The Environmentalist’s Approach To Business

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Environmentalist|The Environmentalist's Approach To BusinessRunning a business and being an environmentalist are two things that might not seem to naturally go together, but they can actually work together pretty easily if you know how best to approach it. The truth is that there is a way to run a business which is good for the environment, but you do have to make sure that you are specifically doing that, otherwise it won’t just happen on its own. Let’s take a look at some of the things to bear in mind if you are keen to run your business in this way. You might find some of these things make a huge difference.

Be Honest With Shareholders

One of the things you need to do is to make sure that you are being honest with your shareholders about what you aim to do regarding the environment and your business’ approach to it. If you are not honest about this, it only means that you are going to attract the wrong kind of shareholder, so that is something that you’ll find doesn’t pay off anyway in the long run. Be honest with them upfront, however, and you should be able to get a lot more out of it.

Take Care With Construction

Essentially, anything new that you create you have to make sure that you are doing so as sustainably as possible, as otherwise you can’t really be sure that you are genuinely helping the planet as much as you would like to. You should therefore consider it a general rule of thumb to take care with your construction of products, buildings and whatever else, and to ensure that you are sourcing your resources sustainably and using them appropriately too. That is going to really make a huge difference, so it’s something you’ll want to think about.

Reduce Waste

That feeds in nicely to our next major point – that you should be aiming to reduce your waste as much as possible as you go about running your business. The less waste you produce in business, the better for the planet it is, not only because it requires energy to have it disposed of, but because it helps to reduce the amount of leachate in landfills and other such toxins that you would rather avoid if at all possible. Do all you can to reduce waste and you are going to be helping the environment a lot.

Take Responsibility & Hold Yourself Accountable

Above all, you need to make sure that you are actually taking responsibility for what you do, and that you are making a point of holding yourself accountable at all times. As long as you are doing that, it should mean that you are going to have a much better chance of doing right by the planet at all times. This is something that you can then do better and better as time goes on and as your business grows – just as it gets more important to do it, too, as your impact grows as well.

Why You Should Invest in LED Lighting for Your Business

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |LED Lighting|Why You Should Invest in LED Lighting for Your BusinessWhether setting up a new business or running an existing one, lighting is probably not the most exciting thing on your agenda. In fact, there is a good chance it doesn’t feature at all. However, lighting is something that every single business needs, and therefore it is important to consider how something so simple can make an impact both on your business, and on the environment. The following information explains why LED lighting are a good investment for your business.

They Work Out Cheaper in the Long Run

Some people put off the switch to LED lights because they are more expensive. While it is true that the initial cost is higher than traditional light lights, they do save money in the long term. This is because LED lights last significantly longer than incandescent or CFL (old-style energy efficient) lights. The average LED light bulb lasts around 15 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb and 4 times longer than a CFL bulb. Over the years, as LED technology has developed and become more popular, the cost of the lights has gone down so the price difference is not as great as it used to be.

They Are More Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

LED lighting uses less energy than other lights, yet produces more light. This efficiency makes them much more environmentally friendly than other options, which makes using them a simple way to do your bit for the planet. The reason they are more energy-efficient is that unlike traditional lights, which lose around 80% of their power as heat, LEDs only lose between 10% and 20%. They are also recyclable and do not contain toxic chemicals such as mercury, unlike fluorescent lights.

They Are More Durable

Traditional light lights are very fragile; too much switching on and off, or any damage to the filament will cause them to stop working. LED lights do not have this problem, and will not suddenly stop working. Eventually, they will dim but still work at around 70% of their brightness, which means they are still usable at least until you get a new bulb. Another advantage that LED lights to have over old-style energy-saving lights is that they switch on instantly – no waiting around for the bulb to warm up!

There are More Options

Selecting LED lights over traditional options can set the atmosphere of your office with the impressive amount of options available.

By looking into design options like those available at CDM2 Lightworks, you can set a tone of professionalism with smart solutions that show off the architecture of your building.

From strip lights to spotlights, you can create a focused environment with your placement and even get creative with your installation to create an engaging space to work in while still saving on electricity costs. There are more options than you think!

For every type of business, there is a suitable LED light fixture. From LED panels to LED tubes. If you have doubts do not hesitate to ask at the experts from

Start saving cost in your energy bill, switching to LED lights will also cost you less to run and maintain, are better for the environment, and last longer. What more reason do you need to switch?

Going Paperless With Your Finances: Why It Makes Sense

StrategyDriven Managing Your Finances Article |going paperless |Going Paperless With Your Finances: Why It Makes SenseNo matter how complicated your finances are, you need a way to keep track of invoices, payments, tax details, and all other relevant information.

For most people, this means using paper files and dealing with the hassle of storing hundreds of pieces of paper in an overcrowded filing cabinet.

Believe it or not, paper waste is responsible for about 40 percent of the waste that ends up in landfills in the United States. Just think of the number of times you have to take out the trash when you’re cleaning out your filing cabinet! The sooner you can ditch your paper filing system, the better off you’ll be.

Going paperless can feel like a big deal. Here’s why it’s more than worth the effort.

Going Paperless Saves You Time

If you’ve ever relied on paper files for your business finances, you know that searching for a single page out of hundreds can take time. That’s time you could better put to use running your company and making sure your clients and customers are happy.
Things get misplaced and tracking them down when the files are out of order is time-consuming at best.

When you go paperless, you’ll save yourself time anytime you need to access information. Instead of having to flip through file after file, you’ll be able to search for the exact information you need on your computer. All it takes is a few keystrokes and the information will be at your fingertips in a matter of seconds.

Once you’re done, all you have to do is close the webpage window. You won’t have to make sure the paper gets filed in the proper folder in the right order!

You’ll Stay More Organized

It’s rare for a filing cabinet to stay organized all the time. When you add new documents, the system gets crowded and when you pull out a file, things often get misplaced.

This makes it hard for you to keep things organized so all information is available when you need it.

When you take your finances into the digital space, you’ll be able to improve your organization methods immediately. The physical filing cabinet will get replaced with digital files that never get shuffled around.

The more organized you can keep your finances, the easier it will be to stay on top of things.

Just make sure to invest in the right equipment to make going digital easy. Start researching your options and look for ways to save a PDF as a JPEG to further improve your organization methods.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Paper doesn’t just clutter up landfills. It also uses up tons of water. In fact, it takes over 3 gallons of water to produce a single sheet of paper.

By cutting out paper files and documents from your life, you’ll dramatically decrease your carbon footprint each day.

You can even advertise your business as an eco-conscious company. If you combine your paperless initiative with other environmentally friendly improvements, you may be able to attract new customers that otherwise wouldn’t have approached your business.

Paperless Files Save You Money

Believe it or not, ditching your paper filing system in favor of a digital system can save you serious money each month. Anytime you print a document, you’re using up paper, electricity, and toner. Over the course of the month, the amount you spend on those items can really add up.

By ditching paper, you’ll decrease the amount of money you have to spend on those costly office supplies. Your electricity bill may even go down slightly since you won’t have to send power to the printer often.

Remember, you’re already relying on your computers each day. Using them to manage digital files won’t add to your expenses.

It Improves Information Security

Paper files go missing all the time even when you and your team are incredibly careful. Unfortunately, even a single missing file can be a huge security risk for both business owners and individuals.

Clients and customers expect business owners to keep their information safe at all times. Misplacing files means their sensitive information is at risk and could get intercepted by identity thieves.

Going digital actually improves security for you whether you’re a business owner or taking control of your personal finances. You can add password protection to the files and control who has access to the information at all times.

You don’t even have to store the information on-site. Instead, you can use cloud-based data hosting services to keep your sensitive files safe at all times. These companies have the right protocols in place to keep your files secure against the most common cyber threats.

You’ll Be Less Stressed During Tax Season

Businesses and individuals alike have to deal with the uncomfortable task of filing taxes each year. To get the most out of your tax return, you need access to your financial documents, accounting records, and receipts to claim the largest deductions possible.

If you lose track of those files and records, it will only delay your tax return and increase the stress you feel when you’re trying to file by the deadline.

By scanning your documents onto your computer or storing them in the cloud, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing critical information. If you can’t find the document you’re looking for, all you have to do is search for it.

This can dramatically reduce the amount of stress you feel during tax season.

See the Benefits of Going Paperless for Yourself

If you’re considering going paperless, don’t wait. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be able to experience these benefits for yourself.

Don’t worry about rushing the process, though. Take your time, go through your existing files, and get rid of ones that you no longer need. This way, you won’t have to deal with an overcrowded hard drive.

Going paperless isn’t the only way to improve your business or personal finances. You just need to know where to start. Check out our latest posts for more tips and tricks to help you take control of your finances once and for all.

Creating A Corporate Culture Of Sustainability

StrategyDriven Corporate Cultures Article |Sustainability|Creating A Corporate Culture Of SustainabilitySustainability isn’t just a crusade for eco-warriors or environmentalists; neither is it the latest trend on social media. The world has agreed to bring global warming to a halt, and businesses must act now to ensure they build a culture of sustainability throughout their business. Changing their core values and committing to reducing emissions.

Industry leaders now realise that there is an added economic opportunity within the fight to offer a more ecological and socially aware brand. Sustainability can enhance your relationship with the consumer and build more ground for trust. It shows your business has accountability which leads to honesty and to trust. The ability to act will help you attract your next generation of consumers, customers that prioritise ethical business practices. Your employees are also expecting you to shape up, with many of us making changes to our lives at home to help reduce global warming, it matters that our employers are doing their bit too.

It’s not possible to change overnight. You need to ensure there is a corporate culture amongst all of your internal and external stakeholders. From your shareholders through to your suppliers, every part of the business needs to believe in your focus to become a more responsible manufacturer, supplier or team.

Start by speaking to your suppliers and get to know how they are reducing their impact on the environment. Find out more on how your printer has worked to be more sustainable and what products they can offer to help reduce your carbon footprint. You may need to consider logistics, are any of the components you need for your product or services made overseas? If so, are you sure that the labor conditions are fair? Connect with your whole supply chain and find out where there are changes you can make, which will lead to a more responsible business.

You also need to talk to your shareholders. You may find that they are willing to help you invest in your sustainable future and put more money or time in to make that happen. Bringing your team together and discussing the changes you want to make to create a more responsible culture within the company could help you to highlight other ways you can improve your impact on the environment.

An area that can benefit you financially and your reputation is investing in new energy sources. Whether that is wind, solar or hydro, multiple renewable energy solutions are carbon neutral and will also lower the cost of your energy usage while protecting fossil fuels.

It’s essential that the consumer sees you act and that you communicate this through your branding and your marketing. It’s no longer enough to just talk about making changes you need to implement those changes and show your target market what you have done. This will attract respect, and you will find you have more trust from your customers. Even if your prices change slightly, it won’t deter your customers from using your services.

LED Lighting And The Advantages For Making The Switch In Your Business Premises

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |LED Lighting|LED Lighting And The Advantages For Making The Switch In Your Business PremisesWhen it comes to our business locations, there is now more of a focus for us to be eco friendly with our approach to how we run things. Our business, the technology we use daily and also the way we handle our business dealings. However, when it comes to implementing these changes as a business, what can you do?

There are thankfully a lot of things that you can do to ensure that your business is greener. You can focus on recycling elements, where you make some changes to how you recycle things like old technology. Or at least making it easy for employees to recycle certain materials such as plastics and paper. You can make it a focus in terms of incentives for staff to use public transport or even a ride or walk to work scheme. However, there is one simp[le thing that you can do that will have a lasting difference, and that is changing the light bulbs to LED alternatives. But are there other benefits for doing this? Let’s discuss this point in more detail.

They are energy efficient

Did you know that LED lights are up to 85% more efficient than standard bulbs that you may be using or buying in your local DIY store? It is true that LED bulbs are much more efficient in terms of the amount of energy that they use. In comparison, you may need to purchase a higher wattage fluorescent bulb initially, but an LED equivalent will have a lower wattage, but will still give off the same light. Enabling your business to glow but using less power and energy to do it. Making it a more pleasant and well lit working environment.

Non toxic

Many of the flourescent bulbs that you can buy today will have toxic elements to them, that includes noxious elements such as mercury. LED bulbs contain no toxic elements at all. An older bulb that does have toxic parts can cause issues when they are thrown out and no longer needing to be used. Heading to landfill they can contaminate the environment. Disposal should be done through a dedicated company that can dispose of the toxic elements efficiently, but this is less likely to happen day to day, especially when you have other things to focus on in your business. With an LED bulb, you don’t need to think about these things.

Less lighting in your home needed

As an LED bulb is powerful even at a lower wattage than a standard bulb, this can mean that you need less lighting overall. People tend to try and make more informed choices, and so while purchasing a standard bulb may choose a lower wattage, but this can mean sacrificing on the strength and then doubling up on the amount of light you need. An LED bulb will be strong enough to give you the light you need.

Easy to get hold of

It used to be that needing to get hold of LED bulb alternatives was harder, and so people would choose a standard bulb that could be purchased in their local hardware store, but now LED bulbs are far more readily available. A quick look online to find an LED Lighting Store will help you to find a local supplier to even be able to purchase them online for even more ease. Make it easier means that you can now make a more informed choice with the bulbs you use to light up your business premises.

Longer life span

LED bulbs can often be seen as a more expensive purchase than a normal standard bulb, but while you may not be too happy with the initial cost, LED bulbs are seen as more of an investment. But in terms of the life span, an LED bulb will far outlive a standard bulb, which means that overall you emit lower carbon emissions. Some LED lights can last up to six times longer than a standard bulb and light, which means less replacements. In terms of looking at the bigger picture, less bulbs needed means less constraints when it comes to manufacturing and processing, which can also have a positive impact on the environment.

An investment and saving in the long term

Finally, we have already mentioned that there is an initial investment to make, as LED bulbs and lights can be seen as a little more expensive. But with them lasting up to six times longer than standard bulbs, the investment can offer a huge savings in the long term. Spending more now will give you the peace of mind that you are doing your bit for the environment, and making your business more eco-friendly by just a switch of a bulb.

Let’s hope this has made you more aware of the advantages to LED lights in your business and encouraged you to invest.