7 Top Tips For Progressing Your Career

Are you an ambitious person who is determined to achieve higher and progress your career quickly? If so, you may be unsatisfied by the pace at which you’re progressing in your current position, in which case you’ll need these tips to help you recognize your ultimate goals and assess your plan of action.

Obviously, your performance level at work is spotless, and your attitude sets you apart from the rest, but just to make sure you’re getting everything you can out of your job, follow these 7 easy steps.

1. Take on new challenges and responsibilities

To ensure your career progression is constantly moving forward, you should endeavor to take on as much responsibility as possible. Not only will it indicate to your employer that you’re serious about your position in the company – in which case they may be more inclined to offer you a promotion or a higher salary – but being challenged will make you work harder, fine tune your skills and open doors to new opportunities.

Request to take over with client liaison or to manage new projects and teams. Or, for something more challenging, why not call and meeting with your boss and colleagues to share new ideas and future plans that will benefit the company. For this, you should use an app like MeetApp event – the best event app in 2018 – to help you organize and schedule meetings and conferences with other employees, as well as encouraging interaction and the discussion of business ideas.

2. Reshape your current position

If you’re getting restless with your current job tasks and lack of variety, take matters into your own hands. Talk to your boss about switching up your role to maintain motivation and learn new skills.

If your role entails the implementation of one tiny percentage of a wider project? Demand to take on more, and prove to your employer that you have the right skills and qualifications for a higher role.

3. Request training

Every employer should offer training, and if you feel like you haven’t been adequately trained it can make you feel resentful towards your company. Training will not only benefit you and future-proof your career, but it means your employer can get more out of you, too, so it’s really in everybody’s interest to train you on new skills, software and programs.

4. Take on freelance work outside your 9-5

If you’re not getting enough out of your job, whether it be skills and progression or money, consider taking up a side hustle, such as on-the-side freelance work. It will require great amounts of motivation and organization, but the benefits mean you can do more, be better, and experience other options. Cast your net wider!

5. Network

Networking is crucial for career progression; the people you network with can introduce you to a whole world of new possibilities. Remember: even the most unexpected scenarios are great networking opportunities – you may meet somebody in a coffee shop who may be searching for someone to help him build their start-up business, and you could be the best person for the job.

6. Negotiate

If you aren’t happy in your current position, don’t settle. It doesn’t help anyone, especially yourself, if you don’t ask for what you want: more responsibility, variety or money. Plus, your employer is most likely to respect you more for being assertive, and you’ll come across more valuable and a greater asset.

7. Trust your instinct

Lastly, trust your instinct. Aren’t sure your talents and work ethic are valued in your current job? Move on. Feeling underappreciated and under-paid? Talk to your boss or move on.

A job that has a clear path to progression with set goals and motivational mentors is what you should aim for, so if your job is dead-ended, hatch an exit plan and get out of there! Always strive for more, good luck!

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3 Ways to Further Your Business Career

Getting a job in business is a great way to use your creative and analytical skills, so it is no wonder that so many people pursue degrees in the field. But if you have been working in the business for a while and you have been in the same position for several years, you might be in search of more. Are you ready to take your business career to a whole new level? Check out the three ways to go about doing so below and get ready to enjoy the perks of an exciting career in the ever-changing world of business.

1. Get Your Master’s Degree in Business

These days, so many people have a bachelor’s degree in business, so one of the best ways to enhance your skills and differentiate yourself from the competition is by pursuing a master’s in business degree. You could go for a master’s of business administration by signing up for an online MBA or opt for another one programs for business leaders at somewhere like Syracuse University. However, you should weigh the pros and cons of these degrees before signing up for the program that will best suit your needs and expectations for your career. See which programs will give you the skills you need to take the direction of your dreams.

2. Dive into a New Project

If you want to prove your worth to your employer, consider stepping outside of your comfort zone every now and then. Volunteer to help in a project that crosses across multiple departments at your organization, rather than always sticking with your usual team and your usual project requirements.

Get involved, gain valuable new experience, and deepen your skills. Prove that you are willing to take risks, learn new things, and work hard with new teams of people. Your employer will certainly take note and be more willing to help you advance to higher-paid, higher-level positions. Plus, this is a great way to experiment and find out if you would love working in another department or in a totally different position than the one that you are currently in.

3. Use Your Downtime and Commute Time to Educate Yourself

There are countless business experts out there that you could learn from on a daily basis, and many of them are putting out free content that you could easily access online. So take advantage of these opportunities to learn something new during your downtime, whether you have free time during your evenings and weekends or you squeeze in listening to a business-related podcast during your commute to and from the office. You might be surprised by the tips and tricks that these experts share on everything from how to start a business, to how you can impress your employer.

With the right advanced degree in business, along with the right projects to prove your specialty in a particular area of business, you could enhance your career and boost your salary. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and do what it takes to further your business career today!

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How to Turn Traveling the World into a Career

It’s a story everyone has heard and maybe even experienced a hundred times before – the hard worker desperate to escape their monotonous corporate life to pursue adventure in far off lands. Each of us has at least a seed of wanderlust waiting to grow and tempt us away from routine and stability. The biggest obstacle people face when torn between staying and leaving is usually their finances. How do you expect to support yourself and perhaps your family while you give in to your dreams of chasing the horizon?

Think Carefully

The romance of fleeing the stifling regularity of living in one place and sailing off into the sunset could come crashing down when you are suddenly struck by how much you miss your own shower or bed, so make sure you’re mentally prepared for your trips. Take a few weeks to think about your reasons for traveling – do you want to experience more of the world? Are you seeking excitement and new stories to tell? Or are you simply a bit bored and could easily cheer yourself up with a short holiday? Before spending a lot of money on tickets and hotels, check with yourself that you won’t regret it once you’re halfway across the world.

Get Organized and Explore Your Options

Now that you’ve thought about it carefully and got the right vaccinations, make sure to plan at least a little bit ahead, even if the lack of schedule is precisely why you want to travel. Decide on a few key locations and do your research. There are sites dedicated to helping you on your journey such as where you can learn from the experiences of others before venturing out for yourself. Focus on the reasons you are traveling and make them marketable. Here are a few examples to inspire you:

• Foodies can get in touch with businesses to blog about the restaurants they visit in different countries.

• Backpackers and hikers are sought after by companies that sell travel products because they make great spokespeople for reviewing the equipment. You would be paid to test their gear and write about it to boost their sales.

• You can find work abroad teaching English as a foreign language.

• Working in the travel or tourism industry will allow you to visit new places while being paid. Cruise ships are especially good at offering a wide variety of jobs – chefs, hairdressers, entertainers, bartenders – the list is endless.

• Hotels also require a vast range of staff. Working in an international hotel will give you opportunities to live in exciting places and contribute to the fun of other people’s vacations.

• If you consider yourself very knowledgeable about the places you love, why not become a tour guide? Share your passion for the place by teaching others all about it. You will be paid to work in your favorite locations while getting to know them more intimately.

Look online for companies willing to sponsor you to travel for them or simply apply for jobs where ships, planes or hotels are involved. Everyone has skills that would be valuable abroad, so find out what yours are and book them a seat on your next flight.

Why You Shouldn’t Dismiss a Career in Sales

Whether you are looking for a career change, or just starting out, the very thought of a career in sales might bring you out in a cold sweat; long hours, high targets and difficult customers might spring to mind. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are looking to get your foot on a solid, long term career ladder that offers a wealth of benefits, then sales is the ideal career choice for you. Not only will a career in sales enable you to work across the globe, but it will help you develop a whole range of personal skills that are easily transferable, such as time management and budgeting.

Commission is one of the obvious benefits from working in sales. However, it is worth checking how any potential employer distributes this across their workforce. Large department stores and luxury retail outlets may split profits across the team, or establish goals that you and your colleagues need to reach. Car dealerships like Eastern Mini often reward each and every team member individually – depending on their goals for the quarter.  So if you are looking to bring home a large pay check every month, then be prepared to research into which alternative suits you best.

Learning on the job

One of the positives about a career in sales is that you learn on the job. Whether you are tasked with cold calling a range of potential clients, or have to deal with a difficult customer on the shop floor, you are continuously learning new skills. If you want to work in sales, you don’t only need to have dedication and a thick skin, but you will need to be prepared to be adaptable and flexible to meet with both business and customer requirements. Anyone in sales will tell you that you will start your career at the bottom, but this isn’t necessarily a negative. Unlike other career paths, if you are a quick learner and efficient on the job, then you can expect to rise rapidly through the ranks, meaning that you go on to lead your own team or department in no time at all.

Additional expectations

Each and every job has several additional demands, and a career in sales is no exception to this. From having to work long hours or at the weekends, to even working during holiday time will be expected of you from day one. Turning up to work in a negative mood or with a poor attitude is also unacceptable. Remember that you are your company’s first point of interaction with any customers. You will need to make sure that you invest in your appearance too – so keep aside some of your paycheck to get a manicure or a haircut. It’s worth investing in yourself from day one if you truly want to reap the benefits in the long term.

A career in sales isn’t for everyone. If you are sensitive and highly emotional then this definitely isn’t the job for you. However, if you have a keen business mind and are prepared to work then a career in sales will provide numerous benefits.

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A Joker Not Up For The Job: How To Make The Business World Take You Seriously

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Photo courtesy of Annette Wamser via Wikimedia

Being the joker isn’t always a bad thing. Who doesn’t dream of making everyone laugh at a dinner party? But, there’s no place for jokers in business. In fact, being the laughing stock could cost you custom, respect, and success. So, keep the jokes to yourself, and practice that poker face. If people consider you a serious individual, they’re more likely to put trust in you. They’ll know that you mean business, and won’t let them down. In short; it’ll make a world of difference. We’ve put together a quick-fire list of tips that should make people understand how serious you are.


You may have thought you could escape the scrutiny of your credentials when you went it alone, but you’re out of luck. Professionals looking to do business with you will want to know what qualifies you to handle their money. People with qualifications carry more weight. If you turn up with nothing behind you, the chances are that you’ll get laughed off the table. For example, an engineer may not be given much time of day in a business setting. But, if that engineer has an engineering management masters, it’s a different matter. Credentials are also the main thing you can use to set you apart from the competition. For the most part, you will always be fighting others for sales. If you’re more qualified, you’re in a better position to get the deal. And, it’s not only qualifications that boost your credentials. Doing business with the right people is another thing to add to your list. Everyone will take you seriously if you’ve worked with the big boys in the past.

Remember You’re Always on Display

As the face of your business, you are always on display. This applies to your personal life and your business pursuits. You need to be on your best behavior. One wrong comment could come back to bite you later down the line. Get into the habit of censoring yourself before you speak. This even applies to your personal social media accounts. Once people know who you are, you need to stay squeaky clean. It’s also important to note that you must stay professional at business dinners and nights out. The wine may well be flowing, but you can’t afford to get wasted. What associates will take you seriously if they saw you dancing on the table the night before? Keeping a clear head is the best way to avoid a slip-up.

Ruthlessness Works

People who make it big in business are often ruthless individuals. Bear that in mind on your quest to become a serious business figure. If people think they can walk all over you, they’ll do so. You’ll become the joker all over again, and this time it’ll cost you. If you feel someone is taking advantage, make sure you call them out on it. Threaten to pull out of the deal, and watch them come crawling back. You can bet they won’t try the same thing twice.