5 Workplace Design Factors That Boost Employee Satisfaction

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Workplace Design|5 Workplace Design Factors That Boost Employee SatisfactionToday’s employees are a miserable bunch. Yes, their wages have been stagnant for the last twenty years, but it’s more fundamental than that. Most of them are essentially dissatisfied with their work, and their lives.

Part of the solution, according to some companies at least, is to change the workplace. Altering the design is seen as a way to drive engagement and make workers a little happier. Google and Facebook have turned their offices into what looks like kids’ playgrounds. But are there sensible ways to appease today’s generation of fussy workers? Let’s take a look:

Blended Activity Design

In the past, offices were home to quite simple work. Clerks would sit in row upon row of desks, signing off forms, checking statements, and approving applications. It was all pretty easy and banal stuff.

Then things began to change. Computers automated most of the rote tasks, freeing workers up to do messier, harder-to-define things.

Unfortunately, many offices didn’t keep pace. Employers designed their layouts on the assumption that most people would be working alone, most of the time. But that’s not always the case. In fact, in most organizations, constant collaboration is essential.

The solution is blended activity design. The idea is to create spaces that allow workers to do multiple things at once. Huddle spaces, project rooms, conference rooms – they’re all helpful.


Workers want accessible workspaces. They don’t want to have to walk up flights of stairs to pokey offices, or step over annoying thresholds.

That’s why many firms are now working with companies, like Sheridan Lifts. The basic idea is to make it easier for everyone to get around, including wheelchair users.

Wellbeing Design

As stated in the introduction, today’s workers are not the happiest bunch. While you’ll sometimes get a smile out of them, it’s not the norm.

General angst is a major issue. Employees are anxious all the time, sitting at their desks, sweating nervously over reports that they write.

Companies know this, which is why many are designing their offices for wellbeing. They include plenty of natural daylight, uplifting colors and plants. The overall effect is to turn the office into a much more welcoming and joyful space, not something that looks like it came right out of the 1980s.

Employee Appeal

Employees also want workplaces that appeal to their priorities. Including amenities such as gyms, outdoor break areas and pingpong tables in the canteen can make a big difference.

While these additions seem trivial to management, they send out a clear message that the company is interested in looking after its employees. Wellbeing is top-of-mind for many firms that implement these strategies.

Integrated Technology

BYOB is great for employees and businesses, but it can make life difficult for workers when the office isn’t compatible. Make sure that you make room for employee equipment by keeping desks and other countertops free from clutter. Eliminating wires by using structured wiring solutions can also help, and it allows you to shift your office around in the future, if you’re not happy with it today.

Benefits Of A Standing Desk

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |Standing Desk|Benefits Of A Standing DeskWith a rise in home offices, people are starting to understand the benefits that come with incorporating a standing desk in their home office. Sitting down for long hours at a time is awful for your health, can damage your posture and can even relinquish your productivity. With a standing desk, you will be able to keep the blood flowing leaving you motivated and alert while answering emails and joining Zoom meetings.

Standing desks come in a variety of styles and forms. You can choose an L-shaped standing desk, which is great for fitting into corners. If you are looking for a way to maximize your space, you can also choose a double desk. Get your work and your workout done if opting for a standing desk with a treadmill. You can save time and burn calories. If you are looking for something simple, go for a standalone standing desk. More than likely these will be the cheaper options.

The benefits of using a standing desk are endless. It is known to decrease your risk of obesity and excessive weight gain, could lower your blood sugar levels, decrease your risk of heart disease and heart failure, and can also decrease your pesky neck and back pain. Standing desk can also help out with your posture.

Standing desks are easy to use too. If you need to sit back down, you can press a button and the adjustable desk will be lowered for a comfortable sitting position. Make sure you keep your feet firmly on the ground and look straight forward.

Design by

Finding Balance as a Small Business Owner

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |work-life balance|Finding Balance as a Small Business OwnerIn the early days, you probably don’t mind working all of the available hours to get your business up and running. But as you go on, you might be looking for more of a balance in what you do and when. Smaller businesses are very reliant on their owners to get things going, but over time you will find there are many options and tools to help you create a better work-life balance.


If you head to your office or open your laptop day after day without setting yourself some goals, you can spend hours ‘pottering about’ on a range of activities but not really moving forward. Take some time to set goals on everything that you need to do each day. This will mean you are less likely to start to procrastinate or do other tasks. Goals help us stay on track.

The critical thing to making it work is that you set a range of goals that are attainable over your day, week, month, and long term too.

Set goals in both your working life and personal life too. Like a date night once a week, or going to the woods or for breakfast with the children.


If you have social media campaigns running, are managing projects, and have an It network to manage, then you should consider the tools that can make this easier for you. For social media, there is a range of online tools that will help you prepare and automate your social media efforts.

Project management software like or Asana are really popular and make a big difference in staying on track and closing your laptop at a specific time of day. And the right IT security solution will mean you don’t have to have that in the forefront of your mind – it’s all handled for you.


Make your lifestyle the priority and shape your work around it. Many people let their life come second to work. It’s the default mode for millions. However, you can choose to put your lifestyle first. If you want to do yoga mid-morning and take a nap in the afternoon – then great, fit your work around your life.

Turn Off

When you close the door on your office for the day, make sure that you aren’t having a range of notifications coming through to your phone instead. This will keep you plugged into work. Meaning you never truly get a break at all. It would be best if you also considered building some time into each day that you don’t pick up your phone at all.

At least an hour can combat some of the negative effects that too much screen time can cause.

After all, part of the reason that you wanted to own and run your business was so that you had more time in your life for the things you love and the people you want to spend time with. So look for places to automate, learn to switch off, and set attainable goals.