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Job Hunters: Here’s What Employers REALLY Want To See on Your CV!

The job market is fierce, for every vacancy out there there’s usually a massive amount of interest. What this means for employers is they have to trawl through CVs- and a lot of them at that, so if yours doesn’t stand out in any way it’s not going to get a second glance. While everyone’s work history and experience is different, you can find that most people’s are shockingly similar with the same bland information and phrases swirling around. Here are a couple of ways you can set yourself ahead of the competition and catch an employer’s eye.

StrategyDriven Career Management Article
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Speaking Another Language

Being able to speak another language is incredibly impressive and is something that will wow an employer- even if it’s not linked to the job you’re applying for. On the other hand, some careers may require you to be multilingual, so it’s something well worth learning especially if there’s a particular kind of job you want. You could do evening classes and be fluent within a year which really isn’t much time at all if you consider what a complex skill it is. If English isn’t your mother tongue, getting a good grasp of it from a company like EffortlessEnglishClub could boost your chances of a job massively. Since this is one of the world’s most commonly spoken languages, it’s something employers will put a lot of value on.

A Unique Hobby

Employers have seen time and time again how people like ‘going to the gym’ ‘seeing movies’ and ‘socialising with friends’. Most people do these things, it gives very little away about your character. And your hobbies are a chance to show what you’re really like! If you partake in anything fun, quirky or unusual be sure to add this to your CV. It will help to set you apart from the crowd and give more of an insight to what makes you tick. If you’re in search of a fun new hobby, this could be the motivation you need to get out there and find something. You will enjoy yourself, and it will give your cv that bit of an edge.

Voluntary Work

Everyone should aim to do voluntary work if possible. Not only does it give something back to those less fortunate and make you feel good, but from a purely selfish perspective, it looks good on your CV too! This shows employers that you’re in touch with the world aren’t purely driven by money and have a compassionate nature. You could spend a summer abroad helping in a third world country, or you could do an hour a week somewhere local. Elderly care homes, children’s hospitals, animal rescue centres and homeless shelters are usually crying out for extra help. Other things you could do for charity too is fundraising. How about coming up with a unique idea to raise money and getting your friends and colleagues involved? It’s for a good cause and an excellent addition to your CV.

What do you have on your CV which sets it apart from the rest?

My First Date Was A Phone Interview

Looking for a new career? Your phone interviewing skills could be the deciding factor in getting a live interview. The phone interview is KEY to your job campaign success.

Think of the phone interview as a first date. Going out for an ice cream is a great first date: cheap, easy and noncommittal.

If the ‘ice cream’ date goes well, then you may want to spend more time and money on the person so you move on to a dinner or a movie date.

A phone interview is an easy, cost effective way for a company to say, I’m interested in talking with you – similar to an ice cream date. If a company really loves you, the organization would schedule a formal ‘face to face’ interview in the office, spend more time and money on you… similar to a movie or dinner date. Only if you make a great ‘phone interview’ impression will you get a second date.

Here are tips to improve your phone interviewing skills:

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Paul Bailo, MBA, MSW, Ph.D. (candidate) is the founder and CEO of Phone Interview Pro – a service for job seekers who want to perfect their telephone job interviewing skills. Paul recognized that while resume, interview preparation, and target company research assistance are commonly offered by outplacement and career counseling organizations, the importance of the telephone interview is often overlooked. In response to this, Phone Interview Pro has created a 250+ point phone evaluation not seen in the career services industry… until now! This is not only a new company, but also a whole new industry; it’s exciting for us, of course, but the real excitement generated by Phone Interview Pro will come from those who hone their skills using the service. To read Paul’s complete biography, click here.

Are You a Good Fit for Potential Employers?

Determining if you are a good fit for an employer and vice-versa is not always as hard as it might seem. As I describe in my book Career Mapping: Charting Your Course in the New World of Work, you first need to have decided that you want to work in the industry in which the company does business.

If you are a functional expert, say in HR or finance, you might tend to think your skills are transferrable and can be applied anywhere. That might be true, but you need to understand and appreciate the context you are working in. Human Resources in a consumer goods company, which might be product and sales oriented, is quite different from an industrial company where manufacturing plants and unions are the order of the day. You need to like, or at least want to learn, about the business the company is in. As you move through your career, your industry, as well as functional knowledge are what allow you to move up the ladder.

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Ginny Clarke is an expert in talent and career management, executive coaching, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She has recruited C-suite executives and corporate directors, and coached numerous executives and professionals. She is widely respected as a thought leader and practitioner of recruitment and retention strategies that go beyond traditional definitions of diversity. She offers provocative, unconventional remedies for organizations seeking to leverage their global workforce. Having been a senior executive herself, Ginny is credible and confident. Her candor, intellect and results-oriented approach appeal to those committed to growth and change. To ready Ginny Clarke’s full biography, click here.