How to Improve Employee Wellbeing in the Workplace

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article ||How to Improve Employee Wellbeing in the WorkplaceEvery successful business depends on employees who work hard and perform their roles to the best of their ability. But, as every employer knows, finding team members that are hardworking and reliable can be challenging. So, when you find the best stuff for your business, you need to be sure that you keep hold of them. Improving staff retention rates is something that many companies struggle with, so focusing on ways to increase retention is essential. One effective way to make your employees love working for your company is to look at ways to improve staff wellbeing at work. The workplace itself has a heavy influence on your team’s productivity levels and feelings about their job, so it is worth focusing attention on improvements. Here are some ideas to help increase employee wellbeing in the workplace and boost your team’s morale and productivity levels:

Introduce More Natural Light

Introducing more natural light into your office can provide many benefits. Allowing more sunlight into your building rather than relying on artificial light can be an effective way to boost mood, reduce eyestrain, and decrease headaches among staff. So, if it is possible to increase natural light in the workplace, this is definitely something worth considering to gain wellbeing benefits.

Get an Office Pet

Introducing an office pet is an excellent way to improve staff morale and reduce your team’s stress levels. Having an office pet can bring a calming influence into the office and bring many benefits for your employees. Allowing your team to bring their own pets to work is one option, and is seen as a significant benefit by many employees. If you do decide to allow pets in your office, it could be an excellent idea to offer your employee’s First Aid Certification for Dogs and Cats alongside regular first aid training.

Increase Comfort

Making your work setup more comfortable can help to drive up productivity and may even reduce the number of sick days employees take. Introducing ergonomically designed office furniture and equipment will help your team work comfortably and make it easier for them to work to their full potential. Having ergonomic office equipment can reduce the chances of your team experiencing back and neck pain and could even help to lower the likelihood of repetitive strain injuries. Back pain can be a significant cause of long-term staff sickness, so providing equipment that reduces your employee’s chances of experiencing back pain is really beneficial.

Improve Air Quality

Keeping up with general maintenance in your building is crucial to providing your employees with an environment that improves their wellbeing rather than harms them. Maintenance tasks such as air conditioning system and air duct inspections are vital to ensure your building’s indoor air quality remains at a healthy level. A reduction in the quality of air in your office can lead to employees feeling unwell while at work. So, taking care of your air quality is an essential task to keep your team healthy and improve their wellbeing.

How to keep your employees happy

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Keep your employees happy|How to keep your employees happyThere’s no doubt that happy employees make a business better. Recent research shows that employees who are satisfied with their job are more motivated, work harder, and build stronger bonds with their employers if they feel they are being well taken care of at work. With that in mind, here are some easy and effective ways to keep employees happy by improving their morale and driving performance.

Communicate your expectations

It is important to communicate your expectations to your employees. If you expect them to be at work by 9am, you need to make this clear. Employees are more likely to keep their commitments if they know exactly what’s expected of them.

You will need to find out what your employees want and need. Try to find out what motivates them and give it to them. You can ask your employees about their ideal work hours, the flexibility that they desire from their job, and how many hours they would like to work each day. Be clear with rules and policies while being considerate of your employees.

Organize social outings

Team building is important. Employees feel more satisfied when they have a strong bond with their teammates and co-workers. Organize regular events that allow employees to interact outside of the office, such as team lunches or group outings. This will boost camaraderie and strengthen ties between employees, which can translate to better productivity in the office.

Recognize good work

Rewarding employees for their good work will motivate them to keep up the good work. After all, employee recognition is absolutely integral in building a happy and healthy workplace environment. This can take various forms such as a lunch with your boss or a monetary bonus.

You may also consider organizing contests that keep employees engaged in their work.

Offer benefits

Offering benefits that your employees want, such as flexible work hours or a company car for a new mom who needs to drive to work, will go a long way in keeping them happy.

Offer perks such as extended holiday leave, more flexible work hours, and maternity/paternity leave. These are things that employees want and will help to boost morale while making your business more competitive too.

Trust your staff

It’s important to realize that as an employer, you need to trust your employees. If you have stated a commitment to creating work hours between 9am and 5pm, don’t contact them outside of those hours unless there is a very good reason for the intrusion. Employees who feel like their employers mistrust them will lose motivation to put in their best effort at work.

Give them the right tools

Employees need to feel like they have everything they need to do their jobs well. Giving employees access to state-of-the-art equipment and ensuring that software is updated regularly will reduce frustrations that can impact performance negatively.

To keep your employees happy, you need to communicate your expectations to them, offer benefits and perks that they value, trust them, and give them the tools they need to do their job well. If you follow this simple formula for keeping your employees engaged, satisfied, loyal, and productive; chances are that your company will enjoy strong growth in the future.

Practical Ways To Promote the Health of Workers in a Manufacturing Industry

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article |Manufacturing Industry|Practical Ways To Promote the Health of Workers in a Manufacturing IndustryThe health and safety of workers are a top priority for any company. A healthy workforce can be more productive and less likely to call in sick, which will result in lower costs associated with recruiting and training new employees. Here are some practical strategies that you can use to promote the health of your manufacturing workforce.

Promote a Culture That Values Health

If a company does not value the health of its employees, it probably won’t make any efforts to promote it. Instead, companies can enable healthy workers by fostering a culture that respects and views good habits necessary for productivity.

Another way that companies can support employee health is to provide training opportunities that encourage exercise or schedule walking meetings instead of sitting ones. Lastly, companies can promote healthy habits by providing free or low-cost food options that are healthier, like fruits and vegetables.

Promote Safety Standards of Metals and Machinery Used

More advanced machines are safer, but new employees may not know how to use them properly. Promoting safety is through education and training programs on-site that teach people safe working habits. These pieces of training should focus on the specific hazards in each workplace, including proper storage of tools or techniques for using certain kinds of machinery.

Prioritize Annual Medicals

As some of your employees may be working on physical tasks, it is essential to stay healthy and fit. Therefore, make sure you prioritize annual medicals and any regular checkups needed for those who work in the factory or plant every day.

Whether a walk-in checkup or an occupational health program, these services should be at the forefront for your employees.
The physical and mental well-being of workers in the manufacturing industry can have a significant impact on their lives and how they perform while working. Therefore, make sure you invest enough time into having them take care of their bodies and minds, as well as the work environment.

Provide the Right Working Gear and Equipment

Manufacturing is a very demanding industry. Workers in different manufacturing sectors like the aluminum anodizing process must work long hours and often must do heavy lifting or operate dangerous electronic equipment. They also face inclement weather, poor lighting, noise levels that exceed safety standards, and working conditions that are not ergonomically correct.

Because of these factors, workers in the manufacturing industry need to have good working gear and equipment. It will help them protect their bodies, increase productivity, and prevent injuries in the workplace. Not only will this save money in healthcare costs, but it can also increase productivity by giving workers safe and comfy working conditions instead of ones where their health is compromised daily.

Lead by Example

Managers need to set an example. If you are wearing safety glasses and gloves, your team members will follow suit. Be sure that employees see you walking around the plant floor with a hard hat on. The best way to promote health in an industrial setting is by leading by example.

When workers feel their supervisor cares about them, they are more likely to work safely. In addition, they will want their coworkers and managers to be proud of them rather than chastising them for a mistake that you could have prevented with better gear or equipment.


A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. The primary purpose was to highlight the importance of promoting health and safety in manufacturing plants. It’s not about the workers necessarily being healthier, but rather having a workplace that doesn’t make them sick or hurt them while they are at work.

How Can You Show Your Employees You Care?

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Care for Employees|How Can You Show Your Employees You Care?You need to take care of your best employees. Because it is difficult to find talented individuals to take over open positions, you need to make sure you keep the best employees you have. Even though you should offer them a competitive salary, this is only going to get you so far. If you really want to convince your best employees to stick around, you need to show them that you care about them as people. How can you do exactly that? There are several ways that you can show your employees just how important they are to your business.

Offer Trips on the Company Dime

The first thing you may want to think about is offering trips on the company dime. Even though your employees may end up on business trips from time to time, you should also send them on vacation. For example, you may want to run a competition where your best employees are going to compete for a free trip somewhere awesome. Or, you may want to offer multiple trips, allowing the winner to pick his or her preferred destination first before moving on to the other people in the company. This will incentivize your employees to work harder while also showing that you care about them.

Provide Your Employees With More Autonomy Over Their Schedules

You may also want to provide your employees with more autonomy over their schedules. For example, a lot of companies have given their employees unlimited vacation time as long as the work gets done. If your employees are working remotely, allow them more control over their own schedules. Let them pick one they work, when they relax, and when they go on vacation as long as they get the work done. If you show your employees that you are willing to provide them with more autonomy over their work schedules, they will be more likely to stick around. They know this is something that they are unlikely to get from other businesses.

Let Your Employees Pick Out Their Equipment

You should also consider allowing your employees to pick out their own equipment. Everyone has slightly different preferences. Therefore, some employees may prefer to work at a standing desk. Other employees may prefer to work at a sitting desk. There are other employees who may have back issues. Therefore, they may require a specific desk chair. As an employer, you should be willing to invest in these items for your employees. If your employees are comfortable, they will be more likely to get their work done on time. You may want to provide them with options for their other equipment as well. For example, you may want to consider offering them custom pencils, special coffee mugs, or even specific lights that could be helpful to them. This can make a significant difference in the overall morale of your employees.

Give Extra Sick Days and Holidays

Finally, you should also take care of your employees by providing them with extra sick days and holidays. Every employer is going to offer a competitive compensation package. If you really want to set yourself apart from the others in your industry, show your employees that you care about them by offering sick days, holidays, bereavement days, and other days off. If one of your employees has a death in the family, they should be allowed to go to the funeral without having to answer any questions. If your employees have to stay home to take care of a sick child, they should be allowed to do so. If you demonstrate to your employees that you view them as people instead of replaceable cogs in a machine, they will be more likely to stick around. Go the extra mile for your employees by giving them time off when they need it.

Take Care of Your Employees

It is important for you to take care of your employees if you really want them to stick around. It can cost a lot of money for your company to find new people, train them, and make them as productive as your current staff. Therefore, this is probably an issue that you would rather avoid. One of the ways you can stay away from this problem is to make sure you take care of your best employees. If you show your employees that you will take care of them, they will take care of you by rewarding you with their loyalty. Reach out to professionals if you want to learn more about how you can take care of your best employees.

Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |Accepting a Job|Things to Consider Before Accepting a JobNew jobs are a common part of life for many people. There are some cases of people working their first job staying there until they retire climbing up the ranks, but it’s not common. Many people will go through many phases of applying, interviewing, and accepting new jobs. It can be an exciting process. It indicates a new chapter in your life and can often lead to progression in your life.

However, not every job offer you get is going to be a great one. Some companies are better to work for than others, while others will not look fantastic on your resume. Some job roles may also just not suit you in terms of your life. There are so many things that you should be considering before taking a job. However, it can be far too easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new role. Here are some things to consider before accepting the job.

Look at Employee Reviews

Employee reviews are something that wasn’t that common before the use of the internet. Luckily now, individuals get to see how former employees found their experience in the role. This is a fantastic way to gauge what the working environment was like. If you don’t look at reviews, you could accept a very unpleasant job. Many companies are notoriously bad to work for, and don’t even follow basic employment laws. If you find yourself in this situation, you might even require an employment lawyer. A labor attorney in Denver is a good way to get out of these situations should they arise.

Compare it to Your Current Job

When you are accepting a new job, you have to understand that you will be giving up something in return. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it is any better than your current situation. However, there are some things you should compare between the two jobs to help understand if it is the best decision for you. They are:

If you feel as if the new job offer betters your current role in many or all of these areas, you should be able to feel confident in accepting.

Is There Room for Growth?

Aspiring for growth in a company is a great motivator to work hard and achieve goals. So this should be something you should look at when searching for a new employer. During the interview process, it is recommended that you ask the individual, “what opportunities are there for growth in this role?” This will not only educate you on what sort of future you may have with the company, but it also shows the employer that you are striving for growth. If a company does not have any growth opportunities, that can be discouraging. This would mean that you are going to be in the same role for the foreseeable future. This might be okay if you are approaching retirement. However, it is not recommended. In this instance, you would have to leave to find a new opportunity to take on a better role.