How to Create an Impressive Office

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A potential client or employee will make their mind up within a few seconds of laying eyes on your office. If you want to prove you are a professional business with a great company culture, you should find out how to create an impressive office.

Eye-Catching Wall Wraps

Give your office the wow factor by adding striking wall wraps, which will add a little color and personality into the space, and will exude professionalism and a great company culture. Pick a design that complements both your branding and office layout, so your guests will remember a visit long after a meeting or interview is over.

Branded Sweets

Clients want to work with companies that have exceptional attention to detail – and branded sweets can prove just that. It’s a fun, welcoming and professional treat for guests to enjoy when they visit, so they’re bound to be impressed by the effort you have made to create a warm welcome, while reinforcing your brand recognition.

A Friendly Welcome

A receptionist will provide a first impression of your staff and company culture. Only hire friendly, warm and welcoming receptionists, who are willing to go above and beyond to make guests feel welcome. For instance, they should smile at every guest, offer them a seat and a drink, and keep them updated on their meeting to avoid frustration. You should also ensure the phone is not left ringing, as a client will believe your company will ignore their call, too.

Welcome Natural Lighting

Exposure to natural lighting will not only make your staff feel both happier and healthier, but it can also make a space appear more open. As a result, it can increase your employees’ morale and productivity levels, which can help your business to both flourish and grow.

24-Hour News on TV

24-hour news on TV will not only allow your team to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings from across the world, but it will also prove to your guests that you’re keeping updated with the latest trends. As a result, they’ll view your brand as a forward-thinking business that is worthy of their time and money.

Display Artwork

Artwork can add a burst of color to your office space, and it can also convey intelligence and professionalism. Choose a work of art that not only adds a pop of color into a room, but complements your company’s image.

Big & Bold Potted Plants

There are many reasons to incorporate big and bold potted plants into your office. Not only are they a beautiful addition to an interior design, but they can also reportedly increase employee happiness and reduce stress levels. It will also provide a natural contrast to your décor and can prove you can take care of multiple things across the business with ease.

Offer Branded Pens

Branded pens are an ideal stationery item for your business, as you can hand them to guests during a meeting. You should then encourage them to take the pen with them, so they’ll have a subtle reminder of your brand once they leave your office. As a result, you’ll remain firmly in their minds, and a client might be more likely to hire your services.

Strategize Your Work Environment And Ensure That It’s Working For You

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article
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Interior Design And Layout

If your organization has a dark, dull, and gloomy appearance; it will affect the atmosphere and the mood and motivation of your team. Therefore, you’ll need to put together a plan of action regarding your offices or workspace, and how you’re going to design and decorate them. Natural light is the best way to boost moods and will impact the momentum and productivity of your staff; so let as much window light into the space as possible. You can learn more about the psychology of light and how it affects productivity here and gain some inspiration.Take down tired looking vertical and roller blinds and step out of the 80s and 90s to expose the light and any sun that may creep through. Your staff will appreciate the lift in the mood and feel of the office environment which will push them to work harder.

Keep paint colors as fresh and light as possible; it will help to enhance the natural light you’ve encouraged into the space and help to keep busy brains focused and clear-thinking. Don’t over clutter an environment with too much on the walls; motivational artwork, quotes, and targets are a great idea. However, an overly-crowded wall space will affect the clarity and thought processes of workers.

The layout of the desks, chairs, equipment, and other office furniture should allow the room to feel open and filled with air. Cramped and claustrophobic office environments, from furniture that’s too close together, will only stunt the abilities of your organization and your staff’s willingness to work hard. If a person wants to leave their desk the whole day due to feeling uncomfortable and squashed; their focus will not be on the task at hand, which will slow down your productivity and any results that you need. You don’t need to create a totally open-plan environment for your team; but bear in mind the size of surfaces, people’s storage solutions, and gauge the mood of the space before making any changes.

Exterior Maintenance And Refurbs

Alongside the interior space where your team keep your organization in full swing; your exterior will have a major role to play in the comfort, happiness, and productivity of anyone that walks through your doors. If buildings are left shabby, damaged, and unkempt, they can begin to cause damage to the inside of the property. Ensuring that your building is weatherproof will help to protect it from the element and any damage in the long run. Therefore, it’s worth seeking the help of commercial builders and industrial roofing contractors who will make sure the property is watertight and windproof; preventing damp, structural damage, and interior mold from affecting the smooth running of your business.

Maintaining the outside of the building will also help to improve its aesthetic appeal as people enter and leave the space. First impressions are crucial in the successful running of an organization, so make sure that as any potential clients enter your doors, they see quality and begin to grow confident in your business. Your team will also get a boost if they’re walking into a space they feel proud of; your organization needs to show that it cares about the details, so a tired looking exterior will never be good for business.

Make sure that you hire a commercial service to clean your windows regularly so that the light can continue to penetrate the inside space and the outside of your building will feel clean and tidy. Little touches, like your branding on new signage and hardy plants at the entrance, will also make a difference to the appeal of the building’s exterior. Make your company’s building a space that’s inviting and people will want to enter; invest in professional services where needed and carry out regular checks on the appearance so that you can fix what’s been changed as soon as possible.

Accessibility And Utilization

You will want your staff, customers, and clients to be able to reach the entrance of your building with ease so that nobody feels frustrated before the working day has even begun. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that all of your paving, parking, and pathways remain tidy, clean, and safe. Make sure that outside surfaces are as flat and smooth as possible, and replace any wobbly slabs, stone, or brickwork. It will affect the aesthetics of your building as mentioned before, and will also ensure that everyone walks through your doors content and they won’t feel disheveled. You don’t want to risk a lawsuit either; you’ll be the one liable for accidents caused by potholes, broken walls and pathways, and badly maintained pathways, so invest wisely before you end up paying out.

Facilities, like bins and any parking meters and dividers, not only need to be provided but also need to be kept an eye on. If your exterior bins are overflowing, it can cause a health hazard and will upset visitors to your organization, so make sure they are emptied regularly. If you do have onsite parking with a meter; ensure that it works properly, so as not to frustrate and add stress to anybody’s day. If there are any problems; call the relevant help immediately and deal with the issue. Make sure that the maintenance and safety of the access and parking areas of your building are a priority; once these are up to a high standard, you can begin to think about the decorative aspects of the exterior space.

Harmony vs Chaos: Keep Employees on the Same Page

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Making sure everyone in your business is on the page shouldn’t be seen as mere courtesy. When everyone is on the same page, then it becomes much easier for business to go smoothly! You want everyone working in some sort of harmony, in order to fight off the chaos that big business projects can often bring.

Employees are your strongest asset, but you’re doing them a disservice if communication and collaboration isn’t that strong in your business. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind.


If employees don’t feel all that involved in certain aspects of the business, then it’s going to be more difficult for them to really engage as deeply as you want them to. One of the best ways to encourage professional harmony in the workplace is to get more employees involved in the planning process of a particular project, or even in its inception. Of course, you have to balance this with the risk of having too many cooks in the kitchen – this approach may stretch out the planning process. It could benefit the project in the long run, though.


The easier it is to collaborate, the more people you’re going to get on the same page. Thankfully, there’s a bunch of software and web applications you can use to facilitate this. SharePoint, a Microsoft Office feature, is currently gaining popularity in this area. It’s relatively new to many people, however, so consider working with a consultancy business such as HingePoint to help people get used to things. There’s also suites such as Google Drive, communication programs such as Skype and Google Hangouts, and project management web apps such as Trello and Basecamp that are all recommended.

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article
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Whether it be documents detailing the goals of the project or notes taken from meetings, keeping strong documentation of the project is pretty essential. When people get a little lost, they can refer to a central piece of information – such as a project bible – to help them get back on track and see what the particular aims and expectations are. This is also very useful for instances in which employees are late, have to take a sick day, and return from vacation. You should make sure that these documents are kept up-to-date, too; they shouldn’t be static texts. After all, things are probably going to change a few times on a given project!


A lot of business owners see encouraging sociability to be something quite peripheral to work. They want to keep things friendly in the office, though they also know that these good vibes can also increase satisfaction, which helps drive productivity and focus. But encouraging sociability really helps in a very direct way when it comes to people being on the same page at the workplace. When bonds grow between employees, they don’t only talk about private or trivial matters – they also begin to talk about work more frankly, and become more enthusiastic to offer each other help. So arranging after-work social events, as well as allowing employees a bit of space to talk casually from time to time, can help your business more than you might think.

It Takes No Time At All To Take Care Of These Niggling Office Tasks

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There are some jobs that no one wants to do in the office. You know the kind of things, like taking out the recycling or nipping out to the shop to buy a new jar of coffee. But once someone does take care of them, the office will certainly be a better place. After all, how are you all going to get any work done without any caffeine?! So, why not take the bull by the horns and get these niggling office jobs done today. They won’t take any time at all!

Clean The Kitchen

Most offices have a kitchen area these days. They are a place where employees can prepare some lunch or grab a quick drink. If yours is large enough for a table and chairs, some workers might gather for a chat during their break. Kitchens are important spaces in offices, but if yours is a tip no one is going to want to use it! So, it is really worth taking ten minutes out of your day to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher and to just have a general clean up. If you find that it’s always you taking care of the kitchen, you could set up a rota so that everyone takes it in turn. Apart from this, it might be useful to hire a professional cleaning company. One well-received company is Ideal Cleaning who can provide a routine office cleaning service, as well as kitchen, canteen and washroom cleans – this will save even more time when taking care of the kitchen, as the amount of upkeep employees have to do will massively decrease.

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Tidy Up

No one wants to work in a cluttered office! It will make it incredibly difficult to find tools and equipment, and it will look like a right mess to any visiting clients. Everyone in your office will benefit if you have a quick tidy up. You could cut down on clutter by using business document storage solutions so that you aren’t stuck with piles of documents all over. If everyone in your offices shares certain items, such as staplers and hole punchers, then you should have a cupboard where all these are stored. Make sure everyone returns them when they aren’t in use. Otherwise, they will clutter up your office and could easily go missing!

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Book Some Team Building Activities

Do you remember when the last time everyone in your office did some team building activities? If it has been a while – or if you have never actually done any – then you might want to take the time to get some booked. There are two ways to go about this. You could either look for a motivational speaker or team-builder organizer to come and visit your team in the office. They will then carry out activities in your office. Alternatively, you might like to book a session for you and the team at a local laser tag center for a fun way to strengthen your relationships. There are also some community centers that run company team building days.

So, rather than procrastinate for an hour, why not get one of these jobs done? At least once you have carried one out, it won’t need to be done for a while! And I’m sure that your whole team will benefit now that the job is done. Plus, it could encourage others to be more proactive around the office!