While Working From Home

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |Business Productivity|How To Improve Your Business Productivity While Working From HomeWorking from home can be challenging for some because there are so many things that may need your attention. From your children to household chores, your productivity may be suffering. If you are looking for ways to improve your business productivity, here are some helpful tips that will help you get through the day getting everything done on your to-do list.

Be More Efficient

Think really hard about how your business is running. Are there any opportunities for some processes to be streamlined? For example, if you own a commercial dash cam company, installing fleet tracking dash cams can be beneficial to improving your delivery times as some of these come with GPS features. Maybe you are spending too much time answering emails in which case a simple day restructure will help you move more efficiently. Ultimately, it depends on what your business’ short-term and long-term tasks are.

Know When To Delegate

This is something a lot of great managers and executives understand. You cannot do everything yourself. There is not enough time in the day. Delegating allows you to focus on the most important tasks for your day while someone else can handle the less pressing, but just as important tasks. Delegating can feel uneasy because you are essentially giving someone else the responsibility of pulling through.

Doing this not only improves your productivity but it also benefits your employees by giving them a sense of achievement and direction in their careers.

Cut Out Distractions

Distractions are typically the main culprits when it comes to business productivity. Things like social media and texting can be major time wasters. You want to make sure that you and your employees are utilizing the work hours efficiently. While you do not want to implement a no-phone policy, you can instead opt for frequent breaks. Taking lots of breaks will reduce your chances of getting distracted.

Use The Right Tools

Thank goodness for technology and apps. There are tons of time and productivity tracking apps that you can use to help keep you productive. These apps help you stay accountable for your time for the day, making sure that you are getting most out of the workday. You can also use collaboration tools like Google Drive and Trello to keep track of your projects and those contributing to those projects. Google Drive streamlines the collaboration process, allowing you to share things in real-time as they are being updated.

Keep Your Employees Up-To-Date With Training

Set your employees up for success by offering training that allows them to develop their productivity skills. Sometimes the process of hiring someone new can be nerve-wracking because this is a time typically when things start falling through the cracks. The best way to avoid this is to make sure all your employees, new and old, are properly trained. Training greatly benefits not just the employer but also the employees as well as improving greater efficiency and productivity.

3 Simplicity Principles That Can Help Your Business

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Simplicity principles|3 Simplicity Principles That Can Help Your BusinessThere are all sorts of different things that go into making a business successful – with many of these variables being highly industry specific and nuanced, and many of them having to do with fairly common-sense things such as consistency, the ability to work hard, and so on.

One of the principles which is most consistently promoted by successful business owners, however, is the need to emphasise a degree of simplicity. In the words of Warren Buffett, “the difference between really successful people and everyone else is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”

The simpler you can keep things, the more you’ll be able to focus your limited time, energy, and resources on the most essential tasks at any given moment.

So, here are a few simplicity principles that can help your business.

Be willing to absorb costs in exchange for enhanced efficiency, reduced micromanaging, and more available time and awareness

Many entrepreneurs naturally fall into the trap of trying to do just about everything in-house, at least initially, as a cost-saving and bootstrapping strategy.

The bottom line, though, is that it’s often a much better idea to be willing to absorb certain costs upfront in exchange for enhanced efficiency, reduced micromanaging, and more available time and awareness. In other words, it’s worth paying for simplicity.

Something as simple as using the services of a professional Machine Tool Repair Company, or outsourcing your businesses computing solutions, can mean that you not only get higher quality work done on those dimensions of your business, but that you also have more resources freed up for working on your USPs.

If the project you’re working on doesn’t motivate you, there’s a good chance you should drop it

It’s a simple truism of life, and business, that we will all sometimes have to grind through on tasks that we don’t much enjoy, and that we would rather not have to deal with.

Chores are unavoidable – but if you notice that there is a major project or initiative you’re working on in your business that simply doesn’t motivate you, there’s a good chance that the best approach for you might actually be to drop that project or initiative upfront, and focus your energies on something that does motivate you.

In business, you need to be able to create products and services that will inspire your prospective customers and clients and fill them with enthusiasm. If what you’re working on doesn’t even fill you with enthusiasm, that doesn’t bode well.

Focus on doing a few things well, rather than doing everything decently

In business, there is always the temptation to try and do more, and more, and more – across a broader range of dimensions – in order to try and “cover all the bases” and appeal to as many prospective customers as possible.

Ultimately, though, trying to do too much simply leads to chaos, excessive complexity, squandered resources, and a good deal of stress. It also tends to lead to you becoming a “jack of all trades and master of none.”

Instead, focus on doing a few things well, rather than doing everything to a decent – or mediocre – standard.

Identify your USPs, filter out as much of the rest as possible, and work consistently.

The Barriers Towards A More Efficient Construction Business

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Construction Business|The Barriers Towards A More Efficient Construction BusinessIn construction, efficiency is everything. The sooner you are able to see a project on the road to completion, but without rushing it to the point that mistakes are made, the better. As such, finding the most efficient ways to get work done effectively should be a major concern for site managers. Yet, there are significant barriers that could prevent you from having your teamwork at their most productive. Here are a few of them.

Poor planning

The logic behind your planning might be sound. However, it’s the easiest stage to make errors, leading to corrections in the following days. For instance, you could under-estimate how much concrete you might need, meaning you have to take time to buy more concrete and readjust. Good construction management software can help improve your planning processes, as well as taking care of invoices, contractor management, incident reporting, and more.

A lack of accountability

When mistakes are made, it’s important to follow them to the source. Simply put, certain colleagues may be in need of training or being moved to other parts of the project if they are not working well. If you’re not tracking key performance indicators to see which colleagues are affecting overall productivity or, indeed, how certain planning and management decisions affect their individual productivity, it can be hard to nail down the precise solutions you need to put in place.


Naturally, construction projects lead to a lot of waste. Aside from being unsightly when simply dumped on an empty spot of the site, it can also grow to get in the way of the team, forcing them to work around it and even leading to health risks. Click here to see how post-construction cleanup services can help you keep your project site clear. Have policies to make sure waste is effectively dealt with as soon as its created, not just when it becomes a problem.


Your team will find it hard to do their work when the tools that they are supposed to use in their work are not where they’re supposed to be. Theft is not just an economic concern in construction, it can threaten the timeline of the whole project. As such, click here to read some tips on how to better prevent thefts, as well as how to better handle them when they do occur.

Starting from scratch

Modular construction is a phase that’s on the rise. Even when construction projects are bespoke, there are still prefabricated elements that you could use to speed up the project some without sacrificing quality. The next time you’re planning out a project, take a look at some of the most highly-reviewed suppliers of modular construction equipment and resources. You could shave a significant period of time off the overall project with the right choice.

With the tips above, you can face the biggest problems plaguing the productivity of your team. Ensuring the right investments and organizational tips will help your site work more cleanly, more smoothly, and more quickly.