Secrets To Having A Successful LinkedIn Platform

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |LinkedIn|Secrets To Having A Successful LinkedIn PlatformThere are those people who view LinkedIn as a job-hunting arena, and there are those with the view that it is just a normal social media platform where you browse all you want. Other people view this app as a digital platform for business transactions. It ranks among the top fifteen apps in the world, which attracts great traffic. If you are not a signed-up member, you do not know what you are missing!

Most users use the social network to grow their businesses and connect with professionals in all sectors. Before sharing any content on the app, make sure it is strategic to stand out among all the users. Ensuring that your profile is well maintained and the content shared is spectacular, then there will be a positive impact on your personal brand and any business. So be very keen when you are creating content for your LinkedIn profile and posts.

There are various methodologies used to you have the relevant strategies to conquer in this platform. Using the LinkedIn tool will effectively promote your social media content, and connections are made by accepting invitations from other people.

How to be distinctive in LinkedIn

If you are a new member, you can register and start sharing your incredible ideas within no time. Setting up the pages is so easy, and the right guidance is always provided. Don’t be pressured on the amount of content you have to post daily as it is not a necessity, and that article, website, or blog you are thinking about will always get the deserved audience.

What to remember

The dos

For you to meet the relevant audience, always remember the following things:

  • When adding photos, add individual images and not stock photos, for example, self, clients, or employee images.
  • Make the content posted personable.
  • Always publish relevant information.
  • Cover industrial topics
  • For consistency, post content regularly.
  • When there are comments, remember to comment back.
  • Headlines are super important.
  • You can add compelling statistics in the form of images.

The Don’ts

  • When posting, share more than just a post as they reach fewer people
  • Avoid posting long videos.
  • Avoid using links
  • Avoid getting too personal on the posts.


There are content ideas that make you independent and unique.

Social status

First, ensure you make all the relevant changes through self-actualization as social media users are categorized into three.

  1. The lurkers (90%)- compromise the biggest part of users. They scroll through the platform without making any posts, comments, or content sharing.
  2. The (9%) contributors- they actively contribute in certain levels. They comment on reposts, share, and post on their platforms with their social circle.
  3. The (1%) creators comprise the smallest group and actively come up with new content. Generally, they have a bigger following, and they are recognized as the industry leaders.

The three social media categories make LinkedIn keeps growing, bustling, and thriving with content creativity at all times. Every time you log in to your social media accounts, have clear guidelines to maximize the limitless possibilities available. Be creative, stand out, and if your social status does not please you, then change!

Post that video

Some people think that posting videos only makes sense on the other various social media platforms compared to linked users. Cancel that thought because it is not true because videos are a valuable asset in the business world. Even professionals spend more time watching content like ads as compared to static content. If you want to test it, provide information on a certain topic in both written and video form and see the results. There are several areas where you can use videos on the platform, including:

  • Profile page
  • Publisher section
  • Posts on the newsfeed
  • Learning sector like the payment methods

Videos are uploaded from other social sites like YouTube. The posted videos need to be informative about a particular business, products, and brand. The videos do not necessarily have to be done professionally or fancy since if they contain relevant information, they will always reach the desired crowd.

Informative videos contain content that directly describes the particular event in question, including case studies, brands’ story, business introduction, the making process, and updates on coming events, team, and the frequently asked questions.

There are many possibilities, so pick up that phone and post the relevant videos. Posting those videos ensures that your page is captivating, engaging, personable, and marketable.

Statistic attack

Professionals are always in dire need of honest statistics regarding the popularity of any content on the online platform. When you include statistics in your posts, you appear well-informed and with relevant knowledge in the specific industry. Hence when sharing content, always consider statistical content, including;

  • Informative articles
  • Relatable case studies
  • Branded information graphics
  • Relevant videos
  • The white papers

If, in any case, visuals create anxiety levels, always choose to use the fun statistics, for example, ‘are you aware that.´ When you share helpful, meaningful, and exciting statistics, people will view the information quickly and meaningful. Don’t forget to make the statistical headlines eye-catching and with great wording.

Great headlines increase people’s engagement.

When you have to increase traffic to your page, ensure that the headlines are intriguing and captivating. To create high-performance headlines, research is necessary as it brings clear insights into the post. There are several considerations always to make when creating that perfect headline, including;

  • The wording
  • Describing habits
  • Statistics
  • Question headlines

Remember, when you want to stand out, your headlines need to be well-written, strategic, and informative to keep up with the industrial trends.

Strengthening the relationship with CTA

When you create readable, meaningful, and informative content for the readers, that is the first step to your LinkedIn success. If you want to achieve full potential in the posted content, ask your readers to take the call to action step! Successful social media content entails actions rather than creation.

When creating content, ensure you understand the specific goals you intend to achieve. If you want the readers to engage more with your content, you can add links related to your articles from other blogs, videos, and articles.
All the content published should directly link to your business, and the content to action needs to be designed to meet all the targets.


Imagine when a content creator posts something then goes silent for several months; what impression is created? People are habitual; hence being consistent is key for any form of success. Pick the time and days which work within your schedule to keep your followers updated on the happenings. Schedules ensure you as a person commit to engaging the audience, and they tune in on all the specified posting times. The created trust eventually leads to business development and active conversations.

Associate with the right groups and individuals

Always work with you to set goals; for example, if you offer online marketing services, participating in LinkedIn groups increases possible sales chances. When you are part of a group, be sure to connect, converse, share content and obtain leadership skills from the greatest professionals in the world! The created engagements place you and your business in a better position and depending on the size of the group, be sure of positive returns.

Repurpose your already created content

Content creation does not need to take tons of your time, so stop stressing! You can be resourceful using the relevant content already in your hands, for example, existing articles and blog posts. When you post blogs and articles on your LinkedIn platform, it increases the number of people reached, building the brands’ awareness and customer engagement. Every published document needs to be added to your profile to keep the followers informed.

Question posts and tips

The internet is a crucial research platform where people ask questions like ‘how to’ and learn new things. Always think of this platform as an open educational tool.

Like any other social media platform, users, mostly professionals and businesses, hunger for knowledge to gain all the information needed. The beauty of things is that you will always learn from another person.

So, fear not when you are posting relevant ideas as you are helping another person! When you decide to share any content, follow the right guidelines for your content to be viable in the long run.

Engaging in comments creates more content.

Each post intrigues different community members, and their options are mainly found in the comment section. Do not worry about the type of comments made as you choose the ones you wish to engage in, and after every conversation, you will gain new ideas.

When you avail yourself to the audience conversations, they may pose questions or comments to creatively make content to suit their interests while answering all their questions.

Make your predictions

For you to make relevant predictions on trending topics, you do not need rocket science. It is just the logical understanding of your industry. Creating content with several predictions entices the followers to share their opinions actively, and the beauty of it is that you may be right or wrong.

When you start being a leader rather than a follower, you are sure to command the masses.

Share your opinions

Always remember sharing is caring! A bigger percentage of LinkedIn users are interested in industrial insights. So, if you have amazing content, share it with the rest of the world as long as it resonates with the industry, and you can make individual reviews.

Never forget that people have reviews, thoughts, and opinions about anything like religion, fashion, politics, and economics. Hence whenever you share any information, people will always make comments, whether in support or against your idea. What an actually great way of developing a brand image rather than defining your voice with established opinions.
Each time you share ideas and information with attached own opinions, you effectively increase society members’ interest. Agreeing or disagreeing people are always interested in reading other peoples insights and opinions.

Create unlimited content

Unlike other social media platform users, LinkedIn people are into longer content which is still unbelievable. Posted content with approximately two thousand words gain larger traffics in comments, shares, views, and likes. People are always looking out for interesting and conversational information on which they can base their facts each time. So, do not be afraid of that longer content; it might favor you and always have informative and captivating content.

Do not forget to be human.

When you decide to share stories with the world, share human experiences that create valuable connections as people connect with stories associated with failure and triumphs in the long run. When you are honest about the journey undertaken, you naturally grow your following and build trust like a business development journey.

People will be interested in connecting, commenting, and learning from your experiences. You will be surprised when you realize that people with the greatest following have documented their life stories, including the good and the bad.

Retargeting ads

Retargeting is the best way in marketing to win back your audience while actively re-engaging them. It gives the advertisers a chance to increase new visitors to their pages with relevant ads. The due process on your page offers the various steps followed, including creating a relevant name, creating audience segments, and adding the website links targeted.

Job postings

People always look for new chances of growth in the form of better and new jobs. LinkedIn is mostly viewed as a platform for job hunting and networking; hence posting jobs helps other people get a better tomorrow!

When you share the number of open positions in your organization, you get a bigger number of people from whom you choose the most qualified or the individual who meets your criteria.

In conclusion, there are several ways one can use the LinkedIn platform to channel their ideas and market their businesses. The main secret to growing a large following is to create informative, relevant, and captivating content in articles, blogs, or videos. Always take time to understand the features in any platform for maximum benefits.

Inexpensive Ways to Engage Your Clients in 2021

StrategyDriven Customer Relationship Management Article |Customer Engagement| Inexpensive Ways to Engage Your Clients in 2021Thanks to the technology available nowadays, engaging them has never been easier or more affordable.

When done right, your engagement strategy will result in a customer-focused business which will, in turn, boost more growth and loyalty.

Follow these steps and learn all you need to know about inexpensive ways to engage your customers!

Ask for Feedback

Feedback is an absolute must for every customer engagement strategy.

Your clients want to be asked about their experience with your business. It makes them feel valued.

By asking and responding to feedback, you show them their opinions matter. People need to feel heard and valued in order to be motivated and open to collaboration.

When your customers can freely express themselves, they will also want to communicate and engage with your business.

Feedback also develops emotional connections.

When your customer realizes they are not dealing with a faceless corporation but a real person behind it, it is the foundation for developing a stronger relationship.

Once you accomplish that, it will lead to more loyalty and more customer engagement.

You should create a feedback strategy that is sustainable for your business. Don’t be afraid to redefine it and try different approaches.

For example, you can include surveys, net promoter scores and social media monitoring. None of this requires spending too many resources or developing an extensive strategy.

Asking for feedback is one of your most important methods of motivating consumers to engage with your brand.

Engage Across Social Media Channels

Make sure you use multiple social media channels to communicate with your customers.

Being reachable and responsive across social media channels shows that you are ready to assist your customers at any given time.

Using your social media accounts will not only help you stay on top of trends, but also enable you to nurture your relationship with your customers on a daily basis.

You are there for them if they have any questions or concerns. Your customers will recognize the value of that.

When you create an online community on your social media, you engage your users to get more insight and information.

It is a cheap and effective way to present any news, products and quality content. Interesting and engaging information you provide on social media will keep the communication going.

When one person shares your post, you can reach hundreds of people at virtually no cost.

Even when you invest in a social media campaign that produces tons of shares and generates more views, you are still gaining more publicity than with many other, more traditional strategies.

Social media channels will help you build a reputation of being responsive and engaged with your customers at all times.

Host Webinars

You need to embrace the opportunities that come with 2021 — and one of them is hosting webinars!

With interesting webinars, you are keeping your attendees engaged from start to finish.

If the audience is invested and attentive, your customers will be open to learning more about your business and feel like a part of your community.

By making sure your webinar is informative and interesting, you will leave a strong impact and achieve better conversion rates.

Engaging webinars or seminars deliver more value to the audience.

When your customer leaves a webinar with a positive experience, his or her satisfaction will result in their loyalty to your business.

Maybe you can cover a topic that you notice your customers struggle with often.

These events don’t have to be long or expensive, but your customers will appreciate all the effort you put in and the advice you provide.

With the right webinar strategy, your webinars will be a valuable tool both for you and your customers.

Build a Loyalty Program

You absolutely need a loyalty program for your customers.

Your primary motive is to make your existing customers feel valued.

When they feel like you are willing to go that extra mile for them, they will have the motivation to continue buying from you.

This will not only elevate the customers’ appreciation of your product or service, but increase the chances that your customers share their experience with others.

Loyalty programs will also increase your revenue.

Loyal customers already have trust in your brand. When you increase customer retention, it will also increase the profit. Your customers are likely to spend more.

It is estimated that loyalty members spend 5 to 20% more than non-members on average. They also buy more frequently. This is a win-win situation for both sides.

Loyalty programs are an important part of customer experience and engagement, especially on a highly competitive market.


Customer engagement comprises all interactions with your customers, including feedback, social media channels, and webinars.

By following these steps and shifting your focus to loyalty programs and other engagement strategies, the interaction stays positive.

When you create your strategy around those interactions, you will help your existing customers — and bring in some new ones, too!

About the Author

StrategyDriven Expert Contributor | Joe PetersJoe Peters is a Baltimore-based freelance writer and an ultimate techie. When he is not working his magic as a marketing consultant, this incurable tech junkie devours the news on the latest gadgets and binge-watches his favorite TV shows. Follow him on @bmorepeters

3 Startup Essentials That Cannot Be Overlooked

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article |Startup Essentials|3 Startup Essentials That Cannot Be OverlookedIf you’re just starting your business journey and you have a company about to be launched, you might be wondering whether or not you’ve got everything in place. After all, you only have one chance to make a good first impression (or a bad one, come to that), and it can feel rather overwhelming when you consider how much you want your business to succeed and how much work you need to put into it.

For many who have never run a business before, it might seem as though there are dozens of different elements that need to come together to make it a success, but in reality, when you’re a startup, there are only three that you really need to be thinking about. Ensure these three startup essentials are in place, and you’ll be heading in the right direction.


A startup without the right funding is doomed to failure. Even if you start to make money, without having some form of capital behind you, the income will be too slow to make an impact, and before you can really make anything of your business, it will be too late – you will have run out of money. This is why it’s important to have funding in place before you launch. You can then focus on building the business rather than having to worry about keeping it afloat.

When you think of getting money for your business you will probably consider a bank loan first of all. It might even be the only thing you consider. However, there are a large number of different funding methods to think about including finding an angel investor, using your savings, borrowing from friends and family, or even using the money you’ve made through your algorithmic trading. Whatever you choose, as long as you have a plan to pay it back, you can get started even if the bank turns you down.

Customer Service

Most entrepreneurs are looking inwards when they launch their business. They’re interested in their suppliers, their employees, how productive they can be, and, of course, how much money they are making. Although this is important, you must remember that you’ll need to look outwards too; you’ll need to think about your customers.

Customer service is one of the most important elements to get right in any business, and when you’re launching a startup good customer service is vital. It’s what is going to set you apart from the rest, and it’s what will get you noticed. Customers expect a high level of good service, and if you can provide it they will be happy to return again and again. Get it wrong, and you’ll find that your unhappy customer has told everyone they know, and probably used social media to do it. That spells disaster for a young business. Reputation is everything.

Social Media

Speaking of social media, that is another important element of business that a startup is going to need to have in place before they launch. In fact, your social media channels could even help your launch by previewing what you’re going to be selling and making potential customers interested before you even get started.

However, just having an account on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, for example, isn’t going to be enough. Posting once in a while and writing ads when you do isn’t going to be enough. You need to focus on the content and ensure that whatever you are posting is useful information and engaging too. In this way, it is more likely to be liked and shared, and that’s crucial for a business on social media.

6 Ways You Can Market Yourself Effectively

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |Market Yourself|6 Ways You Can Market Yourself EffectivelyA lot of marketing advice discusses ideas based on your business including how to maximize sales or get the most out of your employees. This advice is crucial, of course, especially for entrepreneurs who are always looking for more out of their professional endeavors. However, this big picture is not always where you should direct your focus. As much as improving your company is important, you’ve got to remember how essential marketing yourself is, too.

Marketing yourself will vastly improve your chances of finding the best business opportunities, which will help you grow your company in ways that everyday marketing can never live up to. If this sounds appealing, but you aren’t sure where to start, consider these ideas.

Know Your Worth

Finding your self-worth is one of the most challenging things, no matter how confident or successful you are. But, you will not be able to market yourself effectively if you do not understand what you can offer people in a professional and personal setting.

This is the first step you need to take when looking at ways to market yourself. If you know what you can offer by understanding what you are best at, you will be able to set yourself apart from others. Through this, you can push yourself ahead of the competition and make you the most appealing individual around.

Get to Know People

Networking is always a vital element of business success, and this is why getting to know people is more beneficial than you might believe. The problem here is that some people are not as outgoing as others, which could affect your chances of meeting the right people.

So what can you do? Swallowing any nervousness and acting as you belong in any scenario is useful, but it can be exhausting to keep up. Besides this, look for influential people who are similar to you, as this can make you feel more comfortable in their company.

Remember the Details

Marketing yourself is not always about how you speak or feel about yourself. You also need to consider the details. These details can apply to anything physical, whether your attire or holographic business cards rather than traditional but ultimately drab alternatives.

As you want to stand out in any situation, especially in competitive industries, these details could be the difference between winning promotions, new jobs, or increasing your influence. They will prove that you can match your substance with some style, and although you need substance over everything else, it’s always worth trying to impress others, as long as you don’t try too hard.

Trust Your Knowledge

Imposter syndrome can affect anybody. It’s easy to feel like you don’t belong and that you’ll be found out one day. But, you need to understand that you are much more capable than you give yourself credit for, and you can use this understanding to establish yourself as someone worth hiring.

While you needn’t spend all your time making bold but baseless claims about things you don’t know anything about, you can still trust what you know. If you want to be even more certain, make sure you prepare for interviews or casual meetings, as this will boost your confidence even further.

Put Your All Into Everything

If you want to build your reputation, you need to make sure you are someone who puts their all into everything, no matter how small a project might be. While it might feel like you’re doing too much, it demonstrates exceptional work ethic, and this will make people take notice.

It’s never a good look to merely go through the motions, especially if you want to increase your standing in the industry, and the harder you work now, the easier it will all be later.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to finding success, and there are many aspects of consistency you need to remember. High-quality work is one area, but you should also remember that consistency across social media is an important tool for marketing yourself.

This means making the most of the platforms available to you. Use the same picture across your professional profiles so that people recognize you and develop a brand voice that ensures your audience knows who is talking.

Your Time

Marketing yourself is one of the most effective methods to increase your chances of finding new opportunities. Whether you want to grow your company or look for a new position in another industry, you will discover significant success by establishing what makes you a valuable asset to any company.

The Foundations Of Business Growth

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Business Growth|The Foundations Of Business GrowthTrying to expand your business during a global pandemic may seem like madness. However, you are an entrepreneur and you don’t want to rest on your laurels. Your ambition means that you want your startup to be able to compete with the already established industry rivals and you are eager for your venture to have a global presence. However, when the world is on more of a go-slow, people are less likely to part with their cash, and the economic markets have plummeted, it can be a challenge to see how you can grow your business. Follow this guide to the foundations of business growth.

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Business Growth|The Foundations Of Business GrowthWebsite

Your online presence will really come into its own as more people stay at home and spend more time on the Internet. Online shopping was always a factor of the millennial market but now all demographics are partaking. If you are a retailer, you need to morph your business model into an online venture. The website that you produce is crucial to attract your potential market. Rather than opt for a flashy all singing all dancing website, you need to focus more time on your SEO. If you don’t know your keyword from your meta tag, you need to consider outsourcing your web design to a WordPress developer who can create a site that will emulate your brand and your ethos while appearing high up the Google search rankings. Make every section of your site within three clicks and easy to navigate to hold a potential customer’s interest. Overhaul your website and you could find your customer base growing.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the perfect vehicles for online marketing when considering your business. However, you also need to hone your social media platforms to grow your business. If you want more followers, you need to post meaningful and relevant content on a daily basis. The Twitter feed that you craft is the ideal way to communicate directly with your clientele. If a potential customer has a query, they will tweet you. This comment will be in the public domain so it is crucial that you respond promptly. Use an informal and chatty tone. The corporate hard sell doesn’t work anymore. The better the content that you post, the more shareable it becomes, thus increasing your follower numbers and global presence.

Trade Shows

If you can attend a trade show, get registered. These amazing events provide you with a readymade footfall of individuals who are eager to source your services. Go to a niche and industry specific event. By utilizing your pitch effectively, you can show off your wares, products and services. Place branded banners across your stall and encourage people to take a look at your products in action. Enthuse with your ideas and business acumen, and have some on-the-day deals that potential buyers can’t refuse. Ensure that you create an email list and follow up any leads on your return to the home office. With any luck, your clientele will grow.

These foundations of business growth will enable your venture to thrive and not merely survive during this pandemic.