10 Interesting Facts About Water That’ll Leave You Astounded

StrategyDriven Editorial Perspective Article |interesting facts about water|10 Interesting Facts About Water That'll Leave You AstoundedEveryone knows that water is critical for our existence. It covers approximately 71 percent of our planet and makes up around 60 percent of the human body. We use it to stay hydrated, keep clean, and as a fun way to cool off on a hot summer day.

Did you know you can also use water to impress your friends? It’s true! Learn some of the most interesting facts about water and you can “wow” them with just how smart you are.

Sound like a fun goal? Keep reading! You’ll be the smartest person in the room before you know it.

10 Interesting Facts About Water You Probably Didn’t Know

Some facts about water, like the ones mentioned above, are pretty cool. But, they’re also common knowledge. If you want to look really smart, you need to learn some amazing facts about water that are a little more obscure.

These 10 pieces of water trivia are a great start.

1. Most of the Earth’s Water Isn’t Drinkable

It’s true! Only about 1 percent of the water on Earth is drinkable in its present state. Although much of the planet is covered in water, it’s almost all saltwater.

In fact, only 2.5 percent of the Earth’s water is freshwater and 69 percent of it is trapped in glaciers and ice caps. While glaciers do melt and release some water during the summer months, it’s still not enough to bring this number above 1 percent.

2. Water Can Actually Cut Metal!

With a powerful-enough stream, you can actually use water to cut through metal! A waterjet is a tool used in machine shops to slice through metal and leave a smooth, clean edge. It does this by harnessing the power of pressure – a waterjet has about 30 times the pressure of a typical power washer.

Other waterjet cutting benefits include simplicity, accuracy, and the versatility to cut through other objects like tile and glass.

3. Americans Use an Average of 300 Gallons of Water a Day

In the United States, the average family uses about 300 gallons of water per day!

The biggest culprit? Flushing the toilet. This accounts for 24% of our daily water use.

The other ways we use water each day include:

  • Showers (20%)
  • Faucet (19%)
  • Washing Clothes (17%)
  • Leaks/drips (12%)
  • “Other” (8%)

An average of 30% of our water use occurs outdoors, mainly through activities like watering our lawns and topping off our pools. The other 70% of water use occurs from the indoor activities listed above.

4. Half of All Bottled Water Is Just Tap Water

Are you a water snob? If you prefer bottled water, you might be completely wasting your money. Turns out, about 50 percent of bottled water is just tap water that has been purified.

You can do the planet (and your wallet!) a big favor by just getting a filter or purifier for your home and drinking the water that comes from the tap.

5. The First Water Pipes in the U.S. Were Made from Logs

Water technology sure has come a long way! You might not know that the first water pipes in the U.S. were made from hollowed-out logs. Artifacts have recently been found that prove that this was a common system in larger U.S. cities back in the 1700s.

6. It Takes a Lot of Water to Make the Things We Need

Water is necessary to create almost all of the things that humans want and need. The amount required is sometimes astounding. Check out these facts:

  • It takes 37.5 gallons of water to make one egg
  • You’ll need 146 gallons of water to make a pound of corn
  • It takes 1,847 gallons to produce one pound of beef
  • The average amount of water used to make one pair of jeans is 2,900 gallons

7. Much of the World is in a Water Crisis

It might surprise you to learn that 785 million people (one in nine!) around the globe don’t have access to clean, safe water. In addition, 2 billion people don’t have an effective sanitation system.

This has caused a serious health crisis. Nearly a million people die each year from diseases related to water, sanitation, and hygiene-related diseases.

8. Women Carry Most of the World’s Water

In many countries, women and girls carry the responsibility of retrieving the water needed for daily living. In countries like sub-Saharan Africa, women spend a collective 16 million hours collecting water every day.

In Kenya, water collection accounts for approximately 4.5 hours of a woman’s average week. When women have to spend so much time meeting a basic need, it cuts into time that they could be working, expanding their education, or getting much-needed rest.

9. Water is Heavy!

If you’ve ever tried to carry a bucket full of water, you know that it’s pretty heavy. Although there are factors that can impact the weight of water – like temperature, atmospheric pressure, and gravity – on average, one gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds.

10. Frozen Water Weighs Less Than Liquid Water

The fact above only applies to water in its liquid state. Frozen water, also known as ice, weighs less by volume than liquid water. That’s why ice cubes float in your drink!

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