5 Pitfalls of Marketing Waterfalls

As data-driven marketers are taking full advantage of collecting, organizing, and analyzing demand management, many are adopting the classic marketing waterfall model from leading experts such as Sirius Decisions. I am first to applaud marketers who essentially created a grassroots adoption effort to create a quasi-standard for taxonomy, nomenclature, definitions, and a weighted value across the marketing waterfall. However, like any non-universally accepted standard, there are gaps within the principle of the model itself, and even more flaws in the marketing actions taken based on the waterfall reporting structure.

Here are 5 pitfalls to watch out for when using a marketing waterfall reporting model that influence how you make decisions, execute campaigns, and ultimately spend money.

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Jeff WinsperJeff Winsper is President of Winsper, an independent business and marketing consulting firm that helps marketing organizations to evolve into operating like a business. Jeff has been dedicated to the advertising and marketing community for over twenty years. With a breadth of strategic marketing and business expertise, he has helped a variety of companies throughout their life cycle, ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500. To read Jeff’s complete biography, click here.

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