Outsource These Tasks for Business Success

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Outsourcing|Outsource These Tasks for Business SuccessDo you have ambitious plans for your business but find yourself bogged down by routine tasks? If so, you will know how frustrating it is when your daily workload stands in the way of your business goals. Developing strategies for future growth so that you can scale your business successfully is vital to keep it moving forward. But when all your time is taken up on the basics of running your business, it can feel you are missing out on opportunities.

Seeing your competitors scaling their ventures while you watch from the sidelines is not something any entrepreneur wants to experience. So, taking decisive action and implementing changes that will help reclaim your time and focus on your business’s strategic direction is really beneficial. Outsourcing some of your daily tasks is an excellent way to free up your time, here are just some of the business tasks you can outsource:

IT Support

Nowadays, every business is dependent on its computer systems to keep it up and running. So, if the system fails for any reason, you need to know that you have a team on hand, and ready to help at the times you need it most is invaluable. Outsourcing your IT support is beneficial in many ways and plays a vital part in keeping your business running efficiently. When you outsource your IT support, you will benefit from help provided by a team with up-to-date knowledge and the skills required to resolve all of your IT issues quickly. This expert help allows your team to work efficiently with minimal system downtime, which is excellent news for your business and its reputation.


Keeping your accounts up-to-date and staying on top of your bookkeeping are essential tasks, but they can also be incredibly time-consuming. Add payroll into the mix, and you have a task that is more than a full-time job. Trying to perform bookkeeping tasks accurately can be highly stressful, as making a mistake can have serious consequences, so maintaining accurate accounts is essential. For this reason, many companies choose outsourced bookkeeping provided by a company that they trust. Outsourcing your business’s bookkeeping can help you to gain the peace of mind that your bookkeeping is taken care of and that you no longer need to spend your time trying to tackle complex accounting tasks.


The marketing of your business encompasses a wide range of tasks, and paying attention to each of these is vital to getting your business noticed by your target market. But, when you are short on time, it can be hard to make your marketing efforts as effective as they could be. Many business owners find themselves taking an inconsistent approach to their marketing as they do not have the time or knowledge to focus on a solid marketing strategy. If this is an issue that you struggle with, discussing your needs with an external marketing agency could provide you with the perfect solution and help your business achieve the success that it deserves.

The Ultimate Guide to Tech Support for Small Businesses

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Tech Support |The Ultimate Guide to Tech Support for Small BusinessesThe myriad benefits of integrating technology in everyday businesses are limitless. Technology is essential for providing quick solutions to problems your company might face, whether from clients or while you’re trying to accomplish your organization’s goals.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur thinking of starting a business in this day and age. In this scenario, you need to learn to incorporate technology into your business model.

Today’s technology consists of remote working, AI, machine learning, and applying them to your business. You certainly may need help, and luckily for you, while you’re trying to shift towards technologically driven resources, tech support companies are waiting to guide you. Tech support companies are essential for handling any troubleshoot a company might face.

Their goal is to streamline the services different organizations provide for happier and satisfied customers. The purpose of this article is to guide you on other tech support you can look at for your company. Once you know their purpose, you should have no trouble making them a part of your company. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Identify the Source of Your Trouble

You need to figure out what kind of support you need from tech support. It means you will have to find out what kind of trouble your network is facing. What difficulties is your company facing, and what results do you want once you resolve them. Suppose your company faces numerous connectivity issues. You can always contact IT support to figure out where the network error occurs and how to remedy it. They can also explain if the next time a similar issue arises, what you can do about it.

2. Choose the Right Company

Some companies are not cut out to deal with complex technical issues and may cost you a fortune to no avail. That is why before you establish cordial relations with any IT company, find out if they’re worth the money. Ask them IT-related questions and check up on their portfolio and read reviews that can help you make better decisions about them. The last thing you want to do is work with a company that only takes up your time and gives you no support.

3. Set Up Cloud Services

Your IT support should be able to find you the best cloud backup service. The cloud is a versatile platform that supports numerous virtual services. Cloud backups allow companies to virtually store information on the external cloud servers and prevent them from getting lost. It is essential since you can’t let your hard work and necessary data go to waste due to poor management as a small business. The cloud system your tech support connects you to will typically charge you every month.

4. Monitoring Services

IT support also provides you with monitoring applications. They help you keep an eye on servers, traffic, and communication needed by a company. Many small businesses look towards tech support to help them carry out this function since a business needs security no matter how small. No business wants to end up with data theft due to a flawed monitoring system.

5. Data Backup and Restoration

Tech support can provide you with more options to retrieve your data outside of cloud computing. They can use external data centers to track all your essential data and launch a backup disaster recovery if your system crashes. It is also generally good to have more than one restoration plan in mind to prevent losing data.

6. Firewall Services

Small businesses need a cybersecurity plan. That is because as you build a tech-savvy business model, you become more privy to internet attacks such as malware and viruses. Your tech support can get you the best firewall services suitable for your company’s needs. Some businesses may need to monitor their security, while others prefer an automated system manually. It would depend on you as a business to decide how you want to go about this.

7. Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity is a broad category. However, tech support can do all sorts of cybersecurity services. It includes network monitoring, installing firewalls, putting up anti-virus layers, and adding layered networks. Usually, the company from whom you avail these services can help you manage your network. However, you can take control of your cybersecurity if you are a giant corporation.

8. Email Security

Emails can be the most troublesome aspect of any company. Not only are they easy to hack, but they can also become the primary source of malware entering your network. Tech support companies ensure you have a lucrative email system that keeps all your emails encrypted. A two-factor authentication code further protects them. Your emails are also safe since they get backed up on the cloud, and so tech support companies make sure not only do you have a secure email system but a safe one.

9. Anti-Virus Protection

Anti-virus protection also falls under the banner of cybersecurity. IT services make sure that your network has a firewall and an anti-virus system in place. As a business, you must secure your company’s network as much as you can. Viruses and hackers are evolving; it is now easy for them to bypass different levels of security. Having some form of anti-virus installation perhaps gives you ample time to secure your data if you encounter a cyberattack.

10. Data Analysis

Tech support companies help you manage big data. This data is essential for your company’s success and plays a role in business intelligence. A good tech support company can provide you with the tools to extract, analyze and transform data into reports with numerical figures. As a result, you understand how well your business is doing and if there is a need for you to change the way you run your business.

11. Remote Support

Businesses now no longer follow a traditional office setup. It is easy for you to run remote services so that your employees can work from anywhere at any time. IT support services allow you to set up all remote services channels. They can help you control devices through the internet and take care of any troubleshooting your company might face. You can always ask for their help in IT assistance, software repair, or other needs about an excellent remote support system.

12. Communication Management

A good tech support company can handle all aspects of communication services, including universal communication platforms. These include messaging, chats, emails, voice calls, and video calls. They can also chart down a suitable communication system for your business that helps you filter what needs to go out to your clients and what needs to stay within the company.

Wrap Up

Tech support is lucrative for any business. Once you can narrow your needs and find out what you want, they can help you achieve those goals. You can use a tech support company to set up your cloud computing, data backup, and restoration and monitoring services.

Tech-support also indulges with firewall security, carries the banner for cybersecurity, or goes into anti-virus protection. They can even help you manage you analyze the data your company receives. They can also set up remote working channels and create a linear communication management system.

4 Ways To Ensure Your Staff Are Fully Trained And Knowledgeable Regarding Cybersecurity

StrategyDriven Risk Management Article |Cybersecurity Training|4 Ways To Ensure Your Staff Are Fully Trained And Knowledgeable Regarding CybersecurityWhen you have a business to run, you need to make sure every single hole is plugged. If there’s a way you can be caught or taken advantage of, then people will look to exploit. Your job as the manager and owner is to keep everything ticking over properly. You’ll likely have staff to help you out with this kind of thing, but you’ll be overseeing every little aspect. Businesses can be awkward at times as there are so many facets, but this part of life isn’t meant to be a complete cakewalk.

When it comes to new-age technology and the cybersecurity that comes with it, you have to ensure that you’re keeping everything safe and secure. A lot of important data is stuck online and in a digital form, so you have to keep it all under wraps. If you’re interested in attracting customers, building a solid reputation, and having longevity, then you’re going to need to make sure that everything is grand regarding your computers.

One way to do this is to ensure that your staff is fully trained. If they know what they’re talking about, then things will be a lot smoother and easier. Here are 4 ways to do just that:

Keep The Training Regular

If your staff have regular training, then their minds will be in a good place with regard to how things are going to work. It’s easy to train them once when they join, but then they may forget a few things over time. You don’t have to worry specifically about how to train your staff because there will be lots of training firms around that you can bring in.

Bring In Experts

Many, many people around the world know about IT systems and will be able to help you – and your business – out a lot. If you have a solid IT support company on your side, then your business is likely to be in a good place going forward. Your current staff will also be able to pick up a few things from them subconsciously.

Create Rules And Laws Around The Workplace

If your employees do not abide by particular rules and laws you put in place, then harsh punishments could be handed out. Make it clear that cyber safety isn’t something that should be treated lightly. One small mistake or some underhanded behaviour should be punished accordingly. If they have this idea in their heads, then they’ll think twice when sitting at their desks.

Hire IT-Literate People

You can solve a lot of issues by simply recruiting all of the right staff in the first place. Obviously, training will likely be required, but you can solve those problems by outlining the kind of people you need in the job description. If you hire people that know what they doing with regard to computers, then you won’t have to panic over their skills or conduct. These new employees will set a good example for the rest of the team. The more competent people you have, the better things will be.

Simple Online Money Making Ideas In 2021

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Make Money Online|Simple Online Money Making Ideas In 2021If you are still stuck largely at home during the pandemic; there are a lot of different ways you can spend your time. From organising your pantry to investing in your own professional development through courses – we all have had to find ways to use our time as productively as we can.

One thing you may not have considered though is how to make money from home using the online world. Working from home is commonplace these days and there are so many amazing methods to make some extra income from your own living room this year.

Today we want to take a look at some of the different ways you can make money online to help you gain some extra income for yourself and your family this year.

Start a blog

It seems that since 2012, every man and his dog has started a blog – and when you realise the opportunities it brings with it you can start to really see why. Blogging is not only a great way to share your thoughts and feelings and the things you love but it is also a simple way to make money. You can earn money through blogging by hosting advertisements on your website, buy posting affiliate links through programmes such as Amazon Partners, and working with brands. It can be a great way to make money doing something creative but you will also be able to go to exclusive events, get access to new products, and meet a lot of people.

Manage a YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of those careers that has taken off incredibly over the last decade and you can create a whole empire at home by sharing your skills and interests on this platform. There are a lot of elements that can go into a YouTube channel such as social media channels and a supporting website – and you can always contact an IT Support Company to help you with the set up and maintenance of these aspects. YouTube allows you to be super creative and you can talk about anything you want.

Create a podcast

Podcasts have become super popular in the last few years and they are on the rise. If you have a story to tell or a passion to share, a podcast is a great way to do this and you can reach a wide audience with your creation. Whether it be cooking tips, wellness, or true crime stories -there are endless ways to make money through a podcast and recording one every week will allow you to start making some passive income in a fun way.

Share your skills

One more way to make money online if you have a professional skill to share is to create online courses on Skillshare. You can create your own course on a subject you are expert in and teach other people about it. It will be a simple way to make some passive income and can really be a useful tool for you this year.

How to Meet Customer Expectations when Demand is High

StrategyDriven Customer Relationship Management Article |Customer Expectations|How to Meet Customer Expectations when Demand is HighSoon after opening a business, you’ll realize that running it is the hard part. You have to keep up with customer demands, make sure that employees are well taken care of, and everything runs smoothly.

Sometimes demand will fluctuate, but you still have to predict and meet customer expectations because when you don’t, you will lose them. No one will give you business when they cannot trust you to deliver on time. To avoid this

Focus on running the business

A lot goes into running a business, and you have to separate your core competencies and other services that boost productivity. What is your main focus? When you concentrate on tasks your business is not built for, you lower productivity and demotivate the workforce.

To avoid this, outsource most of the operations you’re not competent at or take a lot of your time. For instance, have an IT support company take care of all your IT problems.

With a reliable IT expert, you’ll get high-level customer service, up-to-date information on the latest technology, solutions to current problems, and quick response times.

Also, think of outsourcing your human resource, accounting, and manufacturing department. You improve productivity and at the same time have qualified outsourcing companies take care of essential departments. You can entirely focus on the core business.

Focus on the Quality of Your Supply Chain

Although it’s beneficial when you have suppliers who offer cheaper products, it’s more important to have a quality supply chain. You’ll have an able, professional, and dependable supplier who can deliver the goods even on short notice. If you predict a rise in demand, have at least three suppliers you can rely on.

Remember that your customers expect you to deliver their goods or fulfill their orders in the shortest time possible. Having a quality supply chain enables you to quickly get the supplies you need to keep your customers satisfied.

When demand is high, you might be tempted to stock more, but this is not a good solution. When the market is slow, you’ll be left with unsold inventory, holding your money. Also, you’ll have to look for a more extensive storage area to accommodate more stock.

Instead, have a quality supply chain that assures you of quick delivery of the raw materials or products you need to fulfill customer wishes.

Have Scalable Resources

During the low seasons, have the necessary measures in place to accommodate high demand. If your equipment cannot handle the high demand, start looking for leasing options, or if you can, buy extra equipment.

You also need to hire more workers. Have a ready and skilled workforce you can call on short notice when required. For a better experience, work with contracting agencies to provide the required task force at short notice. Also, look into the transportation options you have to facilitate timely deliveries. If you need to increase your storage area, do so on time.

Because the high demand is temporary, you don’t have to make heavy investments to accommodate the change. Instead of buying new equipment, lease for the period the demand is high. You’ll save money that will keep you afloat when orders subside.