Finding Talent In All The Right Places

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | Finding Talent In All The Right Places

A business is only as good as the people who run it. This can seem like a vast oversimplification, because systems, protocols and automated tasks can also help a business run. But sooner or later, even these will fail without maintenance from specialized personnel. Furthermore, not only does our business rely on the talent we hire, but the talent of other firms, too. You trust that your hired electricians will ensure the office lights stay on, and you trust that your accountant is adequately calculating your books.

Yet of course, we can only exercise the talent decisions we have proper control over. So – where to start? This is a worthwhile question to ask, because it can both increase the talent we acquire as well as helping you find further avenues in making that a possibility.

So – where do we begin here? After all, why some personnel may last longer within your firm and some may only be here for a short duration, ensuring competence is rife throughout your firm can aid you in more ways than one.


Outsourcing is an essential task when it comes to replenishing your talent for certain tasks. With Snupit you can find essential talent for certain jobs, in a temporary fashion. Furthermore, this can help you with remote working possibilities that create a sense of immediacy, which is essential in today’s intensive, quite opportunistic world. There’s also no hard and fast rule suggesting you cannot make full-time relationships with outsourced staff, allowing a business to path the holes of their talent shielding from now into the future. It all depends on your particular requirements, so be sure to stay honest about your needs.

Talent Acquisition

It can be worthwhile to head on recruitment drives from time to time, or to use headhunting services to ensure high-level executives are interested in your more prominent positions. Talent acquisition practices and services like this will help you avoid wading through resumes that have little value for the complexities of your job, and will give you the means to stay direct in your approach. However, talent acquisition programs can also mean giving someone a chance, such as working with local prisons to ensure their work outreach programmes bring some good to society.

University Visitations

Of course, finding a talented individual you can mold as one of your employees can be a great pursuit, because they’re unlikely to hold the bad habits other seasoned professionals can struggle with, or may find hard to adapt alongside your particular method of working. University visitations can be a worthwhile place to start as far as this is concerned, as recent graduates are all-too-happy to gain offers of employment, while you are gaining someone fresh and inquisitive and motivated to better themselves. Who knows? With an attractive package, they may stay at your firm for decades.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily find talent in all the right places.

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