7 Tips for Social Media Marketing

7 Tips for Social Media Marketing
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If you have a business or project going in this modern era, you need to include social media marketing in your long-term plan. Social media is here to stay and you need to participate, like it or not. If you approach this with enthusiasm as a planned part of your mission, you can make great use of these seven tips for social media marketing!

[wcm_restrict]1. Ask Questions

  • The best way to get a conversation going, on or offline, is to ask a question of the person you wish to open communications with.
  • People love to talk about themselves, remember that!
  • People also like to voice their opinions, vote in polls, and give feedback.

2. Post Regularly

  • Your audience will be a challenge to create, but once you have them, you need to keep them engaged. Humans are a fickle lot, and the Internet seems to increase that exponentially.
  • Post some sort of content at least daily.
  • If you make use of a wider format, post more often to engage your audience.
  • Many forms of social media have a schedulable queue where you can plan your posts, and when they get posted, in advance and store the content until it gets posted. This allows for advance working on a project.
  • Using a queue to handle posts’ regularity is also a good way to keep connections going with your audience when you are closed, out of town, or just unable to be online.

3. Use Visuals

  • The Internet is a forum for eyes, and you need to attract them.
  • All forms of social media have grown to include and support the posting of photographs, graphics, and video.
  • Your audience will have come to expect dynamic and engaging content, don’t let them down!

4. Offer Exclusive Deals

  • Give your audience a reason to not only keep coming back to engage with you, but also a good reason to tell their friends.
  • Discounts, special exclusive offers, additional hours of operations, anything you can do to make your audience feel special and in the loop.

5. Accept Guests

  • Increase the interconnectivity of the Internet and social media by occasionally hosting some relevant guest content.
  • This should expose you to all of the guest poster’s followers as well.

6. Deal with Negativity

  • Realize, and accept, in advance that you absolutely will one day need to deal with negativity from your audience.
  • On the Internet, negativity is often enhanced by the option to remain anonymous.
  • Do not simply remove or delete a negative or complaining comment. This will destroy the trust that your followers have in your business or project.
  • Respond to negative comments immediately and honestly. If you are in error, admit it and make it right, right away.

7. Stay on Top of Things

  • It is very important in social media marketing to keep the conversation going.
  • When you first begin, this should be simple, but as you increase the size of your audience, you must also step up the time and effort it takes to respond.


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