A Guide to Buying a Commercial Freezer

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article | A Guide to Buying a Commercial FreezerIf you are considering joining the food industry, and you are looking for a merchandiser freezer that will offer you ample long term storage as well as enticing product display, this article will help you find the most practical freezer that will also help minimize the time that consumers take browsing the products that are displayed. For example, a freezer that is designed with glass panes, equipped with sufficient lighting, and is easily accessible is a necessary appliance when you have a high-traffic business. Most freezers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it is best to choose the one that will be easy to clean and maintain and that is also energy sufficient.

What You Should Know

The following are some things that you need to consider before you buy a merchandiser freezer.

Check The Size

Choosing your fridge should be done with the available storage space in your kitchen or floor in mind. You should be cognizant of the size of your floor plan and storage capacity on the shelves. Moreover, a bigger freezer also means that you will have higher energy costs, so when you are shopping around you need to consider the energy consumption and the size of the freezer.

Number of Doors

Each merchandiser freezer model comes in two different door models that represent the different lengths and storage space capacity. They also have varied mechanisms to open such as sliding or swinging and others come with an automatic mechanism that is ideal for energy saving. If you don’t have much space to move around then you can consider taking one with a sliding door because you won’t have to worry about blocking access to other parts of your display products.

The Type of Features

Nowadays, many freezers come with digital thermostats that are valuable for monitoring temperature and ensure that optimal food storage conditions are maintained at all times. Others come with convenient features such as removable racks for maximizing storage and easier cleaning.

Energy Consumption

When you purchase a commercial freezer you are looking for an appliance that is designed for high volume storage and use, so to save on your energy consumption, you should find one that is certified for energy saving.

Find The Right Supplier

Buying a freezer means that you are looking for quality and a return on your investment. A reputable and qualified supplier is essential to avoid poor performance issues in the future. Most of the ones that offer a long-term investment are more costly, but you shouldn’t let the price dissuade you from buying a quality appliance. As the adage goes, “you have to spend money to make money”.

he Bottom Line

Ideally, you should be shopping for a freezer that will be reliable, yet easy to maintain. Make sure that you know what warranty you are being offered with your freezer in case you find latent defects. You don’t want yourself to be frustrated by issues that should have otherwise been covered by an adequate warranty policy.

Secrets To Having A Successful LinkedIn Platform

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |LinkedIn|Secrets To Having A Successful LinkedIn PlatformThere are those people who view LinkedIn as a job-hunting arena, and there are those with the view that it is just a normal social media platform where you browse all you want. Other people view this app as a digital platform for business transactions. It ranks among the top fifteen apps in the world, which attracts great traffic. If you are not a signed-up member, you do not know what you are missing!

Most users use the social network to grow their businesses and connect with professionals in all sectors. Before sharing any content on the app, make sure it is strategic to stand out among all the users. Ensuring that your profile is well maintained and the content shared is spectacular, then there will be a positive impact on your personal brand and any business. So be very keen when you are creating content for your LinkedIn profile and posts.

There are various methodologies used to you have the relevant strategies to conquer in this platform. Using the LinkedIn tool will effectively promote your social media content, and connections are made by accepting invitations from other people.

How to be distinctive in LinkedIn

If you are a new member, you can register and start sharing your incredible ideas within no time. Setting up the pages is so easy, and the right guidance is always provided. Don’t be pressured on the amount of content you have to post daily as it is not a necessity, and that article, website, or blog you are thinking about will always get the deserved audience.

What to remember

The dos

For you to meet the relevant audience, always remember the following things:

  • When adding photos, add individual images and not stock photos, for example, self, clients, or employee images.
  • Make the content posted personable.
  • Always publish relevant information.
  • Cover industrial topics
  • For consistency, post content regularly.
  • When there are comments, remember to comment back.
  • Headlines are super important.
  • You can add compelling statistics in the form of images.

The Don’ts

  • When posting, share more than just a post as they reach fewer people
  • Avoid posting long videos.
  • Avoid using links
  • Avoid getting too personal on the posts.


There are content ideas that make you independent and unique.

Social status

First, ensure you make all the relevant changes through self-actualization as social media users are categorized into three.

  1. The lurkers (90%)- compromise the biggest part of users. They scroll through the platform without making any posts, comments, or content sharing.
  2. The (9%) contributors- they actively contribute in certain levels. They comment on reposts, share, and post on their platforms with their social circle.
  3. The (1%) creators comprise the smallest group and actively come up with new content. Generally, they have a bigger following, and they are recognized as the industry leaders.

The three social media categories make LinkedIn keeps growing, bustling, and thriving with content creativity at all times. Every time you log in to your social media accounts, have clear guidelines to maximize the limitless possibilities available. Be creative, stand out, and if your social status does not please you, then change!

Post that video

Some people think that posting videos only makes sense on the other various social media platforms compared to linked users. Cancel that thought because it is not true because videos are a valuable asset in the business world. Even professionals spend more time watching content like ads as compared to static content. If you want to test it, provide information on a certain topic in both written and video form and see the results. There are several areas where you can use videos on the platform, including:

  • Profile page
  • Publisher section
  • Posts on the newsfeed
  • Learning sector like the payment methods

Videos are uploaded from other social sites like YouTube. The posted videos need to be informative about a particular business, products, and brand. The videos do not necessarily have to be done professionally or fancy since if they contain relevant information, they will always reach the desired crowd.

Informative videos contain content that directly describes the particular event in question, including case studies, brands’ story, business introduction, the making process, and updates on coming events, team, and the frequently asked questions.

There are many possibilities, so pick up that phone and post the relevant videos. Posting those videos ensures that your page is captivating, engaging, personable, and marketable.

Statistic attack

Professionals are always in dire need of honest statistics regarding the popularity of any content on the online platform. When you include statistics in your posts, you appear well-informed and with relevant knowledge in the specific industry. Hence when sharing content, always consider statistical content, including;

  • Informative articles
  • Relatable case studies
  • Branded information graphics
  • Relevant videos
  • The white papers

If, in any case, visuals create anxiety levels, always choose to use the fun statistics, for example, ‘are you aware that.´ When you share helpful, meaningful, and exciting statistics, people will view the information quickly and meaningful. Don’t forget to make the statistical headlines eye-catching and with great wording.

Great headlines increase people’s engagement.

When you have to increase traffic to your page, ensure that the headlines are intriguing and captivating. To create high-performance headlines, research is necessary as it brings clear insights into the post. There are several considerations always to make when creating that perfect headline, including;

  • The wording
  • Describing habits
  • Statistics
  • Question headlines

Remember, when you want to stand out, your headlines need to be well-written, strategic, and informative to keep up with the industrial trends.

Strengthening the relationship with CTA

When you create readable, meaningful, and informative content for the readers, that is the first step to your LinkedIn success. If you want to achieve full potential in the posted content, ask your readers to take the call to action step! Successful social media content entails actions rather than creation.

When creating content, ensure you understand the specific goals you intend to achieve. If you want the readers to engage more with your content, you can add links related to your articles from other blogs, videos, and articles.
All the content published should directly link to your business, and the content to action needs to be designed to meet all the targets.


Imagine when a content creator posts something then goes silent for several months; what impression is created? People are habitual; hence being consistent is key for any form of success. Pick the time and days which work within your schedule to keep your followers updated on the happenings. Schedules ensure you as a person commit to engaging the audience, and they tune in on all the specified posting times. The created trust eventually leads to business development and active conversations.

Associate with the right groups and individuals

Always work with you to set goals; for example, if you offer online marketing services, participating in LinkedIn groups increases possible sales chances. When you are part of a group, be sure to connect, converse, share content and obtain leadership skills from the greatest professionals in the world! The created engagements place you and your business in a better position and depending on the size of the group, be sure of positive returns.

Repurpose your already created content

Content creation does not need to take tons of your time, so stop stressing! You can be resourceful using the relevant content already in your hands, for example, existing articles and blog posts. When you post blogs and articles on your LinkedIn platform, it increases the number of people reached, building the brands’ awareness and customer engagement. Every published document needs to be added to your profile to keep the followers informed.

Question posts and tips

The internet is a crucial research platform where people ask questions like ‘how to’ and learn new things. Always think of this platform as an open educational tool.

Like any other social media platform, users, mostly professionals and businesses, hunger for knowledge to gain all the information needed. The beauty of things is that you will always learn from another person.

So, fear not when you are posting relevant ideas as you are helping another person! When you decide to share any content, follow the right guidelines for your content to be viable in the long run.

Engaging in comments creates more content.

Each post intrigues different community members, and their options are mainly found in the comment section. Do not worry about the type of comments made as you choose the ones you wish to engage in, and after every conversation, you will gain new ideas.

When you avail yourself to the audience conversations, they may pose questions or comments to creatively make content to suit their interests while answering all their questions.

Make your predictions

For you to make relevant predictions on trending topics, you do not need rocket science. It is just the logical understanding of your industry. Creating content with several predictions entices the followers to share their opinions actively, and the beauty of it is that you may be right or wrong.

When you start being a leader rather than a follower, you are sure to command the masses.

Share your opinions

Always remember sharing is caring! A bigger percentage of LinkedIn users are interested in industrial insights. So, if you have amazing content, share it with the rest of the world as long as it resonates with the industry, and you can make individual reviews.

Never forget that people have reviews, thoughts, and opinions about anything like religion, fashion, politics, and economics. Hence whenever you share any information, people will always make comments, whether in support or against your idea. What an actually great way of developing a brand image rather than defining your voice with established opinions.
Each time you share ideas and information with attached own opinions, you effectively increase society members’ interest. Agreeing or disagreeing people are always interested in reading other peoples insights and opinions.

Create unlimited content

Unlike other social media platform users, LinkedIn people are into longer content which is still unbelievable. Posted content with approximately two thousand words gain larger traffics in comments, shares, views, and likes. People are always looking out for interesting and conversational information on which they can base their facts each time. So, do not be afraid of that longer content; it might favor you and always have informative and captivating content.

Do not forget to be human.

When you decide to share stories with the world, share human experiences that create valuable connections as people connect with stories associated with failure and triumphs in the long run. When you are honest about the journey undertaken, you naturally grow your following and build trust like a business development journey.

People will be interested in connecting, commenting, and learning from your experiences. You will be surprised when you realize that people with the greatest following have documented their life stories, including the good and the bad.

Retargeting ads

Retargeting is the best way in marketing to win back your audience while actively re-engaging them. It gives the advertisers a chance to increase new visitors to their pages with relevant ads. The due process on your page offers the various steps followed, including creating a relevant name, creating audience segments, and adding the website links targeted.

Job postings

People always look for new chances of growth in the form of better and new jobs. LinkedIn is mostly viewed as a platform for job hunting and networking; hence posting jobs helps other people get a better tomorrow!

When you share the number of open positions in your organization, you get a bigger number of people from whom you choose the most qualified or the individual who meets your criteria.

In conclusion, there are several ways one can use the LinkedIn platform to channel their ideas and market their businesses. The main secret to growing a large following is to create informative, relevant, and captivating content in articles, blogs, or videos. Always take time to understand the features in any platform for maximum benefits.

Why you should hire an SEO specialist

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |SEO Specialist|Why you should hire an SEO specialistThe online world is hugely saturated. Without the right knowledge, tools, and technical skills, it can be hard to get traffic for your business—no matter how big or small. One part of the process is SEO (search engine optimization), and to stay one step ahead of the competition, you should probably hire an SEO specialist.

SEO is how search engines read your website. With this reading, they can rank the content and add you to the search results whenever someone searches for a relevant phrase or keyword. If you want your business to succeed, you need to get your website to appear on the first page of results—which can be pretty difficult considering there are millions of web pages to compete against.

So how can a specialist help?

They’ll keep track of changes

It might seem easy at first to work SEO into your website, without hiring an expert. But you’ll quickly find that the keywords that once worked no longer do, and as such, your traffic begins to drop.

Major search engines such as Google are constantly changing their algorithms in order to help serve the best results to their users. A specialist can help you stay in the loop with all the latest updates, and will modify your content accordingly. While you’re busy serving your customers, they can work in the background to keep the traffic ticking along.

Your time is worth money

When running your own business, time is money. The time you spend working on SEO and updating web content is time you could be spending obtaining new leads, offering improved services to existing customers, or working on your marketing plan.
SEO campaigns often need to be analyzed and processed every day, which can seriously take away from your chances to make money.

They can offer so much more

Chances are, SEO specialists come with a whole load of other skills and strategies that can be used for boosting visibility and making your marketing more efficient. Take a look at, and you’ll see they offer SEO services but also help with user experience, site speed improvements, and even social media marketing.
Marketing specialists of any kind can be an invaluable asset—especially when you’re looking for fast growth for your business.

Increased cost efficiency

For the untrained eye, throwing more money at Google Ads and cost-per-click campaigns might seem like the only option, but specialists in the field will show you how you can use your money more efficiently. Although it might cost you to hire a specialist, the money you’ll retain from a more efficient strategy will quickly cover that cost, and more.

There’s more to SEO than content

Although adding keywords into your website’s content is one part of the strategy, there’s a lot more to it. Everything from HTML coding to meta tags, link building, and creating redirects are all part of optimizing your site—so it helps to call in the experts.

You’re already a boss in your own field; nobody is expecting you to master the marketing industry, too. SEO specialists are great value for money and can totally transform your current revenue streams. With a little help, you could be ranking on the first page of Google and growing your business further than you ever imagined.

4 Ways that Businesses Can Improve Employee Satisfaction

StrategyDriven Managing Your People |Employee Satisfaction|4 Ways that Businesses Can Improve Employee SatisfactionAside from clients or customers, employees are probably the most important people responsible for the success of a business. Happy employees lead to a productive work environment, great results, and happy clients. Unhappy employees lead to a high employee turnover, and less desirable results. So, it’s pretty clear that employee satisfaction should be a priority for every business out there. If you’ve noticed lowered productivity, or an increase in employee turnover, it may be due to the fact that your employees aren’t satisfied with their work environment. Keep reading to see what you can do to improve upon this.

Vending machines

It may seem like such a small thing, but for many employees, the small things are what matter. Most employees spend the majority of their time in the office, so making that a comfortable place that requires nearly everything they could want is a great way of ensuring happiness amongst your employees. If you’re able to acquire vending machines with healthier options – even better. Your employees will know that you care about them and appreciate the fact that you’re taking an interest in their health. Get in contact with a vending machine business to see what they can do for you.


Effective incentive programs are a great way of increasing productivity as well as employee satisfaction. Employees may feel underappreciated if they’re going above and beyond and not receiving anything in return. One way to fix this is to offer incentives for employees. Incentives don’t always have to be financial, although financial incentives are definitely the most desirable amongst employees. Knowing that their hard work is being recognized and rewarded will certainly improve an employee’s opinion of their working environment. This will also likely lessen your employee turnover and thus lead to a more stable work environment.

Better medical benefits

One massive factor when it comes to employee satisfaction, is the benefits that they get. Do they get a pension? Do they get a discount? And, most importantly, how do their medical benefits look? Many businesses opt for giving employees a weaker medical scheme, as this is much cheaper. But investing in a better medical aid for your employees can only do your business good. You’ll have healthier employees, a lower employee turnover, and employees who are generally loyal and productive. This is also a way of showing your employees that you care, which will help build better relationships between management and employees.

Workplace counselling

Once again, this is a way of improving your relationship with your employees. Workplace counselling has many benefits, both for you and your employees. Employees who are struggling with their mental health may not be performing as they should, and as an employer, you want the best for them. Workplace counselling has shown to be very effective. Keep in mind that your employees may be hesitant about counselling in the workplace, but once you assure them that everything will remain confidential, they may be more open to the idea. This will definitely help your employees become happier individuals.

The Key Software Tools Modern Business Owners Should Embrace In 2021

The modern business world relies on technology and with the rise in remote work, caused in part by the Coronavirus, more companies across the corporate landscape have needed to embrace innovative software solutions to stay productive and cost-efficient. Software is a scalable, cost-effective solution that saves time and effort, but only if businesses choose the right ones.

With so many different software products on the market, it can be challenging to pick the right software that will support your business. If you’re unsure what solutions are available and how they can benefit your business, then keep reading.
In this article, we’ll share some of the most popular and innovative types of business software on the market, and how you can choose the right ones to enhance your organization in 2021.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management tools, usually known as CRM solutions, are a handy way for businesses to keep all of their customer communications and orders in one place.

Any CRM user can view every aspect of the customer’s order, which helps to streamline the customer experience from initial onboarding through to order completion and beyond. As customer retention is vital for any organization that wants to grow and flourish, a CRM can drastically improve your company and act as a scaleable tool to assist your growing business.

Cloud Cost Management Solutions

Cloud storage is a digital tool that allows your business to store its files on the cloud rather than using a physical server. Cloud data storage is secure and convenient, but it is easy to pay a lot of money for your cloud storage, especially if you have a lot of data. As such, all businesses should consider cloud cost management software.

Many major corporations, including Netflix, Slack, and Lyft, all use cloud cost management tools. Cloud computing specialists CloudZero have put together a case study on how these large companies use cloud cost management software so that you can understand the benefits of these tools and how they can be used by your organization.

Project Management Tools

Managing your projects, particularly if they require skills from multiple departments, can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Project management software can help you to view the entire project on one screen and see what work remains and what has already been completed. As such, you can streamline the process of running your projects and make communication between departments much easier and more cohesive.

Video Conferencing Software

As remote work becomes more popular and travel becomes more challenging and more expensive, video conferencing software is becoming increasingly important. Choosing secure, reliable software that offers all of the functions and features that your business needs is essential.

Many companies offer video conferencing software, so you should check out the best video conferencing tools on the market in 2021 to find the one that will benefit your business the most. You can then use this tool to communicate with both staff and customers quickly and efficiently despite the geographical differences between you all.

Payroll Software

One of the most time-consuming business admin tasks is payroll, particularly for businesses that offer flexible working hours, bonuses and paid overtime to their staff. Thankfully, there are many payroll software products on the market that can help you to save time and reduce the chance of human error, meaning you will make fewer, potentially costly, mistakes. Many of these tools can also help you to manage tax and national insurance payments, saving your business even more time and hard work.

Accounting Managers

Payroll is only one small part of your organisation’s accounting admin. If your business struggles to deal with its accounting and finances, then you could consider using an account management tool. These often include payroll management solutions so that you can get this function and additional features, such as bill payment management, in one handy software product.

Cybersecurity Software

As companies have embraced software solutions such as those on this list, they’ve also made their data more vulnerable to attack. After all, with their information in multiple online places, there are more opportunities for cybercriminals to steal their data and use it nefariously. There are many different cybersecurity software solutions on the market, so you’ll be able to find the ones that will suit your business and keep your precious information safe throughout 2021 and even further into the future.